Mokferuso took a second glance at the Codex of the Demigods. It was tempting, calling his name, but the risk was high, -at least if one got to greedy. But confident of his own capacity, -and his ability to reroll an unfavorable dice, he opened the Codex. He was first hit by an intense pain; it was like the Codex tried to overcome his defenses and annihilate him.  Mokferuso tried to focus on survival, and a spit second later he won. The first three days he read, he had no luck, but the next 6 days he managed to get trick some knowledge from the Codex (shark taming proficiency, +1 STR, DR +10/all, +5 physical dmg, +1 CON, and a second NWP).

Meanwhile, Arazaka Hara had some thoughts about the lake people. Without a Miracle spell, someone had to help the tribe or the ancient plague would wipe them all out. But was it a correct action to perform, -seen from a natural point of view? The answer had to be “yes”; we brought the plague to this valley of Eden, and they have no remedy, -yet. Since Mokferuso didn’t pay anyone but the Codex any attention, he asked Anthrax if he would join him back to the sky palace. Anthrax Goldheart agreed, and they used the teleport as transportation. The dead draconic lich was dead as ever. We found the key to the entrance and entered. The dryads were surprised to see us so soon, but Arazaka calmly explained why they were there and what his mission was. The explanation made sense, and the team of two found the lake people and explained that Arazaka would oversee them as the plague broke out. They agreed to eat his Hero’s feast, -as long as it tasted good. Anthrax oversaw the feasts, and when he saw the progress Arazaka made, he left for the library.

Anthrax started to read in the relatively small book named “The Stargate”. It explained how to use the Stargate as well as emphasizing on the fact that you could travel between different kinds of universes, -not within a universe. On the cover we found some coordinates to origin of the Stargate. On demand, and with a little help, Romana wrote the coordinates to the “Wild World” and “City of Union”.  The book also explained a fail/safe mechanism; If you don’t know the right coordinates; instead of you being teleported to the right spot, something … let’s say ugly, will be teleported to you! Hah, -fancy that!
Atlanteia had a small briefing about making antidotes. She couldn’t tell precisely how to make the antidote; -if we in fact managed to get the gland from the demigod whale, but if she saw it, she might be able. Anyway, -it’s probably the best shot we’ll get. I hope she brought her travel laboratory with her.

After reading, we travelled to the lake with the demigod whale. “I recon we’ve seen this before”, Knarg uttered. And yes, we had passed it two times. The reason we all knew we had been here before, was quite obvious; there was a humongous military ship in this lake, and with excitement and enthusiasm we all flew there as quickly as possible, -invisible, of course. The ship was metallic, and it was quite obvious that it had been here for a while, due to alga and vegetation. Some flying dinosaurs had inhabited the upper deck. We noticed some kind of flying dish on top of the vessel, and we landed. The ship looked like an enclosed floating fortress. We found a door and pushed some buttons close by.

“Tssssshhhhh”. A load noise filled the air, and the door opened. We entered and closed the door behind us. Mokferuso bravely pushed some buttons further in, and another door opened. This room was big, some 18 times 18 meters, filled with foul air, computers, dead bodies wearing black uniforms; ripped in small pieces, elevator, desktops, and 3 other rooms; 2 machine rooms and one situation room. We found one button with some light, saying “emergency generator”. Mokferuso and Anthrax picked something in their dragon senses, -a creature of some sort hid somewhere below them. We pushed the button, and electricity suddenly filled the ship, lit the lights, started up the computers, and whatever lured somewhere in the ship, has left the radar for now.
“Whatever it is, -it’s strong!” Ottamata had for once opened his mouth and pointed in the direction of the elevator, where we could see how the beast had made its way through solid iron. We all went over to have a look. It didn’t look promising, but we found another button which we pushed (of course!). The elevator arrived, and we all entered and went to the first floor.

We entered through a hole in the door, a circular room with chairs and computers, screens covering whole walls; a command centre of some sort. A door went into some private quarters, and we found 3 bodies, -powerful armors covered them, but they didn’t do the victims any good. Heavy guns. We discovered the commander among them, dead as a dead dodo.  We found a journal…
The ship was part of some wild experiment. Agents were sent out throughout the universe to discover interesting places, and they returned from the wild world with smiles on their faces. The planet was filled with energy, and the tiny people were the source. They gathered two million of them, and somehow extracted the energy. But an experiment went wrong at floor 8, and a creature broke loose. He was somehow enhanced mechanically (?). Anyway, it’s not a wild guess to assume that this creature somehow tried to even the score. We found some manuals in a technological library; Astrogate (25), Computer use (29), Demolitions (29), Disable device (17), Pilot (27) and Repair (3). All DC’s 30.

To be continued…

Mokferuso, Arazaka and Ottamata
The Hero Party


The naval vessel found in Wild World.

A vacuum appeared after the Watcher and the Guardian were slain, and the mighty heroes didn’t know exactly what to do with their spare time. Some started to study the library, but no one succeeded in their search for clues and information. Knarg and Arazaka flew to the dryads, to watch how the dryad community welcomed their previous members. They were both touched by the kindness and happiness shown by the dryads, and they revealed themselves and walked into the city. The mood was a bit odd, because the dryads didn’t really know if it was a good thing to loose such a powerful master. Atlanteia was pleased and wanted to celebrate the big events by a party the night after, showing gratitude to the outsiders. Arazaka and Knarg were again touched, and replied that it was obvious that the ones responsible for the deed showed up next day.

Meanwhile, Mokferuso puzzled a bit about the disappearance of the Black Draconic Dragon, and wanted to inspect the chain holding him. They flew right up in the air and started looking for the dragons, finding 6 of them, all in chains. Two were not seen, but since they hadn’t escaped, they were bound (sic.) to be there. The heroes agreed to ask the dryads, -they probably knew it. Meanwhile, they buried the Watcher and the Guardian, paying them their final respect.

The party was a success. The guest got food and drinks, as well as gifts from the dryad and nymph society; 3 epic potions. Mokferuso, Ottamata and Anthrax got one each, drank it satisfactorily, and experienced a permanent change in abilities. Mokferuso created and sang a joyful song about how this place resembled heaven on earth, while Anthrax told a stunning story how the two beasts were finally slayed; the crowd moaned, happy not to be there and to be entertained by such a powerful being. Artemis took care of the drinks, finally bringing some culture (and alcohol) to the savages.  

Anthrax got a new henchman this evening. Atlanteia was tired of being here and wanted to see the world. The group welcomed her as a true member. She told the heroes where to find the broken chain, and those who dared, went and had a look. It seemed like, based on a closer inspection, that the Watcher had set the beast free, but how it was able to flee this world and end up trapped beneath the earth for ages, we do not know. Maybe the Watcher had something to do with that as well?

After Artemis had looked for a while, Mokferuso found some information about the Draconic Dinosaurs; how the specie was created, what their purpose had originally been (before getting trapped by the Watcher?), and how the dracolich dragon had been placed outside as a guardian. The Watcher had been put here to oversee the creation, -not interfere, but since he was trapped here he probably did what he could to stop the intention of his Greater God. One question rises; should the dragons be set free, to take their responsibilities as intended? Or should we, as Anthrax suggested, just kill’em all? We all need to give it a thought. And finally; the cup holding the black liquid was the phylacteryl of the dracolich dragon.

