The relic of the Ishtarian Hunters was always a feared weapon by the evildoers of the world. Therefore, many a villain gave a sigh of relief the day when the infamous Sir Arthur Drake Daemonbane was no longer seen carrying it on his back. When asked about its whereabouts, he only offered the same enigmatic reply: “It takes a strong back, a true spirit and an impenetrable heart to carry the soul sucker.”

The Blade of Ishtar is a two-handed Runeblade with the following characteristics:

+11 vorpal sword (severs a head on a roll of 18-20)
Can only be wielded by Good characters
Grants 110% MR
Permanent Protection from Evil
Permanent Negative Plane Protection
Cast Wall of Force at will once a day as lvl 20 magic user
Acts as Ring of Free action
Greater Dispel Magic as lvl 20 magic user upon every hit

Drain of the Runeblade (Ex):
MR: no
Save: yes (save vs Death DC 20+sword’s magical bonuses)

Upon a successful hit, you can trigger the runes once a day. If the target is evil, all of it’s spell-like, extraordinary and supernatural abilities, spellcasting abilities and class levels will be sucked into the sword. This will effectively turn the target into a semi-helpless creature of its current HD. If these powers are not returned to the target within 24 hours (or the target is slain), they are forever imprinted in the sword. Such an imprint will increase the magical bonuses of the sword by +1 and grant another +10% MR, but it will also drain 5% of the wielder’s life span as well as one level (this drain will also affect those who cannot magically age, are immune to drains and even those who cannot die of old age).

This drain is an extraordinary effect, which can probably be explained by the theory that Runeblades are actually some kind of living beings or possessed by the spirits of such creatures. Also, every time the wielder uses this power, there is a 10% cumulative chance that he will feel so bad about this action that he will get rid of the sword and never use it again. Most likely, he will also try to hide it away somewhere to prevent any other poor soul from picking it up.

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