There are only seven known blood dragons in the world. Zarovich, the Keeper of Blood (also known as Raugh) is the father of all blood dragons. His offspring, Vlaziska, has hatched four eggs and one of her children, Lestat, joined The Order of the Dracul along with his Dragon Rider, Ariel. In addition to these six dragons, a former gladiator named Enormious was turned into a blood dragon by Zarovich after he had help release him from imprisonment in Hell. Enormious promptly changed his name to Blood and stayed on the Hellship Demonwing as payment from shipping the party to the depths of Hell and back.

Intelligence: Genious (17-18)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Movement: 24, Fl 40 (B) Jp 3, Sw 18
Hit Dice: 10 (80hp) at birth, + 8hp/1HD each lvl up to max 34 HD (272hp) at lvl 24
Thaco: +14 at birth, +1 pr. lvl up to max +38 at lvl 24
#: 3 + special
Damage/Attack: 2d10/2d10/4d12, (+ combat modifier on all attacks)
Special Attacks: Variable
Special Defenses: Variable
Morale: Fanatic (17-18)

A Blood Dragon is treated neither as a regular dragon (which is considered as a monster with no NWPs, WPs, Feats or class levels) or a special dragon (which has both NWPs, WPs, Feats and Class levels). Instead, it stands somewhere in the middle. It does not have WPs, NWPs or other class levels than the ones it needs to gain dragon immortality, but it starts gaining Feats at lvl 1 and get its first Epic Feat as lvl 1 Dragon Ascendant. Once it reaches lvl 24 (34 HD), it continues advancing as an Epic Dragon.

Combat: A blood dragon’s blood is hot and acidic and will burn away flesh, items, wood, stone, metal etc. Each time you inflict physical damage on a blood dragon, there will be blood splatter. Normal weapons are destroyed automatically. Magical weapons are not affected. The blood deals same dmg as dmg taken. You need invulnerability to both fire/acid to be immune and damage reduction to both fire/acid to have dmg reduced.

The Blood Dragons gain levels as normal characters up to level 24 (xp progression as fighter). The first 12 levels are Blood Scaled Fury levels, and the last 12 are Dragon Ascendant levels. At level 12 Blood Scaled Fury, the dragon needs a hoard of at least 500k gp value, and the entire hoard must be consumed in order to start the process of becoming a dragon ascendant (ie. start as lvl 1 dragon ascendant). And the dragon must reach lvl 12 dragon ascendant before his lifespan ends in order to gain dragon immortality.

Blood Dragons, unlike other dragons, have a short lifespan: 80+1d20 years (unless they gain dragon immortality first). But they also grow in power quickly:

Blood Dragon Age Table:

Hatchling: 0-1 year
Very Young: 2-5 years
Young: 6-10 years
Juvenile: 11-20 years
Young Adult: 21-30 years
Adult: 31-45 years
Mature Adult: 46-60 years
Old: 61-80 years
Very Old: 81-100 years
Venerable: 101- 250 years
Wyrm: 251 – 500 years
Great wyrm: 501 + years

This means that a Blood Dragon has to become a lvl 12 Dragon Ascendant in order to live beyond 100 years and grow Venerable and beyond.

Breath Weapon/Special Abilities:

A blood dragon’s breath weapon is a dark reddish cloud of hot, acidic gas which is 50′ long, 40′ wide and 30′ high. Creatures within the cloud may save vs breath weapon for half damage, and it deals both fire and acid damage. A blood dragon casts its spells as a lvl 13 magic user, adjusted by its combat modifier.
From birth, blood dragons are immune to fire and acid. As they age, they gain the following additional powers:

