The Shaolin monks used to have a presence in both Vest and Den Gylne Keiser Rike, but all the monasteries in Vest were burned to the ground a few years ago. The monks had been a thorn in the side for the emperor for quite some time, but none of his attempts to link them to the rebels were fruitful. That is, until an upstart wizard became the leader of one of the magic schools in the empire in return for ratting out a Shaolin monastery for being traitors against the emperor. A military campaign was launched against the monks in the name of said wizard, and hundreds were killed. Today, that wizard is known as Mokferuso, the most powerful Dragon Mage in the history of time, and a supposed epitome of Goodness. If people only knew….

Priest Class

Any non-evil Neutral alignment
INT 13
WIS 13
CHA 16

Required NWPs and WPs:
Zen Ceremony
Jiu Jutsu II

Bonus NWPs and WPs:
Dim Mak I

Cannot Turn Undead
Can only wear leather armor
Shaolin Monks live in secluded monasteries most of the time, unless they are on some kind of mission on behalf of their order. Adventuring for the sake of adventuring is frowned upon, and seldomly accepted.
If you ever want to leave your monastery to adventure on your own, you need to defeat your masters in the courtyard on your way to the gate – or die.
The only sphere Shaolin Monks originally have access to it Healing, but all those spells are maximized.

The Shaolin Monks are renown for their wisdom and people often seek them out for guidance. This results in a +5 bonus on all encounter checks with other people.
Due to their extensive combat training, Shaolin Monks can specialize in any exotic weapon, and have hit rating advancement as fighters.

Lvl    Abilities
1    Shaolin Meditation
2    Shaolin Skin
3    Shaolin Speed
4    Bonus WP
5    Shaolin Studies
6    Bonus major priest sphere of your choice
7    Shaolin Strikes
8    Bonus WP
9    +1 Movement Action
10    Enlightenment
11    Bonus minor priest sphere of your choice
12    Bonus WP
13    Freedom of Movement
14    WIS bonus to AC
15    INT bonus to AC
16    Bonus WP
17    CHA bonus to AC
18    Bonus major priest sphere of your choice
19    +1 standard Action
20    Greater Enlightenment

Shaolin Meditation (Ex): If a Shaolin Monk meditates for one full round and enters combat within the next turn, he only takes half damage from all physical attacks during the battle (but still take full damage from other physical damage, such as falling down, falling rocks, etc.)
Shaolin Skin (Ex): +1 natural armor pr. 2 lvls.
Shaolin Speed (Ex): +1 movement and +1 Initiative pr. 3 lvls.
Shaolin Studies: Bonus Feat every 5 lvls.
Shaolin Strikes: +1 attack every 7 lvls.
Enlightenment (Ex): Permanent Comprehend Languages and Read Magic, +1 CHA/INT/WIS
Greater Enlightenment (Ex): Permanent True Seeing and Tongues, +1 CHA/INT/WIS

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