Royalty are not made, they are born. If you are a blood relative of the ruler of a kingdom (thus a potential heir to the throne), then the Royalty template is for you. Regardless of whether or not you actually get to sit on the throne one day, you will keep your template until the day you die. One of the drawbacks of being Royalty is exactly your potential claim to the throne, which current and/or other potential rulers might find troubling.

+1 hp every year from the age of 3.
+2 on all CHA checks.

Once every year from the day you start leveling your first class, there will be either one assassination attempt towards you, one plot to frame you for something you did not do, one scheme to steal/rob your belongings/estates or another kind of event that the DM sees fit.

Age Abilities and NWPs
3 Impose Your Will, Reading/Writing
6 Weapon of Choice, Family History
9 Alienation, Riding Landbased
12 Etiquette
15 Statecraft
18 Toasting
21 City Lore 1 (Capital City)
24 Dancing
27 Local History
30 Paranoia, City Lore 2 (Capital City)
33 Fashion
36 Debate
39 City Lore 3 (Capital City)
42 Poetry
45 Too Old, Law
48 City Lore 4 (Capital City)
51 Ancient History
54 Leadership
57 Singing
60 Larger Than Life, Diplomacy

Impose Your Will (Ex): Opposed CHA checks. Opponents get +1 on the roll pr. additional person in the group you are trying to control. If you succeed your check, your opponent(s) will obey a simple command (much like the (Mass) Suggestion spell, only that this is an Extraordinary effect). If your opponents succeed, they are immune to your suggestions for 24 hours.

Weapon of Choice: At the age of 6, you start training with your Weapon of Choice (giving you a free WP in said weapon). Every six years from then, you get another free WP in that weapon until you have V slots at the age of 30. You do not have to be a fighter to benefit from your Weapon of Choice, but a fighter could potentially be a specialist in two different weapons (one from his fighter class and one from his Royalty template).

Alienation: Your royal heritage starts weighing down on you, making you feel somewhat different from the common people. In addition, the feeling is mutual. This results in a -2 penalty on all encounter checks with commoners.

Paranoia: Assuming you actually live to be thirty years old, at this age paranoia sets in. People around you have probably been plotting your demise for many years already, and now you feel as if you have fine tuned your ability to spot those who wish you harm. Whenever you feel someone might harbour hostile intentions towards you, do a WIS check. If the check succeeds, you will be able to sense if they have any animosity towards you (but not how strong or what their particular thoughts are, just enough that you know you should not trust them too much). However, on a roll of 1-3, they will appear hostile regardless of their intentions. Notify the DM whenever you want to make a Paranoia roll, and he will roll for you.

Too Old: If you have advanced to be the current ruler by the age of 45, your children or other potential successors who are younger than you will start feeling that it is time for someone else to sit on the throne and act accordingly.

Larger Than Life: Congratulations! If you are the current ruler, people will regard you as a natural ruler. Only the most ambitious of people will dare to try to ursurp the throne or question your decisions. You will probably reign safely to the day you die (with the exception of the yearly event which the DM will orchestrate to annoy you), but it will be almost impossible to seek advice from anyone, as everyone is too afraid to oppose any of your ideas.

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