Hatchling: Heat blood at will (free action). 1 target. save vs spell to resist, spell resistance applies, immunity/resistance to fire applies.
Round 1:    You feel extremely warm.
Round 2:    1d4 dmg
Round 3:    2d4 dmg, unable to act (considered stunned)
Round 4:    2d4 dmg, unable to act (considered stunned)
Round 5:    2d4 dmg, unable to act (considered stunned)
Round 6:    1d4 dmg
Round 7:    Save vs spell or 1d6:
1)    Right hand unusable for 2d4 hours
2)    Left hand unusable for 2d4 hours
3)    Right foot unusable for 2d4 hours
4)    Left foot unusable for 2d4 hours
5)    Body, disabled for 1d4 turns (considered stunned)
6)    Head, unconcious for 2d4 rounds
Very Young: Flesh Runes. Carve magical runes into your scales. 1 rune pr. age category. Each rune adds either +1 hit, +1 dmg, +1 saves, + 1% MR, +1 DR/All, +1 AC, +1 SR/All (spelldmg reduction) or + 10 hp. Runes are permanent and cannot be replaced.
Young: Blood Sacrifice. Cast extra spells, but it cost 5 hp pr. spell lvl.
Juvenile: Turn Blood. Acts as Turn Undead, but only affects living creatures with blood running through their veins. As priest of same blood scaled fury (+ dragon ascendant) lvl.
Young Adult: Slow Blood. Free Action. Acts as the Slow spell, as a result of the blood running extremely slowly through the victims’ veins.. Only affects living beings, but in addition, they need to succeed DC 20 CON checks every round or fall unconcious due to the lack of blood to the brain. Making no actions at all allows you to skip this CON check.
Adult: Crystallic Blood. The Blood Dragon can choose to forfeit the acidic/fiery blood splatter when he is hit in return for his own blood turning crystallic, making him take half damage from all physical damage. Turning this ability on and off is a Free Action.
Mature Adult: Watery Blood. Only works against living beings. Save vs PP to avoid the effect. Magic resistance applies. Single target. 1r/lvl. Free Action: The victim’s blood becomes watery and he will take double damage from all physical damage for the duration of the spell.
Old: Fiery Blood. No save, magic resistance applies. Single target. Only works on a living tarket. Free Action: Cause the blood of your victim to ignite and explode in a red fiery ball, dealing 10d6 Fire damage in a 20 feet radius. Those in the vincinity must make a save vs BW for half damage. If the victim is still alive after the explosion, he is covered in horrible wounds and has suffered such a blood loss that he is stunned for 1d4 rounds.
Very Old: Blood to Sand. Only works on living targets. Save vs PP to avoid. Magic resistance applies. Free action: Your blood turns to sand for 1r/lvl rounds. Save vs CON DC 24 every round or die instantly. However, you are immune to physical damage for the duration of the spell.
Venerable: Vaporize Blood. Only works on living targets. Save vs spell to avoid, magic resistance applies. Free Action: The blood of the victim is disintegrated and he dies instantly. Only a Wish spell is able to restore the victim back to life.
Wyrm: The Blood Dragon’s Breath Weapon becomes a Free Action.
Great Wyrm: The save DC of all your abilities/spells increase by 12 and becomes a CON based ability check (which means that saving vs a regular spell becomes a DC 32 CON check instead of a DC 20 save vs spell).

Age-Body Length-Tail Length-AC-Breath Weapon-Wizard Spells-MR
1     4-5′            2-3′          22    1d12X2    1            25%
2    10-14′        6-10′         23    2d12X2    2            30%
3    18-23′        12-19′        24    3d12X2    2 1            35%
4    27-35′        21-28′        25    4d12X2    3 2            40%
5    36-44′        30-37′        26    5d12X2    3 2 1            45%
6    45-53′        39-46′        27    6d12X2    3 3 2            50%
7    54-62′        48-55′        28    7d12X2    3 3 2 1        55%
8    43-71′        57-64′        29    8d12X2    3 3 3 2 1        60%
9    52-80′        66-73′        30    9d12X2    3 3 3 2 2 1        65%
10    61-89′        75-82′        31    10d12X2    3 3 3 3 2 2 1        70%
11    70-98′        84-91′        32    11d12X2    3 3 3 3 3 2 2 1    75%
12    79-107′    93-100′    33    12d12X2    3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 1    80%

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