Most of this diary describes the happy life of Jezra Wagner and her family, the Wagners, and their life as the ruling family of the town of Port Baratok. Owning most of the land, in addition to a silver mine in Mount Baratok, their days are filled with riches and blissful joy. But all that is about to change the day a dark shadow loomed over Port Baratok before it flew into the silver mines. What follows, is the story of Jezra Wagner, pieced together by our heroes after going through her diary and other books found in the Wagner family estate:

Jezra Wagner died at the age of 27. She was well known among the nobility and common folk alike, for she was as kind and loving a woman as anyone was likely to meet in such a dark land. The tale of her accidental death, and the terrible fate that awaited her on the other side, is one of Ravenloft’s most tragic stories. Jezra’s parents were wealthy land owners. Their property was considered to be something of a wilderness holding by most of the gentle folk of Barovia because of its remote location on the slopes of Mount Baratok. This unspoiled land was a source of both joy and wealth to its owners, for a fine vein of silver ran amid the stone.

For decades, the Wagner clan has overseen the operation of this mine and been well rewarded for their efforts. Jezra loved the wild lands of her family’s ancestral estate. She cherished each season for the special gifts that it brought to the land. Indeed, no matter what the month or how harsh the weather, she and her older brother, Giorggio, could almost always be found exploring the wilderness. In the spring, she explored the forests, watching as life returned to the land. She would slip quietly up to the nests and lairs of the woodland beasts, marveling at the tenacity that pulled them through the winter. When the wild flowers bloomed, she brought them back to decorate her home.

As spring drifted into summer, she would watch the trees bear sweet fruit, and swim in the chilly waters tumbling down from the mountain top. It is said that she could mimic the call of any bird native to the area and that the thrushes and finches would come at her call to sing for her. With fall came a shock of spectacular colors. The countryside of Barovia was afire with orange, red, and yellow foliage. This was the harvest time, and few relished the gifts of nature more than Jezra Wagner. Winter, however, was the season that she loved the most. With the coming of the first snow, she would dash outside to dance and frolic in its chilling embrace; how ironic, then, that it was the snows of winter that claimed her life.

The Shadow Dragon which the party have come to know as Spelunkor, killed everyone working in the silver mine, including Jezra’s brother, Giorggio. And seeking revenge, she stole the family heirloom and brought it to the dreaded witch, Styrix, who helped Jezra place a powerful curse on the amulet. And then came the fateful climb up Mount Baratok, in search of the hidden entrance into what was one a silver mine, but now a dragon’s lair.

What probably saved her from the sudden death of the avalanche, was the sound of the rumbling she heard in advance. Shouting a cry of alarm, she forced her body into a narrow fissure as the avalanche swept past her. Jezra, perched in a narrow cleft, was unhurt. She found that the crack she had taken shelter in was in fact a small cave that ran some 20 or 30 feet back into the cliff. The avalanche, however, had sealed the entrance behind her. With horror, she realized that she had been entombed alive. Several times she tried to dig her wav out of the dark cave. Each time, she gave up; the futile effort as more snow fell to seal the entrance. It was not long before her small stock of provisions ran low. The candles she had stored in her pack were all used up, the air in the cave was becoming sour, and her food was gone. Soon, she knew, she would die. Cold fear began to grip her heart as she grew drowsy with the approach of death.

The last entrance in her diary read as follows:

“Gio’ggio, o’ Gio’ggio, will ah not be able t’avenge yo’ af’er all? Shall ah end mah days in this hyar cold an’ dark prison while th’ awful dragon spits on yer memo’y? It’s cold, cuss it all t’ tarnation.”

But most importantly of all, there is a rough sketch in her diary, pinpointing the location of the hidden entrance.

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