Unique Class for Zen Practitioners

On extremely rare occasions, a sole zen practitioner reaches Nirvana – the state of enlightenment and wholeness/emptiness. And in an instant of spiritual illumination he becomes a zen master. This change affects the character in several ways, but the one most obvious to those in his surroundings is the change in attitude, language and appearance. From being his former self, he now displays his newfound wisdom with a new alertness to his surroundings, a keenness to the sounds of nature, a silent appreciation of life and a sphinxical way of expressing himself. Questions are answered by questions, statements are clouded as puzzles and even though he is more aware of his surroundings than others, he also seems more oblivious to them. The zen master is somewhat of an enigma, since his mind has in many ways wandered off to deal with issues too abstract for other people. But as a companion, the zen master is a welcomed traveler – he shares willingly of his insights, he brings comfort in distress and he emits a strong sense of force from within!

Requirement: Zen 3 power and the lack of any other Zen Master on your home material plane.

Upon reaching Nirvana and transforming into a zen master, the character instantly and often brutally experiences the following changes:

Add wisdom bonus to AC (pr. 3.5 rules)
Observation (or +4 to observation)
Danger sense (or +4 to danger sense)
Comprehensible Speech – even though the zen master speaks his own language, people around him will automatically understand what he means as long as they have a language of their own.
Int +1
Wis +1
Cha +1

From this point on, the zen master may elect to continue advancing in his old class or, preferrably, start anew as a zen master (warrior/priest class). Should the character choose to pursue the road as a zen master, he would be adviced to realize that he is embarking on a small and long path where nothing much will aid him aside from himself and his powers.


No wealth . You may only own 7 things total – including backpack, armors, weapons, spellbooks etc.

Armor allowed:
Weapons allowed: any
Alignment: anything but evil
Xp progression: Priest+warrior combined

Thaco and weapon specialization as warrior
NWP progression as priest
WP progression as warrior

Major Spheres:
Astral, Numbers, Time, Thought, Travelers

Abilities and benefits:
Lvl 1: +1 zen bonus to AC, Animal Friendship at will (as lvl 1 priest spell), Zen healing (Each day, the Zen Master can heal himself or others for 3 times his zen master levels, points to be distributed as he chooses)
Lvl 2: +1 vs all saves, Immune to Charm and other mind affecting spells (such as suggestion, but NOT illusions)
Lvl 3: +2 zen bonus to AC, Aura of Stoicism once a day(free action, lasts a number of rounds equal to your Zen Master levels, 30 feet radius, all friendlies within range get a +3 bonus vs all saves, including the Zen Master)
Lvl 4: Improved movement (+6 movement), +1 zen bonus to initiative
Lvl 5: +3 zen bonus to AC, 1 bonus wis based proficiency
Lvl 6: Evasion, speak with Plants 3 times a day (as lvl 4 priest spell)
Lvl 7: +4 zen bonus to AC
Lvl 8: +2 vs all saves, Immune to all diseases, including magical ones, +2 zen bonus to initiative
Lvl 9: +5 zen bonus to AC, 1 bonus int based proficiency
Lvl 10: One with nature (draws life energy from nature, no need for food/drink)
Lvl 11: +6 zen bonus to AC
Lvl 12: Improved Evasion, +3 zen bonus to initiative
Lvl 13: +7 zen bonus to AC
Lvl 14: +3 vs all saves, 1 bonus cha based proficiency
Lvl 15: +8 zen bonus to AC
Lvl 16: Stone tell once a day (as lvl 6 priest spell), +4 zen bonus to initiative
Lvl 17: +9 zen bonus to AC
Lvl 18: Mind of the Enlightened (+1 wis, +1 int)
Lvl 19: +10 zen bonus to AC
Lvl 20: Eternal life – no negative aging effects (penalties already in place will not be removed), will not die from old age

The Zen Bonus to AC is an Extraordinary ability.

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