Deep underground, under at temple ruin in the midst of Rome, our heroes gained entrance to an abandoned dragon lair and a gigantic treasure pile containing the following items:

Ring: Any dragon wearing this ring gets 2 bonus spells level 1-3. +1 bonus on all saves
Ring: Any dragon wearing this ring gets immunity vs. weapons of less than +3 enchantment as well as 10 damage reduction from all natural attacks of monsters whose HD equals +3 weapon or more.

5 Amulets: This amulet must be placed in between the scales in the throat. Maximizes the hit points pr lvl/HD of the dragon. The amulet is dark red, and transparent. Inside, you can see some form of blood swirling around. Non-dragons may also wear this amulet, with the same effect. The amulet becomes part of you and can never be removed (so this will be the only and last amulet you ever wear if you don it).

Ring of Dragonshape:
Ring is shaped like a hollowed dragon’s claw, covering the whole thumb.Once a day, polymorph into a young red or gold dragon (depending on your alignment, neutral characters cannot use it). Duration 1 hour.

Boots of Dragonstriding: Add 3m to any horizontal jump and 1m to any vertical jump, +20% to climb walls, +3 movement (on foot).

Crimson Dragonhide Bracers:
made from red dragon scales, adds +5 to natural armor (this affects touch attacks a lot, is also cumulative with regular armor, unlike bracers of AC x). +2 to all saving throws against fire, ignores 5 dmg from fire attacks. Your skin actually becomes somewhat dark redish if you wear it, almost scalelike. And the bracers can be worn UNDER and in ADDITION to armor which regularly prevents the use of bracers.

Mantle of the Silver Wyrm:
this cloak is fashioned from the hide of a silver dragon, +2 charisma, +4 vs cold saves, ignores 10 cold dmg. Fly spell once a day (as your own level magic user)

Draconomicon: Tome written in draconic.Takes 30 consecutive 8 hour days to read. Miss one day, and you must start anew. This is tiring work, so no other actions can be taken those days. Gain Knowledge Dragons. Gain low light vision, immunity to magic sleep and paralysis effects. A sorcerer who reads it gains +2 charisma and enough xp to place him half way into the next level.

A special kind of crystal ball: Powers unknown.

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