Unlife Neutralizing Unit

The Ghostbuster (UNU) is a 2-handed machine which is used to dematerialize and suck undeads into a glass jar. The dematerializing process was made possible by the discovery of a substance which acts as a kind of glue, keeping an undead together and seemingly alive once the soul has moved on. The UNU targets this substance (which has been named Dark Soul Matter) and dissolves it, resulting in the material undead body dissolving as well – forming a dark cloudish smokelike matter which is sucked into the UNU and stored in a properly prepared container. The undead is aware of the process at all times, but once targetted and successfully trapped in the beam which is shot from the UNU, there is nothing it can do to prevent the inevitable. However, until an operator of the UNU manages to trap it in the beam, he will find himself in great peril and trying to trap a powerful undead might be his last action. Ever. An inventor and Thinker from Isobar created a total of 3 Ghostbusters before they were stolen by a band of adventurers who decided that the machines would serve them best.

“Beware the adventurer, he has a moral code of his own. If you are not him, you are against him.”
Unknown (and most probably deceased)

Unlife Neutralizing Unit:
2-handed machine
Range: 30 feet
Abilities: Undead Dematerialization (Ex)
Save: opposed rolls
MR: no

Operating the UNU is a full round action, requiring full concentration and the use of both hands. Once you aim and trigger the UNU, a beam will shoot forth and try to trap the undead. The undead rolls a d20 and adds its HD while the operator of the UNU rolls a d20. If the operator gets the highest result, the undead is sucked into the UNU and stored in a special glass jar. If the undead’s total is higher than the operator, nothing happens, and the undead is able to act freely while the operator must wait until his next round to give it another go (assuming he lives that long).

Against powerful undeads, it is adviceable to have more operators use several UNUs in concert to be able to trap the target. Every operator adds his d20 roll to that of other operators in an effort to get a grand total larger than the target’s HD+d20. However, operating the UNU is not without its risks. Whenever an operator rolls a natural 1, all and any operators of a UNU currently targetting the target with a beam takes 1d10 backlash dmg pr. UNU currently on the target. In addition, the operators are stunned for 1 round pr. unit.

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