The next discussion was about who should drink the magic black liquid, thereby putting himself at a never ending killing spree. No one dared, scared by the thought of being ultimately annihilated in case of a bad parry. No one, except Romana. She drank it while the others just stood and watched. Afterwards, we smashed the chalice, thereby giving the dracolich dragon its ultimate final blow. Poor Romana. We all feel sorry for her, but I guess she’ll manage to survive.  We returned to the library below, getting ready for the riddles awaited our clever minds.

It actually went quite well. We answered the first 7 riddles correctly, and in a rush of enthusiasm, Artemis uttered “Riddles, -I love riddles!”  We had conditional success with the rest, but in light of the level of difficultness, the heroes did well; 32 out of 40 is 80% success! The main part was that the group worked as one, overcoming the hard obstacles. The next hard work is to share the prize; it might be… interesting?

The golden hero troika


 The chalice that needed to be broken: 

Epic versions of lvl 1-9 wizard and lvl 1-7 priest spells can be made with the following formula:

Base Range X caster lvl
Base Duration X caster lvl
Base Area of Effect X caster lvl
Casting time: Instant (Free Action)
No maximum damage
If the spell has a set numerical damage/heal, replace it by your level (example: Cure Light Wounds goes from 1d8 to lvld8)
Ignore MR
Save vs spell as Epic spell saves

Every spell which is tweaked into an Epic version has the following cast DC:
Base religion/spellcraft DC = 30
+5 pr. spell level
+5 pr. tweak

The time spent researching such epic spells is 1 week pr. spell level, and the cost of creating them is 350.000 gold pr. week.

When Mokferuso had finished making the longbow, he went outside. He was quite exited; Anthrax had just turned 43 or something, and Mokferuso wanted to give him something. He knew Anthrax quite well. He had no hard feelings with respect to some torture incidents in the past or loud disagreements in Loke’s tower. But it wasn’t easy finding the perfect gift; Anthrax was easily offended and quite rude if he somehow was provoked or misunderstood something other persons found obvious. Mokferuso gently lifted his backpack and placed the content on the ground before him, and divided the lot into two; mundane and epic items in one pile and artifacts in another. A mundane gift would be considered as an insult in Anthrax’ eyes, and he would truly kill just to teach someone an example. Epic items could introduce some excitement in Anthrax’ cold heart, but Mokferuso wasn’t entirely sure. No! It had to be something special, something that could warm his frozen heart. Slowly Mokferuso’s head turned to the artifact pile, and his attention became occupied with a small, discrete book he always carried with him, found in the shadow dragon Spelunkor’s lair ages ago; “The book with no end”… Mokferuso loved this book. It had almost been a part of him, and it had numberless times saved the party’s lives. “One shouldn’t become too attached to things”, Mokferuso heard himself say. “Friendship is more valuable than this book”. Mokferuso picked up the brownish book, brushed away some dust, turned it around, inspected every inch on its cover. The content of this item had never been discovered, its secrets was still unknown. Yet. If Anthrax got this book, things would probably change. Doubt and uncertainty shook Mokferuso for a second. He rose and walked over to Anthrax. “Happy birthday”, Mokferuso said, and handed over the book to Anthrax.

Team “Heroes of might and magic” (or was it “Ogma 8”?) gathered in the Dryad community, with Atlanteia as the dryad participant. Artemis had just drunk one of Atlanteia’s potions, making him a potent silver dragon with AC improvements. The team had other things on their mind than silver dragons, although the potion was on Artemis’ mind, turning him mute during the meeting. They had visited the sea people community, and luckily for them, they weren’t affected by the horrible ancient plague yet. It gave the team time to find a clever way of getting rid of some obstacles before helping them. The last point on the agenda was what to do with Mr. Fantastic. The dryads seemed a bit reluctant, and stated that although it was desirable, it was impossible to kill Mr. Fantastic. The rest disagreed. Mokferuso wanted to ban Mr. Fantastic from this world, and if that didn’t work, remove him by force. The others somehow agreed, and the team went to Mr. Fantastic’s fantastic home.

Mr. Fantastic sat on his throne and greeted us. We tried to talk to him, but either he was a complete idiot or he ignored our peaceful intentions of removing him from his position. Mokferuso actually became uneased after Mr. Fantastic 3 times in a row didn’t tell the truth, so he named him “Liar”. Mokferuso was thereby named “Potatohead” by the mighty Watcher.  Well, Mr. Fantastic agreed to free his harem, but of some strange reason we had to do it for him. Unfortunately, we weren’t even able to open the front door… Mr. Fantastic now saw his chance to get rid of these troublesome adventures, and told the heroes that he wanted to participate in killing the Guardian. But the team of good knew his evil intentions and sweet talked with him, making him open the heaaaavy front door. Mr. Fantastic took his maul and helmet and summoned the beast.

The guardian was a three headed tarasque with a silver key around each neck. But what is 3 heads good for if you’re not able to react? Nothing! That’s exactly what the guardian experienced when Anthrax cut it into small pieces during the first round. We had less luck in killing Mr. Fantastic. Knarg had some futile attempts with the bow, but in the end Anthrax had to pick up the bow. Mr. Fantastic showed the world how to use a maul. First he missed, making people around him laugh out loud. The second time he hit Mokferuso with a severe blow, inflicting over 2000 hp of damage. Luckily Romana somehow transferred the damage to her making it vanish. Artemis used his time stop and strength to steal the maul and run, while Mokferuso used “Bigby’s clenched fist” to keep Mr. Fantastic in the room as well as multiple “wall of force” spells. Anthrax gave Mr. Fantastic over 4000 hp damage with the bow, but Mr. Fantastic had another ace up his sleeve; a Miracle removed the damage not just once, but twice before Anthrax finally shot Mr. Fantastic to his death. “Not so fuckin’ fantastic after all”, Arazaka calmly stated.

The nymphs and dryads were freed, and they ran to their homes spreading the word. The team continued to search the castle. They found a room with 4 portals, making it possible to transport the group back to the library as well as 3 other places in this world, now ruins, but they contain the constructs we know so well. The user of this machine has an opportunity to summon all constructs in one place and merge them into a “Planetary golem”, -a way to defend this world in case of an invasion.

In an empty room in the east, behind a room where you need 3 silver keys to enter, we found a white chalice with some ultra-black liquid inside, enough for one man to drink. It is the most magical object ever seen, -by us at least, and has enormous powers (game master will post it), but it includes a risk drinking it; if you get below zero HP, you’re dead and can never return.  The question is who is bold enough to drink the liquid, thereby being able to even kill gods. The prize may be high…

Mokferuso, Arazaka and Ottamata

Hero party

After some resting we continued in to the forest. Strangely I was not glowing anymore. I did not feel any different though, so hopefully Niblers powers were still present.


Mokferuso cast a “locate plant” to se if we could find some more of the Ghost flowers. He did detect some but our dragon senses told us there were creatures in the area. We already had some flowers and we did not want a fight if we could avid it, so we left the area.


The forest ended in a big river. On the other side was open landscape as far as we could see.

A that time we sensed that someone was stalking us. There were eight of the buggers. And they were big. Close to forty meters tall. Thinking we were safe up in the air I just flew up some more. But we were wrong. They climbed the trees and jumped up grabbing hold of Mokferuso. They were clawing on him and he started throwing fireballs at them. When the fireworks stopped I was surprised to se they still hung on. With some efforts Mokferuso managed to shake most of them off and flying higher up with only one left on his back.

