The first of its kind on the world it originated from, The Elder Wand is one of three powerful artifacts which are supposedly made by Death himself. The other two are the Resurrection Stone and the Invisibility Cloak. What happened to the Stone is yet unknown, but the Wand and Cloak was found on the body of a young wizard somewhere in the strange world.

The Elder Wand is usable by anyone.


*Allows you to cast one epic spell as a full round action once a day. This spell can be any epic spell from the Epic Handbook, and there is no check needed to see if you can cast it successfully.
*Allows you to cast any wizard spell from the AD&D Players Handbook as a full round action, unlimited times daily.
Spells cast by the Wand ignore the MR of the target.
Adds +50% MR to the owner.
*Allows you to counter any lvl 1-9 spell targetted at you (or area effect spell which will affect you) by an opposed Wisdom check against the caster. Doing this drains you of 1 hp pr. lvl of the spell you are countering, regardless of whether your counter is successful or not.
All the Wand’s touch spells have 5 feet range pr Charisma you have.
Grants you evasion against single target spells: Dex check DC 30 to avoid the spells.

*Must have the Wand in your hand for this power to function. The other powers function as long as the Wand is on your person.

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