The Hide of Loke is the signature armor of Loke, one of the numerous gods who died on the planet Apocolips during Ragnarok. Odin, the most powerful of the gods, had planned that Ragnarok would cleanse the planet, but Loke made arrangements to thwart Odin’s plans by building an energy supply system for the planet. The energy system was being fueled by Loke’s three signature relics and The Moral Compass. In addition, he made changes to the human population, so that they would be able to survive the uninhabitable planet after Ragnarok.

And Loke’s plan almost succeeded. Thousands of years later, an adventurer group located his tower and were able to make their way in there. All they needed to do to save the planet, was to flip the switch to the energy supply system. Instead, they ran off with his relics and left the planet. Unbelieveable – yet true.

The Hide of Loke is a skin of sorts which attached to your body and allows you to wildshape (su) into any 2nd Ed monster from the monster manual (as long as it is used in the campaign). The stats of the monster you wildshape into, are added to your own.
In addition, the Hide grants you dexterity 30.
The downside, of course, is that all your future children will be evil lychantropes.

The Hide starts at level 1, and requires 100.000 xp pr. level until in reaches level 20.

1. 20 rogue points pr. level
2. +1 natural AC pr. even level
3. Dodge
4. Evasion
5. Immune to all breath weapons
6. +4 all saves
7. Immune to critical hits
8. +2 all ability checks (not proficiency checks)
9. Immune to normal weapons
10. Hide in Plain sight

Note: The Hide will not level up beyond level 10 unless the wearer is Chaotic

11. Double base movement
12. Improved Evasion
13. +5 Initiative
14. +20 DR vs bludgeoning weapons
15. Epic dodge
16. Immune to non-epic weapons
17. +20 saves against giants and giant-kin
18. Planeshift at will
19. Blinding Speed epic feat
20. Reroll one die daily, choose whatever result (cumulative with other reroll powers/abilities)

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