This journal describes Yareth’s journey and quest for The Book with no End. He spent 5 years searching for it after first hearing about it, and was finally able to pinpoint its location at the lair of the Shadow Dragon nesting atop the mountaintop west of the town now known as Dragonport. Also, since there is no way of detecting the book by magical means, he has listed several tidbits which should help him find and hopefully control it:

“The bleedin’ Butcher’s hook wiv no end is bound in the hide of an ‘otchlin’ red dragon and ‘inged in gold. A golden clasp seals the volume and illuminated sigils emblazon the front and back. The pages are made of fick parchment, smooff and uniform, and each is edged wiv gold leaf. Despite its curious name, the book ‘as exactly 100 pages, right, weighin’ about eight pounds. All told, the book is a notably mundane-‘ave a lookin’ artifact.”

“All the chuffin’ powers found in the Butcher’s hook wiv no end, right, weffer constant or invoked, right, are found on specific pages therein. Readin’ any page is only possible wiv the use of a readmagic spell, wiv one spell needed per page. Wizards in possession of the bloody book ‘ave all their spell potencies increased by 150%(range, right, duration, area of effect, and damage). In addition, the personal enhancement powers are in effect any time the wizard is touchin’ the book. The bloody invoked powers can only be used wen the wizard opens the chuffin’ book ter the correct page and reads it aloud. A read magic spell ain’t necessary for this second readin’. Folks uvver than wizard suffer 5dlO points of electrical damage (a successful savin’ frow vs. spell is necessary ter halve this damage) upon openin’ the book. The chuffin’ user also risks artifact possession wiv each page read. Them possessed seek ter lead in all fings and eventually ter rule absolutely. Evry time an invoked power of the book is used, right, there is a 5% chance of triggerin’ a monstrous devastation as the bloody animus of the bloomin’ book drains lOdlO points of damage from evry creature wivin 100 yards. An owner that is killed becomes a picture on one of the bloomin’ book’s blank pages.”

In addition, he describes how he found the body of the frozen Jezra Wagner while looking for the secret entrance into the dragon’s lair. In her possession, he found a diary and a powerful amulet, whose powers were vast enough for him to decide to abandon his quest for the Book with no End – and instead decide to rule the town of Dragonport with the aid of the amulet.

“ah doesn’t fuckin’ git it! Fry mah hide! Thet old hag only barely skratched me wif her fruit knife. ah mean, come on, thar was only a li’l bit of blood! Fry mah hide! An’ still, fo’ some reason ah evidently felt th’ urge t’summon thet fuckin’ war machine demon ennyway. It’s not as eff’n mah life was in enny danger, ah c’d easily haf han’led an elderly woomin all by mah lonesome. But hey, thet bloody demon of destruckshun did alright, too. Th’ townsfolk sho’nuff got a surprise when thet hag was to’n in pieces! Hahahaha! Fry mah hide! Still, weird though. It’s almost as eff’n thet demon summoned hisse’f…”

According to his journal, Yareth ought to be around 28 – 30 years old. But when the party stumbled into Dragonport, they met a wrinkly old man, who for some reason still acted as if he was a young Casanova….

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