Priest Class

There are 5 demigods below Dominatrix, each with their own priests and followers. The demigods are Hachiman – god of War, Morrigan – god of Spears, Talos – god of Destruction, Tempus – god of War and Slayer – god of Revenge.

Females only
Any Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic combined with Neutral alignment
12 CHA
13 WIS

Weapons allowed: Any melee
Armor allowed: Anyting but plate, has to be masterwork, no shields
How to become a priestess of Dominatrix: You must seek to revenge a wrongdoing and pray for the aid of Dominatrix in your quest. If Dominatrix heeds your plea, she will grant you aid in some cruicial kind in return for your life long service afterwards.
Major Spheres: All, Combat, Creation, War, Chaos
Minor Speres: Divination, Necromantic, Charm, Healing

Secondary Skills: Any
Bonus Nonweapon Proficiencies: Religion

Special Benefits: Cause wound spells (as well as destruction spells etc.) have reversed effect on priests of Dominatrix. Heals spells etc. function normally.

Special Hindrances:

1 magic weapon (2 if dual wielding), 1 magic armor, +3 magic items max (2 items if 2 weapons)
Life long service – if you leave the class, you can never chose another priest classs to advance in (multiclassing however, is allowed)
Never settle down, never raising a family.
No church or temple, no followers, your relationship with Dominatrix is a purely personal affair.
Quests through dreams – ie. dream visions from Dominatrix make you Quested to complete them.

Granted Powers:
Lvl 1 Dream Visions – Quest
Lvl 2 Rage (Ex)- +3 hit/dmg +3 AC, +3 hp pr. lvl (these are added and lost first, so no dying after rage), fight till all enemies are slain, wis DC 20 to escape
Lvl 3 Melee weapon type of choice (ie. long sword or katana or footman’s mace or battle axe etc.)- +2 hit/+2 dmg/+1 attack/+1 crit range
Lvl 4 1 spell cast as free action once a day
Lvl 5 Call upon Steed (same as paladins)
Lvl 6 Whirlwind Attack (full round action, attacking all around)
Lvl 7 +2 on all saves
Lvl 8 Combat Shout (Ex), standard action. Save vs spell DC 20 or -2 hit/dmg/AC/saves, applies to all enemies within 10m
Lvl 9 Must kill an opponent designated by Dominatrix in order to advance to lvl 10 (if opponent dies by the hands of someone else, another will be chosen for you)
Lvl 10 Rally followers (Ex) (once a week, attract 1d100 to follow you blindly into battle)
Lvl 11 Inspire Steed (Ex) (once a day for one turn, all numeric abilities of steed are doubled)
Lvl 12 Radiate Fear as an Adult Dragon (Su) (triggered ability, at will)
Lvl 13 Cheat Fate (Ex) – can reroll one botched roll a day
Lvl 14 +1 charisma
Lvl 15 Raise dead or Slay Living once a day (Sp)
Lvl 16 Touch spells can be delivered by Weapon of Choice (upon a successful hit, you can choose to automatically unleash an available touch spell once a round)
Lvl 17 CHA bonus to hit
Lvl 18 WIS bonus to hit
Lvl 19 Blood Rage (Su)- draw 1 hp from all within 30 feet which can be used either to heal yourself or boost your damage output on physical attacks for 1 round (+1 dmg pr hp drawn). At will action usable once every 1d4 rounds.
Lvl 20 Aspect of Dominatrix (Ex) – If you die, either in combat or from old age or for any kind of reason, you will burst into fire and rise from the ashes the next day, fully restored and at the prime of your youth. This ability functions once a day.

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