Paladin Class

Shieldmaidens are female paladins trained to protect others, a task they take seriously. You would be hard pressed to find a more suitable bodyguard, but if they are not ordered into duty by their superiors, the Shieldmaidens only offer their services out of loyalty.

Level            Abilities
1        +1AC pr. lvl (Su), reroll one save pr. day
2        +2 DR/All pr 2 lvls (Su), reroll one ability check pr. day
3        +3 hit on shield parry pr. 3 lvls (Ex), +1 all saves pr. 3 lvls
4        Intercept attacks against friendlies within 5 feet pr. 4 lvls (must parry blow or take full dmg), parry 1 extra attack pr. 4 lvls, reroll 1 parry attempt pr. day
5        +1 shield parry pr. 5 lvls, +1 on ability checks vs harmful effects pr. 5 lvls
6        +2 Initiative pr. 6 lvls
7        Add total Charisma to AC (Su)
8        Any shield worn grants +50% MR, +Wis modifier AC and is unbreakable (Su)
9        Protective Stance – Every round you do not move during your own turn, you gain Con modifier to AC until your next turn (Ex)
10        +4 natural AC (Ex)
11        SR +10/All
12        Sturdy – Any successful save or ability check which reduces a harmful effect, yields no harmful effect
13        +5 all saves and ability checks against harmful effects
14        You are allowed a save against effects which have no save, save vs Death DC 35 (Ex)
15        Can intercept 1 harmful single target effect pr. round against friendlies within 20 feet (must save or face full effect) (Ex)
16        If successful save against area effects, friendlies within 20 feet also save successfully (Su)
17        The first killing damage (not effect) every day is fully absorbed (Su)
18        Any killing damage on a friendly within 30 feet can be redirected to the Shieldmaiden (Su)
19        Any armor worn grants +50% MR and +Str mod AC (Su)
20        Max HP

Epic Levels        Abilities
25        Ignore dmg/effect from any one source once a day
30        Ignore dmg/effect from any one source once a day
35        Ignore dmg/effect from any one source once a day
etc        etc

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