Raugh and the Tarakians have discovered how to form the black metal and several of its properties.

Soak it in a mixture of fire&acid for 24 hours, then you can work with it for 1 hour before it hardens. You need to soak it again for another 24 hours if you want to shape it further.

It grants various benefits for armors and weapons, but seems indestructible itself. This is not true. Here are the defensive mechanisms of the matter itself:

Immune to non epic spells and weapons
Immune to natural attacks and natural and supernatural abilities of non-demigods
Immune to all spell-like and supernatural effects, except spell-like effects which mimic epic spells and supernatural powers of demigods and higher
SR: 1000
DR: 1000/all
MR: 100%
weapon: 50
armor: 100
door: 250
gate: 1000
up to 1m thick wall: 500 pr. square feet
more than 1m thick wall: 1.000 pr. square feet

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