I flew in starting to hammer him with sword blows. What…? No effect. I must be needing silver weapons to hit him. Blast. Thinking fast I decided to try one of the new abilities given to me by the “Arm of Loke”. I blasted him with a “Destruction” spell that toppled him of Mokferuso. When he hit the ground we could see that he immediately started to regenerate. Nasty critters. No we just had to stay out of reach. We tried shaking them of our trail but they kept on following us. Even when invisible they managed to sniff us out. Finally we cast a “Zone of sweet air” around us. This made them confused and they finally wandered off.


Some distance down river there was a bridge, so we crossed it and continued in to the wasteland. After some time it was time for a rest. It is difficult deciding time around here. It always seems to be dusk. It is neither light nor dark. Well as I said, it was time for some rest and Mokferuso cast his “Create Campsite” spell. It did not go so well. There was a big explosion and we stood there shell shocked. Blasted Wild Magic. Luckily it worked the second time.


The next day we moved on and discovered an old shack on a hilltop. We approached and knocked on the door.

A few seconds later the door went up and we stood face to face with a Death Knight carrying a shield. Being a Death Knight he was not of the hospitable type and told us promptly to go to hell. Mokferuso calmly informed him that we had already been there and had no plans of going back. The Death Knight then attacked us. Mokferuso was the fastest and turned him self in to a dragon before he lashed out at the poor sod. That would be the end of it I thought. But by some dark miracle Mokferusoe missed twice. The Death Knight did not wait. He run inside and was gone. Damned! I followed inside and found the Death Knight in a corner trying to cover himself with the shield. Mokferuso had explained that the shield was cursed and that the Death Knight was actually a dryad that was transformed. I had to make this quick. Two swift strokes and it were over. I felt sad for the poor creature so I gave him a funeral and promised to find a way to bring him back when we had dealt with the disease. Mokferuso took the shield and we headed back to the Dryads.


Once there Mokferuso grabbed the spear and since he now had both the spear and the shield he now knew how to put them together in to a two-handed axe. Mokferuso went to work and made the axe. The axe is apparently the only thing that can hurt the Guardian without him regenerating the damage.


Atlantea showed us some herbalism skills and made a potion out of the Ghost flower. The potion was given to Anthrax to cure his amnesia.

She then explained that Phoebe was actually here sister. So she would be really greatfull if we could get the necklace without hurting here. Right. Like getting a necklace from a medusas neck was not difficult enough by itself.

In preparation Mokferuso cast a “Mass Invisibility” spell that ended up creating some very local showers over our heads. Great work. We could not get rid of it so we had to call in the experts. Arazaka dispelled the bad weather but he also took off and slammed in to the ceiling. Fortunately he made it down again in one piece.


Mokferuso and I flew to the mountain were the medusa/Phoebe was supposed to be and discovered a hut by a river with a lot of stone statues of people and animals. A young female dryad was walking around in the garden. It was the only living thing there so it had to be her. Mokferuso tried to “Dominate” here in to give us the necklace but it did not seem to work. Suddenly she started levitating so I threw a “Bigby” spell to hold her in place. Off course that would have been to easy so the area around here also turned black from a “Darkness” spell caused by the Wild magic. Since “Domination did not work we had to try something stronger. I cast a “Soul Dominion” spell at here and I suddenly were in here body and in full control of here actions. I/she took of her necklace and put on the ground before i/she stepped aside so we could se the necklace. Mokferuso then used “Telekinesis” to fetch the necklace and dispelled the darkness and I released my hold on her.Missionaccomplished with no harm done to Phoebe.


Back in the camp we had to tell Atlantea why we needed her staff. Luckily she agreed on giving us the staff so we could combine the necklace and the staff to make a bow. This bow apparently is the only thing that can kill Mr. Fantastic.


Atlamtea was also very happy to hear that we had gotten the necklace from Phoebe without harming here. As a reward we could choose one of here potions. I must say that the one that transforms you in to a silver Dragon sounds very interesting. But it is a group decision so we will wait and se.


Artemis Dupree




After resting, Mokferuso and Artemis flew further into the woods. An interesting observation was that Artemis didn’t glow in this place. Our “locate plant” spell signaling the presence of Spøkelsesblomst nearby, but their dragon senses also told the heroes that 3 of the creatures living here also were present. As peace loving heroes, they naturally left to avoid confrontation.


On the other side of the forest, 8 of these transparent creatures had found them, and although the brave ones again tried to avoid confrontation, these were quite clever, climbed the trees and jumped at Mokferuso, grabbing him as well as attacking him with their claws. One actually climbed him! They have AC less than 128, but you probably need silver weapons or magic to hurt them. They have 50% mischance as well. Mokferuso now was held by 3 of them and rode by one, so he started to throw fireballs at them. Although they got 750 hp in damage, they still held their grasp. He also needed to get rid of the ones holding him, and luckily he won the strength check with aid from his fortunate coin and flew up in the air. One still rode him, so Artemis attacked him with spells and one moment after he hit the ground and started regenerating.


The heroes tried bravely to get rid of them, but their speed was higher than Artemis’. Mokferuso tried an invisibility spell, but somehow they smelled them and continued to follow. They saw a bridge across a large river and tried to trick the foul creatures, but they weren’t all idiots and harder remedies were needed. A “zone of sweet air” spell was thrown, and now they lost track.


The hero party continued through a deserted landscape, and had to rest. A “create campsite” spell was thrown, and they rested peacefully for the next 8 hours. The next day they flew toward a mountain top where someone had tried to build a house. We knocked and a Death Knight welcomed them by telling them to go to hell. Mokferuso politely answered that they had already been there and had no intentions in going back. His shield was clearly magical, and apart from different positive effects it also had a curse; if you showed mercy on a defeated foe, you would be transformed into a death knight. The death knight attacked us, and but Mokferuso won the initiative, transformed into a dragon and attacked. If it was clay beneath the claws or oil on the death knight’s body, we will never know, but somehow the death knight managed to escape the first two blows and went inside. Artemis, eager to perform sword play, followed him and cut him in pieces. Mokferuso picked up the shield and Artemis buried the poor nymph/death knight.  They flew back to our previous camp site and rested. The next day they flew over the forest and entered the dryad community, and when picking up the spear, Mokferuso knew how to merge the two weapons together and so he did. The result was a two handed axe which was able to damage the Guardian, making its wounds from the axe impossible to regenerate. Nice to have after Mr. Fantastic was gone.


Atlanteia showed the once interested in herbalism how to prepare the flower, turning it into a potential potion. She got a flower and Anthrax got a potion, which he thankfully emptied.


After talking to the wise matriarch, she informed the heroes that Phoebe actually was her sister, and she didn’t want us to kill her. We had to be clever, finding a way to stay at least 30 yards away from her and getting her necklace. Magic had to be used, but what? “Mass invisibility” was an obvious choice, but unfortunately a cloud entered above the hero party and Arazaka had to be called in; changing the weather was his specialty. His spell somehow changed the gravity in the area, and he suddenly dumped into the ceiling.


Mokferuso and Artemis flew toward the small mountain, where a small lake and river were present. They also saw a small house with natural sized animal statues placed deliberately around. A young female dryad walked around in her garden, and the heroes quite rapidly understood that this was their target. Mokferuso threw domination spells at her, but they seemed to repel her, and suddenly she was levitated. Artemis grabbed her with a Bigby spell, and suddenly she was surrounded by complete darkness. We waited a while and Artemis eventually managed to control her by a “Soul dominion” spell. He told her to unbutton her blouse and her …. No, that wasn’t the case; remove her necklace and bring it a bit closer. She did, dropped her artifact and stumbled backwards until the necklace was outside her darkness. A telekinesis spell brought the artifact to us, and Mokferuso got rid of the darkness. Phoebe’s mistake was to fall in love, and she was transformed into a Medusa. Poor soul. Artemis now ponders how to save the unfortunate ones.


