Dragonhide Armor:

An armorsmith must make masterwork armor or shield for the normal cost (market valueX5). If the armorsmith has the Dragoncrafter feat, the armor will gain certain benefits, such as magic resistance, various immunities, etc, etc. before it is enchanted.

AC of the various armors:
Plate = dragon AC – 1
Scale = dragon AC – 3
Hide = dragon AC – 5
Leather = dragon AC -7

The extra qualities below assume the armorsmith has the Dragoncrafter feat.

Dragon Robe: +5% magic resistance (Ex)
Dragon Cloak: +1 on a random stat (Ex)
Dragon Leather/Studded Leather: ability to cast a random lvl 1 wizard spell once a day (Sp)
Dragon Hide: Same ability (NOT immunity) as the dragon was born with (if it is a power that increases as the dragon age, the hide has the same powers as the dragon had at birth) (Su)
Dragon Scale Mail: +4 on random save (Ex)
Dragon Plate Mail: dmg reduction 5 vs physical attacks (Su)
Dragon Shield: acts as Ring of Fire Protection against the dragon type Breath weapon (Su)
Dragon belts, gloves, shouldercoats etc: randomly determined by the DMs mood

Dragon Size and armor:

Tiny: nothing
Small: 1 misc.
Medium: 1 misc.
Large: 1 cloak, 1 leather and 1 misc.
Huge: 1 robe, 1 cloak, 1 leather, 1 hide, 1 shield and 2 misc.
Gargantuan: 1 robe, 1 cloak, 1 leather, 1 hide, 1 scale, 1 shield and 2 misc.
Colossal: 1 robe, 1 cloak, 1 leather, 1 hide, 1 scale, 1 plate, 1 shield and 3 misc.

Dragoncraft Weapons:

A weaponsmith with the dragoncrafter feat is able to create masterwork weapons from dragon parts, and the weapons created will gain the following abilities:

Bludgeoning (carved from the skull): STR dmg bonus is doubled
Slashing (from claws): STR hit bonus is doubled
Piercing (from teeth): +1 crit range and +X1 crit dmg
Bow: STR 18 needed to use, double STR bonus to dmg, double range

The maximum size of the weapons are the same of the size of the dragon. From one single dragon, it is possible to create 1 bludgeoning, 6 slashing, 4 piercing and 1 bow.

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