fighter kit

Int 15
Wis 15

Required NWP: Netherworld Knowledge, Religion

Bonus: Free specialization with weapon of choice (2 gratis WP).

Lvl 1 +4 hit/dmg/AC/saves vs Evil Outsiders, Spell Resistance
Lvl 2 Find weakness, Force Assault (once pr day pr. 2 demon hunter lvls)
Lvl 3 Immune to charm, Greater Sanctuary
Lvl 4 Smite Evil (gain cha modifer to hit and demon hunter level to dmg once a day against Evil Outsiders)
Lvl 5 Negative Plane Protection 24/7
Lvl 6 +1 crit range against lower planes creatures
Lvl 7 Immune to fear
Lvl 8 Smite Evil 2 times a day
Lvl 9 At Will: Zone of Truth ( as the priest spell) effects as cast by a priest of same demon hunter level
Lvl 10 Crit damage against lower plane creatures is multiplied by another X1
Lvl 11 Holy Word (as priest spell) once a day
Lvl 12 Force Shapechange, Smite Evil 3 times a day
Lvl 13 Bind Evil Outsiders once a day for a number of rounds equal to demon hunter level (the fiend cannot teleport away or gate anything in)
Lvl 14 Immune to disease
Lvl 15 Weakening Attacks
Lvl 16 Smite Evil 4 times a day
Lvl 17 Crit Immune vs Evil Outsiders
Lvl 18 Devastating Assault
Lvl 19 Cry of the Damned
Lvl 20 Anti-Demonic Shell

Find weakness: DC 20 wisdom check to know what a netherworld creature’s vulnerabilites are.
Force Shapechange: Free action, target must save vs Death DC 25 or be forced back to it’s natural state. Range 30 feet.
Bind lower planes creatures: Free action, target saves vs Death DC 30
Greater Sanctuary (lower planes creatures must save vs spell DC 20 + demon hunter level in order to attack)
Spell Resistance: 1% spell resistance pr demon hunter level vs spells cast by Evil Outsiders
Force Assault: If successful melee strike, Evil Outsider’s abilites are dormant for 1d3 rounds
Weakening Attacks: Every successful hit vs evil outsiders reduce their hit rating by 1 for the duration of the encounter
Devastating Assault. Full round action. Once a day, you will break an Evil Outsider’s weapon upon a successful hit (-8 to hit).
Cry of the Damned: Once a day, you can let loose a cry which will separate a single targetted evil outsider of demigod rank (assuming you know the name of the demon/devil) and above from his harvested souls for 1 turn, effectively “leveldraining” (it’s not a level drain, but the effect is the same) for half his levels for the duration.
Anti-Demonic Shell: Once a day, you can trigger an Anti-Demonic Shell as a free action. This ability works the exact same way as Anti-Magic Shell (wiz 6), but it only affects Evil Outsiders.

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