Back at the camp the heroes met their fellow friends, and Mokferuso told Atlanteia what their intentions was regarding her staff. She agreed to make the bow, and Mokferuso put the necklace and the staff together; a longbow appeared. The weapon was designed to kill Mr. Fantastic, as the only one able to actually harm him.


Since we saved Atlanteia, we were granted one of her potions. Artemis wanted the one being able to shapechange into a silver dragon. Mokferuso agreed, but Artemis wanted an expert opinion from his (master?) friend Anthrax.


One question was raised, and all agreed to let Anthrax solve the puzzle; How to save the lake people now infected by the ancient plague…


Mokferuso, Arazaka and Ottamata

Heroes from Vest




PICS: Death knight and Medusa … easy targets!




Demigod Ascendants and Demigods attract followers who are best defined as worshippers. Some of these worshippers turn into religious zealots, priests of their newly founded religion – a cult devoted to their Demigod (and later, God or even Greater God).

In order for a player character to advance in the Godhood classes, he needs to keep track of his number of worshippers, their levels, the locations of their religious strongholds, names of notable religious leaders and last, but not least – he needs to create the new religion which his worshippers will follow.

Fleshing out a Religion

Name of God: What is the name of the deity being worshipped?
Name of Religion: What do the worshippers call themselves?
Requirements: What is required to join this religion? What kind of conduct is expected of the worshippers?
Goal: Do the worshippers have a goal beyond mere worshipping, and how do they try to accomplish those goals?
Alignment: The alignment of the religion follows the alignment of the God (any alignment requirement to join should be noted under requirements).
Required NWPs or WPs: Maximum 1 WP and 3 NWPs
Bonus NWPS and WPs: 0 of each, but +1 pr. required NWP/WP.
Other Notes: Want to describe your religion and its priesthood in more detail? Go ahead (and feel free to check The Complete Priest’s Handbook for advice). The more details you add, the more alive, present and visible the priesthood will be in the world. this is where you have the chance to add some serious flavour to your religion.
Spheres: Major access to All and and four other spheres, minor access to four spheres.
Granted Powers: These will grow as the God being worshipped grows in power and is described in Creating Priest Kits.

The Advancement of a Religion and its Worshippers

Demigod Ascendant:
+1d100 worshippers every level
These are your very first worshippers. All are level 0 for the time being, and they have yet to form a congregation anyplace. for now, they just stick to saying your name in awe and making silent prayers in their bedrooms. Rumours and stories about your expolits and adventures are spreading through the world. Books are being written about you and bards sing songs to your honour.

+1d100X10 worshipers every level
At this point, a spark is ignited and your religion becomes official. Temples are built in your name, and religious leaders start appearing.
At level 1 Demigod, one of your worshippers become a lvl 1 priest of your religion. He will summon all your current worshippers to one location where they will build a temple in your name. This priest will become the leader of your religion, and he needs a name. The location of your temple needs to be pinpointed, and the number of worshippers present should be noted down. The details of your religion should also be fleshed out at this point.
At level 2 Demigod, the leader of your religion becomes level 2 while two other worshippers become level 1. One of these will establish another temple along with all the 1d100X10 worshippers you gained this level. These two priests also need names, and will be the closest advisors to the leader of your religion.
At lvl 3, your leader becomes level 3, his two advisors become level 2, and four other worshippers become level 1. The advisor without his own temple will build the third temple in your name along with all the new worshippers you gained this level. Your four new lvl 1 worshippers must also be given names, as they will form the council of your religion.
At level 4, the divinity of your being becomes apparent to the world as all your worshippers who are at least level 1 now gain a lvl 1 Low Power from the list on Creating Priest Kits. In addition, the leader of your religion becomes level 4, his advisors become level 3, the council becomes level 2 and eight more worshippers become level 1. One from the council builds a fourth temple with the help of all new worshippers and the eight new level 1 priests must be named. These eight will become archpriests later on.
At level 5 and upward, your 15 highest ranking priests will gain a level every time you level up. But your other worshippers will only lvl up every even numbered level, still following the same rate (so at lvl 6, sixteen new lvl 1s emerge, and at lvl 8 these reach lvl 2 while another thirtytwo lvl 1s appear.)

If you follow this formula, you will see where this goes. As you level up as a Demigod, so do your worshippers. The max level any priest of your religion can have equals your Demigod level (and later on, your God levels on top of that). As a level 20 Demigod, your worshippers should have built 20 temples in your name. The head of every temple should be named, and the highest ranking priests should be 1 lvl 20, 2 lvl 19, 4 lvl 18, 8 lvl 17, 16 lvl 15, 32 lvl 13, 64 lvl 11, 125 lvl 9, 250 lvl 7, 500 lvl 5, 1000 lvl 3, 2000 lvl 1. all other worshippers will be lvl 0 commoners.

By now, 20 temples have been built in your name. Your religion is firmly established, it’s leaders have all been named and leveled up while your priests have started gaining a lot of divine abilities. So at this point, your religion starts gaining a lot more ground.
+1d10X1000 followers pr. lvl
One new temple is built in your name pr. lvl. Location and lvl/name of head of temple must be noted. Every new temple built receives 1000 of the new worshippers while the rest are divided between your first 20 temples.
Your 15 highest ranking priests gain levels as you do, the next 3987 priests will gain levels every other time you level up. In addition, 1.000 worshippers will be promoted to lvl 1 priests every other time you level up (these will also level up every time you lvl up two levels).

Greater God:
+10.000 followers pr. lvl
+1 temple pr. lvl
None of your NPC priests lvl up any further (unless someone dies and someone levels up to take their place).
1.000 of your new worshippers become lvl 1 priests every level.

As the door behind us slowly closed, the curious nymphs and dryads slowly came closer. We tried to talk to them, and they replied. We started a conversation, and the dryads invited us to their town, about 2 ½ kilometres away. The place was quiet and peaceful, and we really felt the stress leave our sore shoulders. Some magical statues of dryads caught our attention. They had precisely the same features as the dryads themselves, only magical statues. Interesting…  The matriarch of the dryads, Atlanteia, lived in an old hollow tree, right in the vicinity of the town. We paid her a visit. She was quite old and we greeted her in profound respect. She had an artefact in her hand, a staff of some sort. Arazaka asked her if she knew what the staff did, and if not, if she was interested in finding out. She was very interested in finding out the truth of her old companion, so Arazaka told her that this was indeed an artefact; good for hitting, but the most interesting feature was that it gave the user cooking proficiency, and the ones eating it would be cured for disease etc. The wearer will not die due to aging. But; if the wearer lies, he will be transformed into a green hag. She was overwhelmed, and told us about how she got this item. The dryad community once got a bow, but since they weren’t a hostile people, they divided this bow into a staff and an amulet. Another dryad, Phoebe, got the amulet, but somehow turned into a Medusa. She transformed some of the dryads into stones before leaving this village and left for the mountain top. But this wasn’t a day for tales, so she invited us to a party where she served the food. We gladly accepted, and asked about the magic present in her closet. She showed us 4 epic potions, self-produced. They can potentially do marvellous things…

The party began, and both food and beverages were served. The adventures participated in the happy event. We asked where they came from, and we were told that they had always been here. They also told about foul creatures at the rim of the valley, and we soon realized they were draconic dragons. Luckily they were chained. 8 were left; a black one had managed to escape some time ago. We drank the golden cider that they brew here, and slept happily the following night.

