Angerbast is a Firstborn Red Dragon who fought against the invading dragons during the Dragon Wars. At one point, he assaulted the Blood Dragon Zarovich, and was promptly slain. However, Angerbast had written and created the Dragon Mage Tomes in advance, which his good friends Remulus and Romus (twin Gold Dragons bonded to the Dragon Riders King Yu and Pharadil) gave to an elven wizard named Mulgarda.

Mulgarda read the tomes and became the world’s first Dragon Mage. When she reached level 20, she merged with Angerbast, and he was reborn. He also decided to dominate Mulgarda completely, and will therefore never change into human form in order to give her control of their entity.

The Dragon Wars had ended when Angerbast was reborn, so he returned to a life of evil mischievings until forces from the flying prison Cloudhaven tracked him down and put him in eternal statis. But during a raid against the prison not long ago, all the prisoners were freed and Angerbast decided to stay in Cloudhaven to remake it as a new prison – with him as warden.


23 HD Red Firstborn Dragon + 20 lvl Unholy Berserker+ lvl 5 Epic Dragon

STR 25
DEX 25
CON 25
INT 22
WIS 25
CHA 15

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Size: Colossal

HD: 48 (1309 hp)
Movement: 48, Flight 93 (A), Jp 42
#: 7 (1 epic spell + 6 Free Action spells) or 15 (clawsX8 + Bite + 6 Free Action spells)
Hit: +58 (claws +65)
Claws 2d8+30, crit 18-20X4 +1d6 dmg + con check DC 41 or die
Bite 3d10+19, crit 18-20X2
AC: 87 (natural AC 68)
Initiative: +15
DR: 20/all
SR: 80/all
MR: 155%
Spell Penetration: 35%
Breath Weapon: 26d10+12

Affect normal fires 3/day
Pyrotechnics 3/day
Heat metal 1/day
Suggestion 1/day
Hypnotism 1/day
Detect Gems, kind and number in 100′ radius 3/day
Protection from normal missiles
Takes 50% less physical damage from Good creatures and and additional 25% less from Good outsiders
Immune to Fire
Immune to Critical Hits
Cast spells as lvl 32 magic user
Cast all 1-9 lvl wizard and 1-7 lvl priest spells unlimited times daily as Free Action
All 1-9 spells are silent spells
Cast 13 Epic spells daily
Natural attacks, Breath Weapon and Spells deal +50% dmg against Good creatures and an additional +150% dmg against Good Outsiders
Smite Good 3/day
Natural attacks are considered Epic when it comes to overcoming DR
Dragon Spells (maximized, once day): Magic Missile, Mirror Image, Fireball, Wall of Fire, Cone of Cold, Chain Lightning, Bigby’s Grasping Hand, Bigby’s Clenched Fist, Time Stop
Power of the Dragon – Once a day, one spell’s values are doubled (cumulative with Dragon Spells)

Deathless Frenzy 3/day:
Move action to trigger
+20 hit/dmg/AC
Lasts for 20 rounds
Immune to Death Effects
Will not die from damage until Frenzy runs out
All spells (both targeted and Area Effect) cast by Good creatures will be absorbed and heal instead of doing damage.

(The WPs of Angerbast are not displayed here, neither are Mulgarda’s Feats and both their NWPs)

Improved Initiative
Improved Toughness
Great Cleave
Improved Critical, Claws
Power Attack
Weapon Focus, Claws
Weapon Specialization, Claws
Greater Weapon Focus, Claws
Greater Weapon Specialization, Claws
Epic Weapon Focus, Claws
Epic Weapon Specialization, Claws
Overwhelming Critical, Claws
Superior Initiative
Devastating Critical, Claws
Dire Charge
Improved Rapidstrike
Improved Natural Attack, Claws
Improved Multiattack
Spell Penetration
Greater Spell Penetration
Epic Spell Penetration
Spell Stowaway (Timestop)
Spell Stowaway (Heal)
Combat Reflexes
Large and In Charge
Multispell X5
Spell Opportunity
Silent Spell
Craft Wondrous Item
Craft Epic Wondrous Item
Spellcasting Harrier (+4 to hit)

Known Possessions:
Red Dragon Amulet (max HP)
Epic Dragon Armor

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