Multiclass Fighter/Priest/Rogue Class

The Way of Wudan is a secluded organization living in fortified monasteries in Den Gylne Keisers Rike where the Wudan Masters are educated and spend most of their lives. Their loyalty lies with the Golden Emperor who rules the empire, and their most distinguished practitioners are often found as commanders of the Emperor’s Golden Guard or the armed forces.

Minimum requirements:
Str 13
Dex 14
Con 9
Int 9
Wis 14
Cha 13

Bonus Proficiencies:
Natural fighting, Tumbling, Jumping, Blindfighting


Any Good

Hit advancement:
As Fighter

Weapon specialitzation as fighter

HD: 1d8

Base Thief skills:

MS 10
HS 10
DN 10
FRT 10
OL 10
CW 50
RL 10

+5% on all thief skills pr. lvl

WP: as fighter
NWP: as cleric

Major Spheres:

No Backstab
Cannot wear armor (bracers are allowed)
Cannot Turn Undead

Xp progression:
as fighter+cleric+rogue combined

Lvl Abilities
1 +1 natural AC, Immobilizing Lock Fighting Style
2 Catch (catch any object or hurled missile on a susseccful dex check)
3 Parry All Fighting Style, Wis mod to AC
4 +1 natural AC, Speed Fighting Style
5 Deflect Missiles (avoid any missile on a successful dex check), Evasion
6 Back Detection (50% base + 5% on future levels), +1 attack
7 +1 natural AC, One Finger Push Fighting Style
8 Detect Move Silently (50% base + 5% on future levels)
9 Defy Gravity (lvl rounds/day) (move at base movement in any 3d direction)
10 +1 natural AC, Instant Stand Fighting Style
11 Detect HS+invisibility (50% base + 5% on future levels)
12 +1 attack, Paralyzing Touch Fighting Style
13 +1 natural AC, Improved Evasion
14 Meditation Fighting Style, Cha mod to AC
15 All Around Sight Fighting Style
16 +1 natural AC
17 Lay on Hands (lvlX3 hp) once a day
18 +1 attack
19 +1 natural AC
20 No negative effects of aging, no dying of old age

Wudan has three existing schools:

Defensive (+2 AC, defensive and evasive maneuvers), Aggressive (+2 dmg, power maneuvers) and Neutral (+2 hit, paralyzing maneuvers)

Practitioners of each school chose new maneuvers at lvl 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12. Any bonuses these maneuvers may bestow are cumulative with Martial Arts and some of the maneuvers are also usable with the appropriate weapons. The maneuvers each school can choose from are as follows:

Block 3, 4
Lock 2, 3
Mental and Physical Training 3, 4, 5
Throw 1, 2

Strike 1, 2, 3
Vital Area 2, 4
Weapon 1, 2
Kick 1, 2, 3


Movement 4, 5
Push 1, 2
Mental and Physical Training 3, 4, 6
Lock 1, 2

All these Special Maneuvers can be found in the AD&D The Complete Ninja’s Handbook, and when you chose Special Maneuvers, the only requirement is that you choose an available lower rank maneuver in a style before you choose an availaible higher rank one (ie. a Wudan Master from the Neutral School cannot pick Mental and Pysical Training maneuver 6 until he has chosen 3 and 4, but he is not required to pick Push 1 and/or Lock 1 before he picks Movement 4).

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