During the Steampunk era on the world of Apokolips, law and order was being maintained by the law enforcers of the twelve cities. Although plagued by violence and corruption, the law agencies were efficient in tracking down criminals and bringing them to justice.

Fighter Class

Proficient with Steampunk Sabre and Steampunk Blaster

Lvl    Abilities
1    Strong Mind (Ex)
2    Persuasive (Ex)
3    Blaster Parry (Ex)
4    Enforcer Training (Ex)
5    Telekinetic (Ex)
6    Increased Sabre Damage (3d8)
7    Strong Body (Ex)
8    Shocking Charge (Ex)
9    Initiator (Ex) (+4 initiative)
10    Sabre Defense (Ex)
11    Blaster Deflection (Ex)
12    Increased Sabre Damage (4d8)
13    Evasion (Ex)
14    +4 all saves
15    +4 all ability checks
16    Improved Shocking Charge (Ex)
17    +4 all proficiency checks
18    Increased Sabre Damage (5d8)
19    Improved Evasion (Ex)
20    Blinding Speed (Ex)

Strong Mind (Ex):
Add half your class level to all Wis, Int and Cha checks.

Persuasive (Ex):
A Cogburghian Knight might try to impose his will as a full round action against one or several individuals. Opposed Cha Checks (each opponent gains +1 bonus pr additional person the Knight is trying to control). The Cogburghian Knight gains a bonus to his rolls equal to his level (not cumulative with Strong Mind). Once any individual is controlled or saves successfully, that person is immune to further attempts for 24 hours.

Blaster Parry (Ex):
Your Sabre can be used to parry Blaster attacks. One free parry pr. attack. Normal Parry rules (DC=opponent’s hit rating+12)

Enforcer Training (Ex):
For every additional Enforcer within 30 feet, you get +1 hit/dmg/AC/saves.

Telekinetic (Ex):
Standard action. Move 10 kg pr. lvl up to 10m pr. lvl in any direction. Creatures get an opposed Wis check to resist. The Cogburghian Knight gains a bonus to his rolls equal to his level (not cumulative with Strong Mind). This ability deals 1d6 dmg pr. lvl to the creature or object moved, as well as whatever it is being thrown into (assuming the Enforcer moves it at maximum speed/force – it is possible to move things slowly to avoid any damage whatsoever)

Strong Body (Ex):
Add half your class level to all Str, Dex and Con checks.

Shocking Charge (Ex):
After any succesful Sabre attack, you can push your opponent 5 feet in any direction and can choose to step into his previous square at no cost.

Blaster Deflection (Ex):
Your Sabre can be used to deflect/redirect Blaster attacks. One free deflection pr. attack. (DC=opponent’s hit+20)

Sabre Defense (Ex):
You get one free parry attempt with your Sabre against all melee attacks.

Improved Shocking Charge (Ex):
Add 1 feet pr. class lvl to your push. You can only move into your opponent’s previous square. The opponent being moved must make a DEX check DC 20 or trip in the square he ends up.

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