Restrictions: (unless permission is granted from the Greater God that created the Pantheon, demigods and gods do NOT have access to The Prime Material Plane. The exception to this rule is when a mortal ascends into Demigod and God status on his own. Demigods can be killed by brute and magical force in combat, if they only meet an opponent powerful enough to defeat them.)

(Monsters turning into demigods must have a minimum HD of 50 with no ability score requirements, be turned into a Paragon creature instead of gaining Demigod Ascendant levels, and their demigod status might appear due to a number of reasons, but never from actively pursuing this status themselves. There might be exceptions to this rule, but none which are known yet)

Fighting a demigod:
Defeating a demigod grants the following xp – 1k xp pr HD + 100k xp pr. Demigod level+1xp pr hp. Surviving a demigod encounter grants 50k xp pr. demigod level. Killing a demigod grants 1 mill xp. pr. demigod level + 1xp pr hp. This only counts for fully fleshed demigods fighting at full strength with an intention to kill.

You are no longer a mere mortal, but a demigod (and gain the outsider subtype). A demigod can advance through 20 levels before becoming a God, and being a demigod has the following advantages:

Cannot die from old age, no negative effects from aging, cannot age magically
Your ability scores have no upper limit (they cannot be increased by means such as wish or magical items/abilites etc, only by the ability bonuses you gain from your levels from this point.)
Able to advance to X weapon slots in all weapons you had V slots in as a mortal. Also, able to advance to V slots in any other weapon, regardless of specializing ability as mortal.
Access to more planes of existence (to be determined by the DM)
10 mill xp pr. lvl. Maximum xp rewards only grant 1 mill xp.

Every level as Demigod grants:
+1 hit
+1 caster level (same as Demigod Ascendant)
+1 natural AC
+5% MR
+1 DR/all
+1 dmg (physical attacks)
+20 hp (no con bonus)
+1 SR (how much energy damage you absorb, energy is things such as fire, cold, sonic etc)
+1 ability score
+1d100X10 followers

In addition, each level offers it own abilities as well as the ability to chose a demigod power:

1 wp, teleport without error at will, ignore any immunties of creatures up to 9 HD/lvl, your magic works in anti magic zones
2 Sense; everything within 100m of self or any follower
3 nwp, Comprehend and communicate in any language (even the lightbased language of wisps)
4 Grant lvl 1 Low Power to followers
5 wp, ignore immunities up to 19 HD/lvl
6 Create signature weapon, nwp
7 Locate any object or creature on same plane (except artifacts, relics, epic characters and epic monsters)
8 Grant lvl 5 medium power to followers
9 nwp, create Avatar, ignore immunities of 29 HD/lvl
10 wp, Communicate; through Avatar, Kill; any 9 HD/lvl creature on same plane at will
11 Shapeshift into any 30HD monster at will, your magic works in dead-magic zones
12 Grant lvl 9 High power to followers, Create signature armor, nwp
13 Planeshift without error at will, grant abilities/changes/etc. to any being (pretty powerful)
14 Sense: 1km + holy objects and shrines, ignore immunities of 39 HD/lvl
15 wp, nwp, Communicate; Avatar and dreams
16 Grant lvl 15 Grand power to followers, your magic functions normally in Wild-Magic zones
17 Create any object (except artifacts/relics) or any 19 HD creature (of an existing species, of course)
18 Create signature item, nwp, ignore immunities of non-demigods
19 Bring any dead being back to life, regardless of location and condition of body and time passed (assuming that the soul hasn’t been destroyed/devoured/sold or otherwise lost). There is still a chance the individual doesn’t want to be brought back to life, in which case nothing happens
20 wp, grant lvl 20 ultimate power to followers

Kill: The killing of beings with the Kill ability is restricted to beings in your own Pantheon/Creation/Planet/World/Plane/Prime Material Plane

Demigod Powers (pick freely from the list, 1 power pr. lvl and each power can be chosen only once)

1: Current HPX10
2: +100% MR
3: +100 natural AC
4: +100 DR/all
5: +100 SR
6: +50 all saves
7: +25 all ability checks
8: Immune to all non-magical energy dmg
9: +100 fast healing
10: +50 regeneration
11: Immune to critical hits
12: Immune to non-epic spells
13: Immune to non-epic weapons
14: Immune to natural attacks and natural/magical abilites of non-demigods
15: Immune to all natural and magical (non-epic) diseases and curses
16: Immune to all poisons
17: All dmgX10 (all kinds of dmg)
18: +100% spell penetration
19: +100 hit
20: Bypass +100 DR
21: +2 standard actions pr round
22: +50 DC on saves
23: +25 DC on ability checks
24: Free action: Dispel any non epic magic in any location you can sense
25: +10 crit range
26: Cast any 1-9 wizard spell at will (except wish and minor wish)
27: Cast any 1-7 priest spell at will
28: +2 arms
29: +20 initiative
30: Triple Base movement
31: Bypass critical immunity up to and including demigods
32: Gaze attack (any 2nd Ed MM)
33: Voice attack (any 2nd Ed MM)
34: Breath weapon (any 2nd Ed MM)
35: Heal all dmg given to followers within 100m at the start of each round
36: Extra Domain – grant minor domain to followers
37: Ability to cast Miracle unlimited times daily as a standard action.
38: Any armor – yourself and all followers can wear any kind of armor and shields
39: Grow permanent wings and fly at X3 ground speed
40: Bonus Feats: You gain 5 epic feats and your followers gain a lvl 3 bonus feat
41: MR: Your followers gain +1% MR pr. lvl
42: Permanent 20 feet poison aura, save (DC 24) or die, your followers gain lvl 1 immunity to poisons
43: Ability to cast ancient Curse unlimtited times daily as a standard action
44: Personal Weapon – immediately gain V slots of chosen weapon and your followers gain the ability to chose it as a personal weapon and specialize in it and gain hit rating with it as a warrior.
45: Spell penetration – followers gain +1% spell penetration pr. lvl
46: Gain 100.000 followers
47: Immune to all damage and effects caused by one chosen non-demigod individual
48: +X2 crit dmg on all kinds of crits (including spell crits)
49: Impervious to one kind of magical energy damage
50: +20 caster levels

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