Rogue Class

Requirement: Any Evil

Bonus NWP: Torture Resistance, Trail signs, Tracking


Disguise Weapons – a successful INT check (DC 20) allows the assassin to disguise/hide 1 large or 2 medium or 4 small weapons pr. 4 lvls. This includes cutomizing weapons so that they are foldable or make them appear like something they are not etc. If the disguise/hide is successful, the assassin get a bonus surprise/ambush round. If it isn’t, the opponent gets an observation check (DC 24) to recognize the weapon(s) for what it is and act accordingly). If the weapon is hidden well (ie. in a barrel, haystack etc.), the hide is automatically successful, but a check is required to see if it is hidden in such a way that the assassin can get the bonus surprise round. As for disguising weapons, an assassin can spend 1d10+10 days to manufacture a disguised weapon (DC 24). If successful, he has a weapon which is always disguised.

Target Bonus – An assassin has a +1 bonus/lvl on all attack and damage rolls on his target, as long as he spends a week preparing before going after it. (This timeline can include traveling to the target. All it requires, is that a week goes by from the assignment is accepted to the target is engaged).

Initiative Bonus – When engaging the target of an assassination, the assassin will get his backstab bonus on the first round of combat, assuming he wins the initiative. This backstab bonus applies only to his target, but he still needs to win the initiative over any guards etc. This means that an assassin doesn’t necessarily have to sneak up on a target to get his backstab bonus (but getting away might be another matter).


An assassin must abandon his class and choose another path for xp progress if he fails to kill his target or is forced in any way to reveal his contractor.

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