The Armor of Odin

Odin’s Armor is made from a special kind of starmetal which seems to have a concious will of its own, a will so strong that only demigods and gods are immune to its influence.

Grants AC 50
Grants double base HP
Half damage from all physical attacks
Half damage from all spells, spell-like abilitites and supernatural abilities
Impervious to Critical hits
DR: 50/all
SR: 50/all
Grants +50% MR
+50 fast healing
Grants 25 STR to wearer
Act as if Hasted at all times
Grants ground movement speed 24, fly speed 96, swim speed 24
Grants 25 CON
Cannot be fatigued, stunned, paralyzed, incapacitated, exhausted etc.
+20 initiative

Every day you wear the armor (wearing it for even just a second of a day counts as a full day), you must save vs Wisdom or start killing everything in sight until you are defeated yourself (this killing rage doesn’t end, ever). The save DC starts at 1 and increases by 1 for every day you have worn the armor in the past. Demigods and Gods are immune to this effect.

Gungne, the spear of Odin

2d20 dmg, crit 18-20X4
Made of Adamantium, bypasses Stoneskin
Ghost Touch
never misses if thrown
returns to wielder if thrown
only useable by good characters
Grants 25 DEX
+10 spear
range: wielder’s STRXSTR feet (round up to closest 5 feet)
+10 initiative
True Seeing

Once a day: Can deliver the following spell as single target touch spell when spear is thrown (in addition to the physical dmg dealt) (full round action):

Epic Disintegrate Ray
Ignores magic resistance
Save vs Spell (DC=20+wielder’s character level)

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