The concept of Zen is quite widespread among the population of the countries of Vest, Solriket and Den Gylne Keisers Rike.

Zen is a nonweapon proficiency which costs 2 slots and there is also a requirement that you also choose one of the following NWPs:

Zen Archery
Zen Tea Ceremony
Zen Bonsai
Zen Origami
Zen Calligraphy
Zen Painting

In addition, you need a minimum of 12 Intelligence and 12 Wisdom to pick Zen.

Once you have chosen Zen, your Zen abilities will start to manifest themselves randomly and grow at the following speed:
Zen 1 minor power: After 1 week of meditation
Zen 2 minor power + Zen 1 medium power: in 4 levels (plus 1 week of meditation)
Zen 3 power + Zen 2 major power + Zen 1 major power: in another 4 levels (plus 1 week of meditation)

Zen 1 powers:

Roll Minor (Medium) [Major]

1 18/00 str lvl rounds/day (lvl turns/day) [Permanent]
2 Hold Breath lvl rounds/day (lvl turns/day) [lvl hours/day]
3 Water Breathing lvl rounds/day (lvl turns/day) [Permanent]
4 Rage lvl rounds/day (lvl turn s/day) [Every combat]
5 +1 AC lvl rounds/day (lvl turns/day) [Permanent]
6 +3 movement lvl turns/day (lvl hours/day) [Permanent]
7 +1 hit lvl rounds/day (lvl turns/day) [Permanent]
8 +1 unarmed dmg lvl rounds/day (lvl turns/day) [Permanent]
9 +1 saves once a day (lvl times a day) [Permanent]
10 +30 feet infravision lvl rounds/day (lvl turns/day) [Permanent]
11 +4 save vs poison once a day (lvl times a day) [Permanent]
12 Endure Heat lvl turns/day (lvl hours/day) [Permanent]
13 Endure Cold lvl turns/day (lvl hours/day) [Permanent]
14 Cure Light wounds 1/week (1/day) [lvl/day]
15 Pass Without Trace lvl turns/day (lvl hours/day) [Permanent]
16 Detect Poison 1/week (1/day) [lvl/day]
17 +20% Detect Noise (+20% (cumulative)) [+20% (cumulative)]
18 +20% Climb Walls (+20% (cumulative)) [+20% (cumulative)]
19 +20% Move Silently (+20% (cumulative)) [+20% (cumulative)]
20 Invisibility lvl rounds/day (lvl turns/day) [lvl hours/day]

Zen 2 powers:

Roll Minor [Major]
1 Half dmg from physical attacks lvl turns/day [Permanent]
2 Dodge Missiles with successful save vs BW 1/day [Permanent]
3 +2 all saves 1/day [Permanent]
4 +3 initiative 1/day [Permanent]
5 +1,+1 on weapon of choice lvl rounds/day [Permanent]
6 +60 feet darkvision lvl turns/day [Permanent]
7 +2 AC lvl rounds/day [Permanent]
8 +2 hit lvl rounds/day [Permanent]
9 +2 physical dmg lvl rounds/day [Permanent]
10 Immovability Fighting Style 1/day [Permanent]
11 Leap Fighting Style 1/day [Permanent]
12 Concentrated Push Fighting Style 1/day [Permanent]
13 Eagle Claw Fighting Style 1/day [Permanent]
14 Instant Stand Fighting Style 1/day [Permanent]
15 Hurl Fighting Style 1/day [Permanent]
16 Speak with animals 1/week [1/day]
17 Detect Magic 1/week [1/day]
18 Alter Self 1/week [1/day]
19 Augury 1/week [1/day]
20 Feign Death 1/week [1/day]

Zen 3 powers:

Roll Power
1 Concentration Fighting Style
2 All Around Sight Fighting Style
3 Immune to Fear (permanent) + Cause Fear in 1HD creatures 1/day
4 Immune to Charm (permanent) + Charm 1 HD creatures 1/day
5 +1 attack pr. round during a full round action
6 Find Direction (ninja spell) 1/day
7 Featherfoot (ninja spell) 1/day
8 Detect the Living (ninja spell) 1/day
9 Parry All Fighting Style
10 Arrow Parry Fighting Style
11 Prone Fighting Fighting Style
12 Speed Fighting Style
13 Pain Touch Fighting Style
14 Immune to surprise
15 Stunning Touch Fighting Style
16 Paralyzing Touch fighting Style
17 Weapon Breaker Fighting Style
18 Steel Cloth Fighting Style
19 Meditation Fighting Style
20 Shapechange to Black Panther 3/day (move action)

Black Panther Cat form:
+75% MS&HS
Attacks: 3 (2 claws and 1 bite)
Dmg: claws 1d5 each, bite 1d10
+2 natural AC
Movement: 18
+30 HP
120 feet infravision
Speak with animals

Bipedal form:
Attacks: 3 (2 claws and 1 bite)
Dmg: claws 1d5 each, bite 1d10
+1 natural AC
120 feet infravision
Speak with animals

Human Form:
Understand animal speech

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