Fighter Class

Lvl 1: Fast Movement, Rage 1/day
Lvl 2: Trap Sense +1
Lvl 3: Cleave
Lvl 4: Rage 2/day
Lvl5: Great Cleave
Lvl 6: Trap Sense +2
Lvl 7: Damage Reduction 1/All
Lvl 8: Rage 3/day
Lvl 9: Trap Sense +3
Lvl 10: Damage Reduction 2/All, Power Attack
Lvl 11: Supreme Cleave
Lvl 12: Rage 4/day, Trap Sense +4
Lvl 13: Damage Reduction 3/All
Lvl 14: Charge
Lvl 15: Trap Sense +5
Lvl 16: Damage Reduction 4/All, Rage 5/day
Lvl 17: Fearsome
Lvl 18: Trap Sense +6
Lvl 19: Damage Reduction 5/All
Lvl 20: Rage 6/day, Shocking Charge

Fast Movement: +3 movement if not wearing heavier armor than chain mail or carrying a heavy load
Charge: Can charge an opponent (using 2 movement actions if necessary) provided you have an unobstructed path to your target and 30 feet running start, and perform a full round action.
Fearsome: Any opponent must save vs petrify in order to attack you and automatically receives -2 penalty on hit/dmg/AC (no save). Does not work on those immune to fear.
Shocking Charge: After a charge, any opponent you threaten cannot cast spells or move during their next round.

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