Priest Class

The Ishtarian Hunters was founded by Sir Arthur Drake Daemonbane of Stonevale centuries ago, and today they roam the perilious lands of Ishtaria (Kirganistan) in search of evil to exterminate. Ishtarian hunters are typically loners and usually stay away from cities and other inhabited areas, as other people tend to fear their presence.


Wisdom 12
Strength 12

NWP required: Tracking

Weapons allowed:
Any blade
Armor allowed: None (with the exception of bracers)

Minor Spheres:
Elemental, Guardian

Major Spheres:
All, Divination, Combat

An Ishtarian Hunter can only own what he can carry, and he can also only own one weapon at any time – which must be a personal consecrated blade.

Detect evil by scent (100 yard range pr. level)
Protected from evil (every odd numbered levels, the priest gains a +1 bonus on saves vs evil opponents, while evil opponents also get a -1 penalty to their hit rating agains tthe priest)
Hit bonus vs evil (every odd levels, the priest gains a +1 hit bonus vs evil opponents)
Damage bonus vs evil (every even levels, the preist gains a +1 dmg bonus vs evil opponents)
Improved natural attacks
(the priest’s unarmed attacks deal 100% regular damage vs evil opponents, in addition to a 1d4 holy damage bonus)

Concecrated Blade
– An Ishtarian Hunter is able to consecrate a blade to the gods. It must be a weapon he is proficient with, and the following powers will be bestowed upon the blade (these powers only function when wielded by the priest):
1-4 lvl: +1 vs evil, blade turns coal black
5-8 lvl: +2 vs evil, blade offers permanent negative plane protection
9-12 lvl: +3 vs evil, blade is bestowed Abjure effect (as the lvl 4 priest spell)
13+: +4 vs evil, blade is bestowed Dispel Evil effect (as the lvl 5 priest spell)

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