The Eye of Odin was made by Odin after he sacrificed it to Mime. It is made from that very same eye as well as the spirit of Mime, a powerful dragon guarding the Well of Wisdom. Popular myths often refer to Eye of Odin as The Head of Mime, and it is often depicted as a physical head sitting next to Odin at his seat in Valhall. But in reality, it is a golden, translucent sphere.

Powers of Eye of Odin are all Invoked. This means that the artifact must be in the hands of the owner in order for its powers to function. The physical size of the artifact changes with the size of its wielder, and it is enough to use one hand to wield it.

+25 hit/AC/saves
Immune to all Dragon Breath
Dragonsenses, 100m radius
Your magic works in anti magic zones
+100% spell penetration
All numericals of spells function at 200% power
Free Action: Cast any 1-9 wizard spell (as lvl 50 magic user), each spell can be cast once a day
Free Action: Cast any 1-7 priest spell (as lvl 50 magic user), each spell can be cast once a day

Acts as Crystal Ball with the following powers:
Locate any object or creature on same plane (except artifacts, relics, epic characters and epic monsters, this ability penetrates any mind shielding, cloaking, MR etc. on the object/creature being located)
Dispel any non epic magic in any location you are viewing through the crystal ball (as lvl 50 magic user)

Epic Dominate Dragons:
Bypasses Magic Resistance
Bypasses Immunities in non-demigods
Target: Any one dragon/dragonkind
Only one target can be dominated at a time

Once a year:
Summon 50 Colossal Great Wyrms of various kinds (determined by the DM). These dragons will serve faithfully for 3d6 days as long as their orders are fair and they are treated well. However, if the summoner would later find himself at the mercy of any of these dragons WITHOUT his artifact, he might find himself in dire need.

This artifact cannot be claimed. If Mime allows someone to use his powers, they also have to suffer the consequences:

Mime collects memories and eyes from people he encounters. The owner of Eye of Odin must remove an eye of some fallen foes and feed it to Mime through a special ritual. Also, Mime might demand an eye in payment from people asking the owner of favours of great importance. If not fed a fresh eye at least once a month, Mime will cease to let his owner make use of his powers. Eyes fed to Mime will never grow back or regenerate. They can also not be brought back by magical means. However, if the owner chooses to sacrifice his own eye to Mime, he will lose -4 dmg/initiative, but gain +2 int/wis (which can exceed the limit of 25) and Mime will never again ask for any other eyes, neither from friend or foe (until the Eye changes ownership).

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