Isolde was one of the first true dragons. She and her mate Nidvar lived happily together deep inside a volcanic mountain where kobolds were digging for treasure for them, worshipping them as some sort of benevolent gods. and benevolent they were indeed. But they both knew who the real god was: Silvereye, the father of all that is dragon. The 200m long red dragon. red, just as themselves. They were proud.

And thet pride was mixed with anger the day Silvereye appeared before them and told them that 3 heroes of the humanoid realm (one elf, one human and one dwarf) had entered his lair up in the skies (they had seen that lair themselves on a couple of occasions. A great flying mountain high up, with grassy plains on it and another mountain top with his castle upon) and stolen his most prized possession – a stone in all colours of the rainbow. The stone was no larger than a human sized fist, but Silvereye claimed it was vastly powerful and whoever wielded it would possess powers who knew practically no limits. So he had been safeguarding it from the world, since he had not found any way to destroy it.

And now those humanoids had stolen it and used it to blackmail him. Either grant everlasting life to the humanoids just as the dragons or they would use the stone to kill all dragons. Silvereye explained to her that the stone actually had the power to perform such horrific acts, but he doubted they knew how to trigger its powers….yet. So he asked her to launch a campaign against the humanoids and locate the stone before it was too late.

The ransom “note” had been delivered by an elven mage (the first magician in the world, a telltale sign that they had unlocked the secret of magic already) at the court of King Aust, the elven king of Elbarin, so Silvereye assumed it might be probable that it was the elves who were guarding it at the moment. Isolde gathered an army of dragons and off to war they went. and they did in fact locate the stone hidden and guarded and protected from divination magic deep inside the elven palace after ransacking the elven capital.

But the humanoids fought back in a fierce war (it took quite some time before the dragons finally found the stone, and in the meantime, both elves, dwarves and humans launched assaults against the elven city in what appeared to be attempts to retake the stone). Once the stone was located, Isolde brought it back to Silvereye and asked if the campaign was to be stopped. He told her that it was too soon to stop, but that he would let her know when to retreat.

Not long after, a human king naked Yu the Great arrived riding on dragons (gasp!) which had been against the campaign and launched a devastating counterattack. She asked Silvereye what to do and he told her to fight back. So she did. But they were slowly losing until Zarovich the Blood Dragon arrived. He assumed control of Isolde’s dragons and helped them turn the tide of the battle. In return, she offered to become a Palantir once Zarovich had discovered how to make them, but he wanted her to let his son Strahd ride her into battle istead. She complied, and her husband, Nidvar, became a Palantir, joining them in every battle. Silvereye was silent during all this. He once asked who Zarovich was, but never offered any advice. In fact, he mocked her on one occasion for allowing dragons to be defeated by a measly human king and his allies.

Then came the fateful day when Strahs forced her to flee from battle. She still struggles with this today and seeks atonement trough trying to get Strahd killed (which will kill her too). She met Abraham van Helsing once he managed to stumble into the Carnival and pretended to fall in love with him. He certainly fell for her, and she was the one pushing him into becoming an undead hunter, specializing in vampires. She also gave birth to his children in the hopes that they would grow up to become hunters too, and that they would succeed should Abraham fail in his quest to kill Strahd – a quest she had plotted him into.

But one day Abraham found out that he had been deceived by the woman he loved and demanded an explaination. She told him the whole story, and he refused to ever speak to her again. He still loved her, but could not accept that she had tried to send him on a mission which would kill her if he was successful. However, he hates Strahd and will still kill him if he gets the chance. But knowing that he will also kill Isolde then is too much for him to deal with, so she has not seen him since that day.

Isolde’s daughter Amanda is not Abraham’s child. She gave birth to her a long time after she and Abraham parted. Amanda’s father is the puppet master. Isolde led a revolt against him a long time ago, and he allowed her to win if she would let him come visit her from time to time. The puppet master knows Amanda is her daughter, he just doesn’t care. At all. And he is extremely dangerous.

Btw, professor pascali has gone mad. Could you save him by any chance? He runs the hall of mirrors, and they had to shut it down right now since it’s full of monsters from his imagination. Kill the monsters, find Pascali, get him safely out of the Hall of Mirrors and he will be fine again. There’s only one problem. The whole place is an anti magic zone, and the monsters are extremely dangerous. There are traps there too!

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