Ottamata was completely rested when he woke. He felt something was wrong. Something strange had happened. He thought of this for a while, and then he realized that he, as every night before, hadn’t been disturbed by horrible nightmares where terrible monsters ripped his soul in parts and feasted on his flesh. He felt, for the first time in a very long time, awake. He rose, stretched his muscles, and woke the others. Then he realized something deeply disturbing had happened, but couldn’t really put his finger on it…

The dryad community was somehow reduced, and the harsh truth soon got to us; they were infected by the ancient plague we had brought with us. To avoid any deaths, we quickly explained the situation and gave everyone a Hero’s Feast, in order to postpone the deadly effect. Arazaka and the rest of the party helped the dryads as well as they could, while Mokferuso and Anthrax flew as quickly as they could to a certain god, Mr. Fantastic, placed in the middle of the valley. He apparently created this world as well as maintaining it.

Before landing, we saw a huge temple in the middle of the valley, and a building with enormous columns as well as a gigantic door made of massive iron.  Outside on a throne made of white marble, Mr. Fantastic, a colossal figure, fair hair, blue eyes; resembling a Greek god, sat and relaxed. We landed outside his area and paid him a visit, bringing gifts from the outside world.

He loved stories, especially tales about fighting and victories, and Anthrax gladly entertained him. It looked like he didn’t care for much else.  We were invited inside for food and drinks, and could hardly resist before getting an agreement regarding the plague. He wore 5 keys, probably matching 5 locks which could be found on the doors inside his castle. He wore sandals and a tunic, and inside we saw a maul and a helm. 3 female nymphs and 3 female dryads brought us food as we sat down, and it was clear, even to Anthrax, that they were terrified of their master. Something was terribly wrong. He told us that he created this world and the world outside, -which we later found out was an exaggeration.  

He was eager to show off, to verify how fantastic he really was. He wanted to arm-wrestle, and Mokferuso actually beat him the first one. To satisfy his ego, Mokferuso lost the next battle. Anthrax also lost. He also wanted a drink competition, and Mokferuso lost. We had an invitation to stay over, so Mr. Fantastic carried Mokferuso to his bed. After installing us in the guest room, he actually locked the door!!! How rude! In a futile attempt to restore Mokferuso’s health, Anthrax threw a forget spell on his victim, thereby complicating the situation even further.

The guest quarter was a nicely decorated, and a library containing 1000 books caught Anthrax’ attention. He quickly discovered 2 books containing poems, but they clearly hid something. We needed to stay there for 6 days, so Anthrax began to read the easiest one.

The morning after Anthrax went to gather the nymphs and the dryads, because Mr. Fantastic had promised to help them all. Everyone got a “Miracle” spell, but the inhabitants didn’t look pleased. Mr. Fantastic asked if they were happy with his deeds, they said yes and presented 6 female nymphs and 6 female dryads, all young, for their God. The poor women were truly terrified, but obeyed their families. Mr. Fantastic accepted, thereby showing us his true nature to us. It seemed he was nothing but a God taking advantage of his creation.

We still had some reading to be done, so we agreed to be there some days. Anthrax kept him at ease by telling stories and sprinting, while Mokferuso read as a fast as he could. Every night Mr. Fantastic locked our door, but cleaver Mr. Knarg found a summoning trap on the door, so we are aware that we are temporary being imprisoned.

The books were quite interesting reading, -for those who have slots in cryptography. It seemed that Mr. Fantastic didn’t create this world at all. The creator of this world had reached the level at where he became a part of the world, in this case the tiny people. His avatar, called the Watcher, was placed here to guard his creation. He also guards a strange object of some sort, named “The Godslayer”. Sounds …. interesting? For some, at least.  A guard “dog “ is present between the object and the world. Anyway, the god probably had a hunch that the Watcher would become corrupt during time, so he placed weapons at the dryads and the nymphs, one bow to kill the Watcher and a two hand axe to kill the guard monster.

We told Mr. Fantastic that it was time for us to leave, but he didn’t care. He was too interesting in his female companion to care. One of the nymphs was missing, though. We left.

The moral in the nymph society was low, but we managed to get some information from them. They once had received a two hand axe, and had separated it in two. It became a shield and a spear. The nymph getting the spear became a minotaur, and hid himself somewhere in the lake where the sea people. The one nymph with the spear became evil and went into a canyon somewhere east through an area called “Dead forest”. No one knows what’s behind the forest, because the ones that had tried haven’t returned. But creatures of sizes between 10 and 40 meters have been observed. And one additional information; every year the nymphs and the dryads present 6 young females for Mr. Fantastic. Each month he rapes one of them and threw the body to his guard dog.

Anthrax and Mokferuso quickly flew to the lake and got access to the bottom of the lake. We found a labyrinth, presumably impossible to pass, but we decided to give it a try. We used “Find the path”. The walls were always moving, making it almost impossible to get a clear path, but after 28 hours we found the sleeping minotaur. The original plan was to use telekinesis to grab the spear, but somehow Anthrax threw it wrong. The spell became alive with stats of Anthrax, but luckily it attacked the minotaur. I grabbed the spear, and then Anthrax managed to cast the forget spell on himself!!!  We used some hours to get out of the labyrinth, and finally reached the dryad community once more. The spear was cursed in such a way that if the wearer once got lost, he would transform into a minotaur. Sad story. But hey, one down, only 2 to go.

But Anthrax being without memory was a potential hazard, but the group didn’t want to see Mr. Fantastic and grant another favour. The dryads told about a certain plant with amazing features named “Ghost flower”, being able to heal and restore memory, only found in Dead Forest. Mokferuso and Anthrax left almost all their stuff at the Dryads, and flew to the canyon in the east. Arazaka lend them his magical glasses, to ensure they got some hints of which curse the shield had. 

They finally reached a really dead forest with 50 meters high trees, and threw “locate plant” while flying with an amazing speed. Suddenly the spell kicked in and we landed. Immediately 4 large creatures, with a move of 120, dared to attack us. They were troll like, almost transparent, but died rapidly. Mokferuso managed to grab an eye and feed Mime before he transformed them to dust using the “disintegrate” spell. 4 samples of the magical plant were collected, but we need the dryads to tell us how to use it. We camped in the cosy cave, but got disturbed during night when 6 of the same sort attacked us. Anthrax again displayed his newly achieved powers by making them all kneel, and Mokferuso disintegrated them all. The two friends grabbed some rest before getting prepared to fly even further.


Dryads, nymphs and Mr. Fantastic:




 Mr. Fantastic

Of course, Arthemis managed to release the trap, activating all the golems in the library. Arthemis went in for the kill, without thought as usuall. While Mokko changed into that golden lizard. Flying high in body and spirit. Me, I took a ready action. Mokko seemed to be their focus of atention, naturally given his size. But I also noticed that Arthemis was having a bit of problems, slaying these golems. Strange, since he rarely has problems slaying anything. The rest of the crew, ran for the exit. I desided to give Arthemis a helping hand, in form of some boosting spells, but this went terribly wrong. This freaking wild magic thing created a portal to the plain of air instead, and through the gate, came what must have been the mother of all air-elementals. The wind was so strong that it liftet almost everything and everyone from the floor, tossing us around. As if the golems wasn`t bad enough. But Mokko came to our rescue, killing the elemental. I could se it in his smug grin, that he was extremely satisfied with his contribution. Even more than usuall.

