The Arm of Loke is the signature weapon of the now dead god Loke. This arm is cumulative with any other weapons you might be holding in the arm (even other signature weapons), but you must remove your own arm first. Should the Arm of Loke ever be lost, no now arm will ever grow back on your body.

As long as the Arm is attached to your body, the arm grants you a strength of 30 (this applies to body strength and the Arm, but not your other arm).

The Arm starts at level 1, and requires 100.000 xp pr level until it reaches lvl 20.

1. +1 pr. lvl (+11-20 only works against Lawful creatures)*.
2. Improved Unarmed Strike**
3. Deflect Arrows
4. Snatch Arrows**
5. Stunning Fist**
6. +5 slots Punching&Wrestling
7. Vampiric Touch*
8. Level Drain (2 lvls pr. 8 levels of the Arm)*
9.Cast any Bigby’s spell at will (maximized)
10. Weapon Breaker*

Note: The Arm will not level up beyone level 10 unless the wearer is Chaotic.

11. Maximized Magic Missiles at will
12. Ki Strike Ability**
13 Finger of Death at will
14. Ghost Touch*
15. Exceptional Deflection
16. 1 Free Parry against all attacks* (not cumulative with any other power which gives you free parries)
17. Prismatic Spray at will
18. Destruction once a day
19. Resurrection once a day
20. Revengeful Strike***

*The Arm only, but is also carried to whatever weapon you are wielding.

**The Arm only, not your other hand also.

***Revengeful Strike is a mighty ability, but it has a terrible cost. On your turn, you can decide to avenge a fallen comrade (hencheman, PC or immediate family). Your strike will slay the killer if it hits (one roll to hit). However, your fallen comrade can never return to life again, or else the Revengeful Strike is negated and the killer will also return to life. Also, regardless of whether you hit or not, you will also die yourself within the next 24 hours, never to live again in any shape or form. Revengeful Strike can only be used by Demigod Ascendants, Demigods, Gods and Greater Gods. Mere mortals are unable to wield such tremendous power. In addition, Greater Gods are immune to any effects of the Strike (both from being hit by it and using it themselves).

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