Priest Class

Tecnocrats are priests with a fanatical conviction that there are no divine beings and that magic is a diabolical invention. According to their belief, all gods, demigods and other deities are nothing more than demons in disguise, trying to lure mankind away from the one truth – that man himself is God, and that only through technological advancement can we evolve. Therefore, they dedicate their lives to research, science, development, progression and the relentless eradication of religion, priests, wizards and all sorts of magic users, magical scriptures and items. And nothing ranks higher than destryoing relics and artifacts.

Lawful Good only
Charisma 14
Intelligence 15

Prime Requisite:

Weapons and Armor allowed: Any (except magical)

Spells allowed: None

Role: Their aim is to gain power and influence and make sure priests, magicians, religions and believers are hunted down and killed.

Secondary skills: Engineer

Bonus: Engineering, Law, Bureaucracy
Required: Spellcraft, Religion, Magical Engineering

Granted Powers:

Lvl Ability
1 Rather Immune (Ex), +5% MR pr. lvl
2 Constitution Bonus on saves (same as dwarves)
3 Evasion
4 Smite Magic User (Ex) once a day
5 Permanent Dispel (Ex) once a day
6 Detect Magical Nature (Ex)
7 Detect Lie (Ex) three times pr. day
8 Smite Magic User (Ex) twice a day
9 Immune to all Illusions (Ex), +1 int and wis
10 Permanent Dispel (Ex) twice a day
11 Improved Evasion
12 Immune to Magical Weapons (Ex)
13 Smite Magic User (Ex) three a day
14 Dispelling Strike (Ex)
15 Permanent Dispel (Ex) three times a day
16 Interrupting Presence (Ex)
17 Natural Reflector (Ex)
18 Smite Magic User (Ex) four times a day
19 Permanent Dispel (Ex) four times a day
20 Total Immunity (Ex)

Rather Immune (Ex):
Immune to spells cast by magic users of your own level or lower, in addition to being immune to spells of a spellevel equal to half your own level (round up) This means that a lvl 3 Technocrat is not affected by spells cast by lvl 3 magic users and/or lvl 1-2 spells cast by any magic user. Immune to all supernatural and spell-like abilites of any creature the same level/HD as yourself. In addition, you cannot be harmed by the physical attacks and/or Extraordinary abilities of magical creatures the same HD/lvl as yourself.
Smite Magic User (Ex): Works the same way as Smite Evil, and any person/creature with supernatural or spell-like abilities or the ability to cast spells is an eligible target.
Permanent Dispel (Ex): At will action. Upon touching a magic item, you can permanently remove all its magical properties. A regular dispel magic check is needed.
Detect Magical Nature (Ex): Wisdom Check DC 20. Standard Action. Functions the same way as the paladin ability Detect Evil, but alerts you to the presence of creatures/persons/objects with magical abilites/properties.
Detect Lie (Ex): Functions the same way as the priest spell.
Immune to Magical Weapons (Ex): If you strike a Technocrat with a magical weapon, he will take zero damage. The exception to this is if the weapon is a relic or an artifact, since their powers are so strong that Technocrats will not be able to resist them. However, the weapon will be treated as a normal weapon with no magical bonuses.
Dispelling Strike (Ex): When a Technocrat strikes a creature protected by enchantements, all enchantments are treated as being affected by the Technocrat’s Permanent Dispel ability.
Interrupting Presence (Ex): The Technocrat gets a free AoO on any spellcaster trying to cast any spell in any square he threatens. The dmg done equals the chance to interrupt the spell.
Natural Reflector (Ex): Reflects and redirects any targetted spell back to the caster. This does not include epic spells.
Total immunity (Ex): Immune to all magical spells, items and weapons (except artifacts and relics (these are treated as normal weapons with no magical bonuses, but still immune to Epic spells). Also immune to all spell-like and supernatural abilites. This includes the abilities of artifacts and relics. In addition, you are immune to the physical attacks and/or Extraordinary abilites of magical creatures. Do note, however, that Demigods and higher have the ability to ignore the immunities of others, so a Technocrat facing a Demigod of somewhat strength might find himself in great peril.

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