When we were free to act, i noticed that Arthemis had managed to slay one golem. So I charged another group of golems myself. In the background I could hear the sound of Arthemis` swordplay, golem spears flying through the air and Mokko ranting on about how great he is, and how well this was giong because of him. Pretty full of himself. Sure he made a difference and a great contribution, but come on!

When things finally looked to be going our way, things suddenly changed for the worse. The golems were not planing to go so easy. They all melted toghether, 4 and 4, into supergolems. A quick look over my shoulder, and I saw that Arthemis was nowhere near hitting the supergolem. So I figured that was my que for exit. Arthemis also took to his senses, and left in a hurry. Mokko on the other hand, needed a bit more time to realise that he was outmatched. But eventually he came along.

We regrouped in the cave beneth the library. We desided to heal up, and enter the library again tomorrow.

The next day we all went back into the library, flying and invisible of course. When we entered, nothing happened. We headed for the pedestal in the middle of the room. Mokko hit one of the buttons, and a word appeard. he hit the other 7 buttons as well, and 7 words revealed themselves. The group shuffeled the words into a sentence. Mokko pushed the buttons in the order to get the sentence “Travel to the divine sky castle of Dragons”. And a portal appeared. Mokko of course took the credit for this team effort. We all went through the portal.

Suddenly they all complained about the cold. We were now at what looket like a ledge on a mountainside. And by the look of all the clouds around us, we were pretty high. Looking over the edge and down at the world bellow, I would say we were about 30 000 meters above sealevel. One could say we were on top of the world. On the other side of the ledge, there was carved out a 300 meter dragon mouth and in the mouth there was a gate. In front there was the skeleton of a 450 meter dragon, chained to the mountain. We traveled 200 meters onto the dragon mouth, and found the gate. The gate had some kind of hole in it, probably some sort of keyhole. But where is the key, I thought. And before I could make another thought, I was immersed in flames. In the distance I could hear Mokko shout “dragon breath”. In some mysterious way, we all survived.

Behind us we saw a 450 meter long Draconic Red Dinosaur Dracolich. And what do you know, in its forehead, an glowing item was embeded. And by the looks of it, it would make a exellent fit to the hole in the gate.

But we had to act fast. If we were to have any chance of survival, we had to take this lizard out before it got close enough for melee combat. Arthemis charged on against the Draco-lich. Seriously, that man has to hve a diagnosis of some kind. Nobody in their right mind would do that sort of thing! But he was to far, so he did not reach him. I cast a Globe of force around the injured members,, before hitting the Draco-lich with a Greater Ruin spell. It did massive damage, but was far from enough. Mokko followed wit one of his specialities, Fook`s sunray. This really did a number in the Draco-lich, but not enough to kill it. Te Draco-lich charged against us, but luckily it didnt manage to reach all the way. But it had another trick up its sleeve. The motherfucker casted a Mordekainens disjunction. This was sure to destroy all our items, even epic ones and artifacts. I just could not let this happen. So I used the Elder Wand and managed to dispell the disjunction before it could do any harm. Then suddenly the Draco-lich just fell to the ground in a big poof, and it was turned to dust. And by the dustpile, stood Arthemis. Sheathing his swords with a smug grin.

We retrieved the item from the dustpile, and put into the hole in the gate. And the gate opened. And behind the gate, was the last thing any of us would imagine. It revealed what looket to be the garden of eden. It looked like it was taken stright out of a bards tale. It was beyond beutiful, but still, I have a bad feeling about tis place…….


Anthrax the dispeller.





Greater Gods are the gods of gods, creators and annihilators of entire pantheons. A God can never advance to become a Greater God unless he manages to defeat and kill the Greater God of his own pantheon (or is promoted by his Greater God). This restriction does not apply for those who have advanced into the Godhood classes through the Plane of Trials. A Greater God keeps the weakness he had as a God, and it is an almost impossible task to figure out what this weakness is and exploit it without being defeated first. There is only one Greater God in any Pantheon, and he knows the weaknesses of all the Gods below him.

A Greater God can create his own Pantheon at level 1. At this point, he can promote 4 Gods, 16 Demigods and 80 Paragon beings. He can double this number every Greater God level if he so chooses.


As a Greater God grows stronger, he can create more and more until he reaches the point where he can create his own planets and planes of existence. At this point, he must either do so and emigrate his Pantheon there or wage war upon any Greater Gods currently sharing his current plane of existence.

Fighting a Greater God:
Surviving a Greater God encounter grants 50k xp pr. demigod level + 500k xp pr. God level + 5 mill xp. pr Greater God lvl.
Defeating a Greater God grants 1k xp pr. HD + 100k xp pr. Demigod lvl + 1 mill xp pr. God lvl + 10 mill xp pr. Greater God lvl + 1 xp pr. hp.
Killing a Greater God grants 1 mill xp pr. Demigod lvl + 10 mill xp pr. God lvl + 100 mill xp pr. Greater God lvl.
This xp is only granted if you face a fully fleshed Greater God fighting at full strength with an intention to kill.

A Greater God advances through 20 levels, at which point he is absorbed into the cosmos and becomes part of all things. Once you become a Greater God, you stop gaining xp by conventional means. Instead, you get 1% xp every year for as long as you have followers. In, addition, you can choose powers which increase your xp gain.

Every level as Greater God grants:
+10 hit/AC/dmg (physical attacks)
+1 on all ability scores
+10 Caster levels
+10 DR/all
+10 SR/all
+50% MR
+1000 hp (no con bonus)

In addition, each level offers its own abilities as well as the chance to chose a Greater God power:

1 Create Pantheon, Create any Relic
2 Locate: Anything/-one anywhere
3 Create: any HD creature
4 Kill: Any being anywhere or any Demigod on same plane.
5 Ignore Immunities of Gods
6 Create: Any species
7 Sense: 100 km + Gods and Demigods of your Pantheon (as well as their followers, holy objects and shrines)
8 Kill: Any Demigod anywhere or God on same plane
9 Create: Planets
10 Create: Prime Material Planes with surrounding planes of existence
11 Sense: The whole Prime Material Plane + the Pantheon plane
12 Kill: Any God anywhere
13 Grant a Demigod Power to your lvl 30 followers (those who accept it can never enter Plane of Trials)
14 Ignore Immunities of Greater Gods
15 Sense: All surrounding planes of existence you have created
16 Kill: Any species
17 Grant a God Power to your lvl 40 followers (those who accept it can never enter Plane of Trials)
18 Kill: Destroy any planet
19 Promote: Promote 1 God into a Greater God. This removes you from your own Pantheon, and is the second last step towards being One with the Universe.
20 Sense: The Cosmos. you become One with all things. Congratulations. You won the game.

Kill: The killing of beings (and destruction of planets) with the Kill ability is restricted to beings in your own Pantheon/Creation/Planet/World/Plane/Prime Material Plane.

