Sumo wrestlers originate from the empire of Vest, where they enjoy a life of fame and luxury. But their life is not just all show and games – they can also be deadly opponents if they want.

Regardless of how weak a sumo wrestler is before he begins his career, his strength will soon rise to astronomical heights as he levels up. But his dexterity will sadly suffer, as will his weight and movement rating.

Fighter class

CHA 15

Can only learn bludgeoning melee weapons and bows (must be strength bows or they will break)
Cannot wear any armor unless it has been designed specifically for the sumo wrestler. Once he levels up, the armor must either be modified or it won’t fit anymore.

One of the highest ranking social classes of the Vest society.
Impervious to subdual damage.
Treated as a large creature with 4 legs during Overbearing.
A sumo wretler is considered to be armed at all times and all his attacks deal lethal damage (of course, they can choose to deal subdual damage during tournaments, shows and contests – unless they have a reason not to).

Lvl    Abilities
1    Sumo Wrestling, Sumo Lifestyle
2    +1 STR, -1 DEX
3    +1 DR/All
4    +1 STR, -1 DEX
5    +1 DR/All
6    +1 STR, -1 DEX
7    +1 DR/All
8    +1 STR, -1 DEX
9    +1 DR/All
10    Sumo Charge, +1 STR, -1 DEX
11    +1 DR/All
12    +1 STR, -1 DEX
13    +1 DR/All
14    +1 STR, -1 DEX
15    +1 DR/All
16    +1 STR, -1 DEX
17    +1 DR/All
18    +1 STR, -1 DEX
19    +1 DR/All
20    Sumo Slam, +1 STR, -1 DEX (this is the last level where STR and DEX is modified)

Sumo Wrestling: The only unarmed combat style a sumo wrestler can learn, is sumo wrestling. but what a great fighting style it is! Sumo wrestling deals 1d4 lethal bludgeoning damage, and every slot you gain gives you +1 attack/hit/dmg with your hands. Whether you push, punch, pound, swing or hammer away with those fists of yours, you do a truckload of damage! sumo wrestlers are the only ones who can learn this fighting style, and it is the only known fighting style which Jiu Jutsu cannot be used to counter.

Sumo Lifestyle: +10 kg bodyweight pr. lvl, -1 movement pr. 30 kg gained. +1 society point pr. lvl. If you ever leave the sumo wrestler class, your lifestlye sticks with you, causing you to gain more weight while losing more movement. And alas, your hard gained STR will recede by 1 point EVERY level until it is back at where it started before you became a sumo wrestler. Your DEX, however, will not increase.

Sumo Charge: If you charge someone during the first round of combat, you can take 2 movement actions, followed by a full round action of Sumo Wrestling attacks.

Sumo Slam: You can sacrifice all your attacks but 1 in order to make a single Sumo Slam attack as a standard action (if you are able to perform more than 1 standard action in a round, you can still only do one Slam every round). The Sumo Slam attack deals Crushing/Structural damage, and you gain +1 hit pr. attack you have sacrificed as well as all the damage the other attacks would have caused. This means that a sumo wrestler who has 10 attacks who all do 1d4+20 (just an example) dmg, can sacrifice 9 of his attacks to perform a single crushing slam which has a +9 bonus to hit and a 9d4+180 bonus to dmg.

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