Amon Ra – demigod under Chaozalem, ruler of the First layer of Hell

Amon Ra is the minion in charge of keeping Silvereye enslaved. Unlike his master Chaozalem, who cannot be killed unless one discovers his weakness, Amon Ra can be killed by conventional means.

Amon Ra has three different forms; His Hellish form, his weakened state once summoned on the Prime Material Plane and his true Material Form once his powers have grown to full.

The thing which is unkown about Amon Ra, and which makes him stand out from his minions, is his personal weapon.

Amon Ra’s Hellish form

Size: L (9′ tall)
Morale: Elite (13-14)
Intelligence: Exeptional (15-16)
AC: 22
Movement: 12, Flight 18 (C)
Hit Dice: 20 (160 hit points)
Hit rating: + 19
# attacks: 4 or 5 (either tail/claw/claw/bite or tail/weaponX3/whip

tail 1d6+6+special
claw 1d4+6
claw 1d4+6
bite 1d8+6
whip 1d6+6+special
weapon weapon+6

Special attacks:

Fear – Amon Ra radiates an aura of Fear in a 5 foot radius. Save vs Rod/Staff/Wand or flee in terror for 1d6 rounds.

Wounding – Amon Ra’s tail attack inflicts 1d6+6 dmg and creates a wound which will bleed for 3 hp each round until treated.

Stun – Amon Ra’s whip deals 1d6+6 damage and forces a save vs. paralyzation (DC 20) to avoid being stunned for 1d4 rounds.

Gaze – Meeting Amon Ra’s gaze causes a save vs. pertification to avoid being charmed. Once charmed, Amon Ra can continue to cause the following: Insanity, Feeblemind, Amnesia (6 months back AND forward in time)

Special defenses:
Regeneration -Amon Ra regenerates 2 hp each round.
+2 weapon to hit
Immune to cold (any) and poisons
Half damage from gas, fire and silver


Infravision always active
Know Alignment always active
Detect Magic at will
ESP at will
Produce Flame at will
Pyrotechnics at will
Polymorph Self at will
Advanced Illusion at will
Animate Dead at will
Suggestion at will
Teleport without error at will
Lightning bolt (10d6) at will, 3 times a day
Wall of Fire at will, once a day

Gate at will, once a day, with the following result:
01-50 2d6 Barbazu – lesser demons
51-85 2d8 Abishai – lesser demons
86-95 Ogodad – demigod
96-00 Chaozalem – ruler of the First layer of Hell

Magic resistance: 50%

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