Greater God Powers, pick freely from the list, 1 power pr. lvl and each power can be chosen only once (the first 100 of these are the same as the Demigod and God powers, but they are cumulative with those, [unless marked with*]):

1: Current HPX10
2: +100% MR
3: +100 natural AC
4: +100 DR/all
5: +100 SR
6: +50 all saves
7: +25 all ability checks
8: Immune to all non-magical energy dmg*
9: +100 fast healing
10: +50 regeneration
11: Immune to critical hits*
12: Immune to non-epic spells*
13: Immune to non-epic weapons*
14: Immune to natural attacks and natural/magical abilites of non-demigods*
15: Immune to all natural and magical (non-epic) diseases and curses*
16: Immune to all poisons*
17: All dmgX10 (all kinds of dmg)
18: +100% spell penetration
19: +100 hit
20: Bypass +100 DR
21: +2 standard actions pr. round
22: +50 DC on saves
23: +25 DC on ability checks
24: Free action: Dispel any non epic magic in any location you can sense*
25: +10 crit range
26: Cast any 1-9 wizard spell at will (except wish and minor wish)*
27: Cast any 1-7 priest spell at will*
28: +2 arms
29: +20 initiative
30: Triple Base movement
31: Bypass critical immunity up to and including demigods*
32: Gaze attack (any 2nd Ed MM)
33: Voice attack (any 2nd Ed MM)
34: Breath weapon (any 2nd Ed MM)
35: Heal all dmg given to followers within 100m at the start of each round*
36: Extra Domain – grant minor domain to followers
37: Ability to cast Miracle unlimited times daily as a standard action.*
38: Any armor – yourself and all followers can wear any kind of armor and shields*
39: Grow permanent wings and fly at X3 ground speed*
40: Bonus Feats: You gain 5 epic feats and your followers gain a lvl 3 bonus feat
41: MR: Your followers gain +1% MR pr. lvl
42: Permanent 20 feet poison aura, save (DC 24) or die, your followers gain lvl 1 immunity to poisons*
43: Ability to cast ancient Curse unlimtited times daily as a standard action*
44: Personal Weapon – immediately gain V slots of chosen weapon and your followers gain the ability to chose it as a personal weapon and specialize in it and gain hit rating with it as a warrior.*
45: Spell penetration – followers gain +1% spell penetration pr. lvl
46: Gain 100.000 followers
47: Immune to all damage and effects caused by one chosen non-demigod individual
48: +X2 crit dmg on all kinds of crits (including spell crits)
49: Impervious to one kind of magical energy damage
50: +20 caster levels

51: Cast any Epic Spell at will
52: Cast Wish at will with no negative effects
53: Followers gain +1 hit pr. lvl
54: Bypass Critical Immunity up to and including Gods
55: Instantly Resurrect any dead follower within 100m at the start of each round
56: Any weapon – immediately gain III slots in all weapons and your followers are proficient with all weapons.
57: Reduce the MR of any non-demigod opponent within 100m by half.
58: Permanent 900 feet aura of dimensional anchor (if anyone tries to enter or leave magically or supernaturally you may elcet to permit or allow it to happen)
59: Able to act after dimension door/teleport etc.
60: +50% resistance against Psionic powers
61: Ignore up to 50% resistance against your psionic powers
62: Cast any priest Quest-spell at will (Tome of Magic)
63: Followers gain +1 on all saves pr. lvl
64: Supress all supernatural, spell-like and magical abilities in any one non-demigod opponent within 90 feet at will.
65: One extra at will action pr. round
66: +2 move actions pr. round
67: Followers can cast any lvl 1 priest spell unlimited times daily
68: Followers can cast any lvl 1 wizard spell unlimited times daily
69: Immunity: Overcome your one weakness and shift it into something else
70: Always be aware of the weakness of your fellow Gods
71: Grant immunity to the location talents of other Gods and Demigods to one item/creature/being pr. God level (making yourself immune counts as one)
72: Grant immunity to the Kill ability of Gods of lower level as yourself to one creature/being pr. God level
73: Remove another God(s) from play for up to 10.000 years. This is a one time deal and all its Demigods, Paragon beings and lvl 20+ followers will instantly know it was you (but not how you did it) and who helped you. After 10k years, the God(s) will break free unless freed somehow sooner (or maybe even killed). Note: The Greater God of the Pantheon will also know what you did, as will any Gods in the Pantheon unaffected by your actions. Performing this action will also drain you of one God level pr. God removed.
74: ALL damage receieved can be regenerated and magically healed
75: Your damage dealt cannot be regenerated or magically healed
76: Extra domain – grant major domain to followers
77: Bonus Feats: you gain 4 epic feats and you followers gain a lvl 9 bonus feat
78: Followers gain +1 natural AC pr. lvl
79: Bonus Feats: You gain 3 epic feats and your followers gain a lvl 20 bonus epic feat.
80: Extra Domain – grant major domain to followers
81: Immune to all damage and effects caused by one chosen demigod
82: Promote 10 extra Paragon creatures
83: Promote 2 extra Demigods
84: +5 str/dex/con/int/wis/cha
85: +20 on one ability score
86: +5 wp
87: +10 nwp
88: Followers get a bonus NWP every even levels
89: Gain a buffer HP pool of 1 pr. follower you have. This buffer is not counted when you get 10X your current HP, it cannot be healed/regenerated in any way, and for every 1 dmg you take until the pool is gone, one of your followers die. Example: You have 10k hp and 100k followers. You choose to get the buffer, and you now have 110k maximum hp. If someone damage you for 20k dmg, 20k of your followers die and you now have 90k maximum hp. Only when your hp drops below 10k (and all your followers are dead), can you start healing your damage taken. This buffer will also increase if your number of followers increases.
90: Gain a bonus on all kinds of dmg output of 1 pr. 1k followers you have. This bonus is not counted when you get 10X all dmg, but it is added afterwards…as a bonus. This bonus will change as your number of followers change.
91: +1 bonus AC pr. 1k followers you have. This bonus will change as your number of followers change.
92: +1 bonus hit pr. 1k followers you have. This bonus will change as your number of followers change.
93: +1 bonus spell penetration pr. 1k followers you have. This bonus will change as your number of followers change.
94: +1 bonus MR pr. 1k followers you have. This bonus will change as your number of followers change.
95: +1 bonus DR/all pr. 1k followers you have. This bonus will change as your number of followers change.
96: +1 bonus SR/all pr. 1k followers you have. This bonus will change as your number of followers change.
97: +1 bonus fast healing pr. 1k followers you have. This bonus will change as your number of followers change.
98: +1 bonus spell penetration pr. 1k followers you have. This bonus will change as your number of followers change.
99: Followers live twice as long as others of their race and lvl 20+ followers don’t die of old age and don’t get penalites from aging.
100: Bonus Feats: You gain 2 epic feats and your followers gain a bonus epic feat at level 15.

