Epic versions of lvl 1-9 wizard and lvl 1-7 priest spells can be made with the following formula:

Base Range X caster lvl
Base Duration X caster lvl
Base Area of Effect X caster lvl
Casting time: Instant (Free Action)
No maximum damage
If the spell has a set numerical damage/heal, replace it by your level (example: Cure Light Wounds goes from 1d8 to lvld8)
Ignore MR
Save vs spell as Epic spell saves

Every spell which is tweaked into an Epic version has the following cast DC:
Base religion/spellcraft DC = 30
+5 pr. spell level
+5 pr. tweak

The time spent researching such epic spells is 1 week pr. spell level, and the cost of creating them is 350.000 gold pr. week.

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