During the Dragon Wars several thousand years ago, Zarovich, the Keeper of Blood, built a secret lair for himself on the frozen plains of Niflheim. And to guard the entrace, he chose the Niflheim Giants. These giants were provided with 1.000 mighty axes, one for each family. And one member of every family dedicated himself to becoming a Protector of the Gate. Millennia later, the war was only a myth, Zarovich was long gone, and the giants had forgotten their duty until an adventuring party searching for the lair freed the giants from the Deathknight Lord Ragnar’s tyrannical rule. While not able to save the dying Niflheim Giant king, they managed to hear his dying words: “Zarovich Bako”. Not knowing what it meant beyonfd”Zarovich guides my hand”, they asked other giants about it. And it turned out to be the trigger word for the axes the giants used to carry with them, as well as activating their Protector of the Gate class.

Protector of the Gate is a fighter class which is restricted to Niflheim Giants

Lvl    Abilities
1    +1 natural AC, Proficient with the Niflheim Axe
2    Power Attack
3    Nifleheim Axe II
4    Cleave, +1 Ability Score
5    +1 natural AC, Niflheim Axe III
6    Improved Toughness
7    Niflheim Axe IIII
8    +1 Ability Score
9    Niflheim Axe V
10    +1 natural AC
11    Improved Initiative
12    +1 Ability Score
13    Evasion
14    +4 Initiative
15    +1 natural AC
16    +1 Ability Score
17    Improved Evasion
18    +4 Hit rating
19    +4 Physical damage
20    +1 natural AC, +1 Ability Score, Epic Tougness

Major Spheres:
All, Protection, Guardian

Minor Spheres:
Combat, Elemental

The Niflheim Axes are artifacts,  2-handed Huge axes and can only be wielded by Large or bigger creatures. In the hands of anyone except Niflheim giants, they act as +1 Axes, dealing 2d10+1 dmg/19-20X3.

When a Niflheim Giant uses them, their powers change drastically:
+10 axe
+1 attack
+1 crit range
+X1 crit damage
DR +10/All
SR +10/All
+4 Initiative
Casts Heal on wielder every time it crits

If wielded by a Protector of the Gate, they bestow the following in addition:
+5% MR pr. Protector level
All damage is maximized
Protectors can take 10 when trying to hit with it
Axe of returning when thrown

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