Shelob, The Mother of all Demonic Blood Dragons
Paragon Demonic Blood Dragon, Demigod (lvl 1) Outsider

Int: 17
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Movement: 72, Flight 144 (B), Jp 9, Swim 54
HD: 50 (1390 hp)
Thaco: +78
#: 5+special (bite plus 4 claws)
Dmg: Claws – (2d10+57)X10, Bite – (4d12+57)X10
MR: 245%
Immune to critical hits
AC: 81
Initiative: +11
Only damaged by silver
Fast Healing 20
Saves: +48
Spikes dealing (1d10)X10 dmg every time you swing at it if not using a reach weapon
Immune to Fire, Acid, Lvl/ability Drain/Dmg, Death Effects, Necromancy effects
Control Undead as lvl 36 priest
DR 16/all, 21/+6
SR 21
Haste at will
Rend: Hitting with 2 claws deals (4d10+13)X10 extra dmg
Improved Rend: hitting with 4 claws deal an additional (6d10+13)X10 extra dmg
50% chance to reflect any targetted spell that passes through Magic Resistance
At will: Summon 1d6 demonic blood dragons once a day. Summoned dragons cannot summon new ones.
Breath Weapon: Gas cloud of acid and Heat: (21d20X2)X10, save vs BW for half dmg (DC 33)
Special blood: A blood dragon’s blood is hot and acidic and will burn away flesh, items, wood, stone, metal etc. Each time you inflict physical damage on a blood dragon, there will be blood splatter: Normal weapons are destroyed automatically. Magical weapons are not affected. The blood deals same dmg as dmg taken. You need invulnerability to both fire/acid to be immune and damage reduction to both fire/acid to have dmg reduced.
Body Length: 60m
Tail Length: 60m
Wizard Spells: 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 1 (as lvl 36 magic user)
use 3 times a day (as lvl 16 magic user): greater dispel magic, haste, see invisibility
Demonic Fury: Enter Rage as move action: +6 to hit, +6 dmg, + 100 hp, -2 AC, +3 saves. Rage lasts for 10 rounds. Rage can be entered once pr. encounter and max. 10 times a day.
Tactics: For each Demonic Blood Dragon also attack the same target, the dragon gains +1 hit, AC, dmg

Strength: 26
Dex: 25
Con: 25
Int: 24
Wis: 24
Cha: 17

Feats: Improved Initiative, Improved Toughness, Cleave, Improved Cleave
Teleport without error at will
Ignore Immunities of 9 HD/lvl creatures
Your magic works in anti magic zones

Demigod Powers:
all dmgX10

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