Under the direct command of King Esteve, the Iron Marshals maintain law and order in the city state of Isobar. They are also the city’s military force, and protect the population against the numerous threats from the surrounding region. And although their several thousand year old conflict with another city state, Stonevale, has been put on hold due to the impossibility of keeping any military armies alive long enough to cross the deadly areas between them, the Iron Marshals recently experienced a boost in their activity level and recruitment after a bastard prince working with Stonevale assaulted the king along with some powerful allies. The king was slain, but resurrected by the Iron Marshals, and the traitorous prince and his cohorts were run out of town. In addition, an upstart king, King Balthazar Ilvatu, declared war upon Isobar on several occasions recently. But although these events managed to rise the activity level of the Iron Marshals somewhat, it does not compare to when the mouth of Sauron, Anthrax Picard, approached King Esteve and told him to either surrender against Sauron’s might, perish under his heel or join him. Esteve joined, and became one of the Ringbearers, and the ranks of the Iron Marshals started growing tremendously while the citizens of Isobar awaited the dreadful start of the near approaching great war.

Antipaladin class

Lawful Evil
Religion NWP

Poison NWP

Turn Undead as regular paladin

Major spheres:


Smite Good – once a day pr. odd numbered level. Add you Marshal level to your hit and damage against a Good opponent.
Limited spellcasting – cast spells from level 1, but only 1 daily spell pr. spell level (plus bonus spells from high wisdom). in addition, the Marshal needs WIS and CHA 10+spell level in order to cast the spell (need 17 wisdom and charisma to cast lvl 7 priest spells)
Permanent Aura of Fear, 1 foot radius pr. lvl. Save vs Paralyze (DC 20) or suffer -2 penalty to hit/dmg/AC against the Marshal.
Permanent Protection from Good
Immune to Disease
Detect and Dispel magic cast by Good alignment at will (acts as Greater Dispel Magic, with a +1 bouns pr. Marshal level)
Immune to all Illusions
Immune to all possession and mental control (both Extraordinary, Spell-Like and Supernatural)

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