101: Holy War: Your followers declare war on the followers of another Greater God. Every side kills 1d10 followers pr. 1k followers you have every day until one side wins. Choosing this ability also grants you 100.000 followers just before the war begins.
102: Immune to Epic Spells
103: Immune to Epic Weapons
104: Every day your follower count decreases, there is a 10% chance that you will gain the same amount of new followers by the next day.
105: Half damage from all physical damage (in addition to any previous damage reductions)
106: Half damage from all magical damage (in addition to any previous damage reductions)
107: Holy Defense: If another Greater God declares Holy War upon you, you only lose half the usual number of followers daily. Choosing this ability also grants you 50.000 new followers.
108: Holy Bloodthirst: Your followers kill +50% of the usual number during Holy War
109: Epic Followers: Your followers gain powers at lvl 22, 24, 26, 28 and 30. These powers are any non godhood powers you possess, and you sacrifice your own powers in order to give them to your followers.
110: Sneaky followers: Your followers receive 30 rogue points at lvl 1 and 15 more pr. lvl
111: Skilled followers: Your followers advance their hit rating as fighters do.
112: Specialized followers: Your followers can specialize in the weapon you are most skilled with.
113: Arcane followers: Your followers gain arcane spells the same way as wizards or sorcerers.
114: Tough followers: Your followers receive CON bonuses as fighters do, and gain +1 CON at lvl 9
115: Musical followers: Your followers get the same bardic abilities as standard bards.
116: Instant Prayer: If a follower prays to you for guidance for 1 round (full round action), you may bestow +1 hit/dmg/AC/saves for 1 turn if he succeeds a DC 20 religion check.
117: Battlecry: If a follower shouts a battle cry in your name (free action), you may bestow +2 hit/dmg to him and all his friendlies within 30 feet for 1 turn if he succeeds a DC 20 CHA check.
118: Short prayer: If a follower prays to you for 1 turn, he may be granted Greater Protection from Evil, Good, Lawful or Chaotic (+5 AC and saves) for 1 hour if he succeeds a DC 25 religion check.
119: Medium prayer: If a follower prays to you for 1 hour, he may be granted +10 initiative the following day if he succeeds a DC 30 religion check.
120: Long prayer: If a follower prays to you for 24 hours, he may be granted a Wish (with the appropriate reprecussions) if he succeeds a DC 35 religion check. Only one Wish will be fulfilled every level or year, whichever comes last (ie. you cannot be granted 5 wishes if you advance 5 levels in a 12 month period, and you also do not get 5 wishes if you stay lvl 1 for 5 years).
121: Small Sacrifice: If a follower sacrifices 10 gold worth (the ritual takes 1 round), he will receive a +5 bonus on all encounter reactions for 1 turn.
122: Medium Sacrifice: If a follower sacrifices 100 gold worth (the ritual takes 1 turn), he will receive a +5 bonus to an ability score of his choice for 1 hour.
123: Big Sacrifice: If a follower sacrifices 1.000 gold worth (the ritual takes 1 hour), he will receive a 24 hour Sanctuary (DC 30).
124: Ultimate Sacrifice: If a follower sacrifices 50.000 gold worth (the ritual takes 24 hours), a loved one (spouse, child, other family member, hencheman, PC or close NPC) will be brought back to life at the location of the sacrifice immediately after. No remains are needed, but the soul must be available for resurrection. This can only be done once pr. level or year, whichever comes latest.
125: Soul Sacrifice: Your followers may sacrifice the souls of other people to you. This is an utterly evil act, and will leave the victims unable to ever be resurrected again. The ritual takes 1 hour and can only be performed if the Greater God is Evil. The ritual cannot be performed more than once every month (during a full moon), and grants the follower 10% XP to the next level, as well as 5% for all spectators. Because of this ability, the Greater God receives 1% XP every year as long as he has more than 250.000 followers.
126: Celibacy: If the Greater God is Good, a follower can decide to live in celibacy. As long as the follower lives this way, he is granted immunity to mind-based spells. This ability is permanently removed after his first sexual encounter and cannot be reinstated ever again. It is possible to choose celibacy and gain the ability if you have had sexual encounters before the decision. but once the vow is broken, it is forever ruined
127: Human Sacrifice: If the Greater God is Evil, a follower may sacrifice humanoids (the ritual takes 1 turn) and receieve a +1 bonus to dmg pr. lvl/HD of the sacrifice on all spells cast for 24 hours. These bonuses are not cumulative, and once someone has been sacrificed, another sacrifice is not possible until the bonus runs out.
128: Fast leveling: You gain 1 more Greater God level for every one of your followers who complete the Demigod Ascendant trial in Plane of Trials.
129: Soul Bargaining: Followers can sell their soul to their Greater God if the god is Evil. If they do, raise Dead and resurrection etc. will not work on them (since the Greater God will have claimed their souls already). In return, those who choose to sell their souls will get 3 wishes, +3 on one ability, +2 spells pr. spell level daily and get to choose 1 spell pr. spell level which can be cast once a day at 200% potency. The Greater God receives 1% XP every year as long as he has more than 500.000 followers.
130: Soul of Neutrality: Followers of a Neutral Greater God can shift the encounter reaction of neutral creatures by one category (mindless creatures not included) upon a successful charisma check (DC 20).
131: Pacifists: If the Greater God is Neutral or Good, the followers cannot initiate combat against other living beings. In return, they gain +1 natural AC pr. lvl and +1 free parry every round. if they fail to live up to this standard, the benefits are lost for at least 1 month and they also have to Atone.
132: Additional Low Powers: Your followers get additional low powers at lvl 1, 3, 5 and 7.
133: Adittional Medium Powers: Your followers get additional medium powers at lvl 9, 11 and 13.
134: Additional High Power: Your followrs get additional high powers at lvl 15 and 17.
135: Additional Grand Power: Your followers get an additional grand power at lvl 19.
136: Crusade: Your followers will amass an army and wage war against the country of your choice. You can make them wage new wars every 5 years. Each Crusade lasts for 4 years (travel time included, both to and from the destination, so if it takes 2 years to travel there, they won’t have time to actually do any warfare). 1d100% percent of your followers will participate every time, and 1d10% of the defending army will die every month during the war. For every defender that dies, 2 of your followers will die. If they manage to kill off all defenders, they will establish a new kingdom there in your name (50% of the crusading followers will settle down while the rest go home). Your religion will be the official religion, and 25% of the surviving population will convert (50% of the population in a country will be part of the defending army when any followers of a Greater God come crusading).
137: Your followers do not need to memorize their spells, but use the ones best suited to the situation.
138: Your followers who reach lvl 20 can no longer die from old age.
139: Your followers gain access to a new sphere every time they get a new spell level until they have access to all spheres. They must choose minor and major spheres every other time.
140: All spells that your followers cast of a certain major sphere are maximized.
141: Your followers get a CHA modifier to the save DC of spells in the same way a sorcerer does.
142: Your followers gain access to one wizard school of their own choice. All spells of this school are Intensified.
143: Your followers increase one ability score by 1 every 4 levels (it must be the same ability score every time).
144: Your followers use d12 for hit points, and they roll new dice every level.
145: Your followers gain access to a Plane of your choice at level 15 and a second Plane at level 20 (City of Union and other restricted Planes not included).
146: Your followers do not need to have ability scores of 25 in order to pick Epic Feats which requires ability scores of 25.
147: Your followers start gaining feats at lvl 1, but get new feats only every third level until level 15 (They get 1 new feat at lvl 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15. From lvl 16 they get new feats every level, just like everyone else.).
148: Bonded Mount: Your followers gain a bonded mount in the same way as AD&D 2nd Edition Paladins.
149: Your followers can own wear a maximum of 3 magical items, but all spells are free actions.
150: You are impervious to all damage and effects from any source (including other Greater Gods). In essence, you are indestructible. However, half of your followers die immediately and you die if all of them perish later on (unless you have advanced to a lvl 20 Greater God meanwhile – and become one with the cosmos). If your HP/AC/etc. is tied to your follower count, you will take damage/effects from loss of followers.
151: You gain +1% XP every year for as long as you have followers. This ability can be chosen several times.