The Pulse-Rifle was created on the world of Apokolips by the resistance during the war against Cyborg and his constructs. After some time, the resistance was able to manufacture the Pulse-Rifle from the remains of destroyed T-600 MARUT constructs in such a fashion that they could make one rifle from every downed construct.

Range with scope: 100m – 400m – 1.000 m
Range without scope: 50m – 150m – 300m
Dmg: 1d10 (reroll and add all 10s)
Bypasses stoneskin
Ignores DR
Night Sight Scope (optional): can see as clearly as day up to 1.000m
Laser Sight (optional): +5 hit chance
Tracing bullets (optional): +1 hit chance pr. round fired at the same target
Using Laser Sight and/or tracing bullets will reveal your own location.
Rate of fire: 2
Energy damage type: Pulse.
Energy resistance (SR) works if it works against Pulse or All.
Trated as magical against creatures who require magical weapons to hit.
MR does not work against the Pulse damage.
A Pulse-Rifle can fire 100 rounds before it needs an 8 hour recharge period.
Large and heavy 2-h rifle with a tripod (weighs 15 kilos) designed to be used lying down
Firing while kneeling adds a hit penalty of -5.
Firing while standing adds a cumulative hit penalty of -5.
Firing after making a movement action in the same round adds a cumulative hit penalty of -5.

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