The 2 Dragon of the Dead Miness:

Chaotic Good: Mercury Dragon, Female, Mature Adult: Senis
True Neutral: Mist Dragon, Male, Venerable: Tetsatsut

They are guarding The Fabled Armor of the Dragonrider Commander in a treacherous cave in the Underdark.

The Fabled Armor of the Dragonrider Commander

Full Plate Mercury Dragon Armor, shines like polished mirrorlike mercury.
AC +13
Protection from Normal Missiles
Command Word triggers a blinding light in a 30 feet radius. Save vs. Spell (DC 24) or blinded for 3 rounds.

Why are they guarding the armor and why is it here?
The Dragonrider Commander was King Yu the Great’s right hand during the Dragon Wars. His name was never known, and on top of his Legendary Gold Dragon, Romulus, he slay many evil dragons.

Romulus’s twin brother, Remus, was mounted by Yu the Great himself. Romulus’ rider was a ferocious fighter, and once the war was won, he vanished. Romulus and Remus was awarded many riches and settled down on a mountain where they lived for thousands of years (this means their riders were pretty long lived, considering they were Dragonriders and the dragons would die as soon as they do).

Then one day, Romulus’s rider appeared and killed both of them (thus stripping away all his own Dragonrider abilites). The dragons managed to hide both the Fabled Armor and The Greatsword of The Dragonrider Commander before they died.

One of Senis’s ancestors gave his life in order to provide the dragon scales needed to create the armor, so Senis is one in a line of guardians who are safekeeping the armor until the right person arrives – the one who can wear the armor and sword and avenge the deaths of Remulus and Romus.

So, will he accept the quest of the sword and revenge?

The Greatsword of the Dragonrider:
longsword +5
Vorpal Sword (cuts off head at 18-20) up to huge size creatures
Command Word triggers Hold Evil (any evil being affected as by Hold Person), single target, save vs spell DC 24

Where is the Sword?

The final magic of the dragons made the dragonrider think the sword withered and rusted away. It was tossed away at some point, and no one knows where it is. The only clue they have, is that the sword hilt is shaped as a dragon claw holding the whole world.

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