Epic Potion Maker NWP (Int DC 100)

In order to choose the Epic Potion Maker NWP, you need:
Brew Epic Potions Feat
Character level 20
5 slots in Potion Maker NWP

For every additional slot in Epic Potion Maker NWP, you add +4 to your roll. There is NO maximum amount of slots you can dedicate to Epic Potion Maker NWP.

The base DC of learning and brewing epic potions is 100. The research required to learning a new epic potion recipe costs 100 gold per day of research. In addition, the time spent equals 1 day pr DC of the potion. A successful discovery grants 1k xp pr. DC of the potion. If you add more days to your research, you do not get any modifiers to your roll. Creating an epic potion takes 1d100 days, and spending more days creating it does not add any modifiers to your roll either.

The cost of potions is the cost besowed upon the imbiber, not the brewer. Non-specific costs such as 1d3 etc. mean 1d3 of a random ability score. Potions can be imbibed, while Oils are meant for items. Unless otherwise noted, all effects are [Su] or [Sp], and can be turned off and on at will (as a free action), but will not be affected by anti-magic zones. They will, however, be neutralized in dead-magic zones unless the player is powerful enough not to be affected by such zones. The [Ex] effects cannot be turned off.



#    Name                Duration    Cost
1    Comprehend Languages        Permanent    1 CON
2    Detect Evil            Permanent    1 CON
3    Detect Invisibility        Permanent    1 CON
4    Detect Magic            Permanent    1 CON
5    Infravision 120 feet        Permanent    1 CON
6    Protection from cantrips        Permanent    1 CON
7    Protection from Evil        Permanent    1 CON
8    Protection from normal missiles    Permanent    1 CON
9    Read Magic            Permanent    1 CON
10    Tongues            Permanent    1 CON
11    Unseen Servant            Permanent    1 CON
12    Enlarge                Permanent    1 CON
13    Invisibility            Permanent    1 CON
14    Chill Touch            Permanent    1d3
15    Detect Undead            Permanent    1d3
16    Feather Fall            Permanent    1d3
17    Spider Climb            Permanent    1d3
18    Ventriloquism            Permanent    1d3
19    Blur                Permanent    1d3
20    Oil of Deeppockets        Permanent    None
21    ESP                Permanent    1d3
22    Oil of Fool’s Gold        10 years    None
23    Know Alignment            Permanent    1d3
24    Locate Object            Permanent    1d3
25    Oil of Magic Mouth        Permanent    None
26    Pyrotechnics            Permanent    1d3
27    Blink                Permanent    1d3
28    Clairaudience            Permanent    1d3
29    Clairvoyance            Permanent    1d3
30    Fly                Permanent    1d3
31    Non-detection            Permanent    1d3
32    Water Breathing            Permanent    1d3
33    Wraith Form            Permanent    1d3
34    Detect Scrying            Permanent    1d3
35    Fire Shield            Permanent    1d3
36    Teleport                Instant        None
37    Oil of Stone to Flesh        Permanent    None
38    True Seeing            Permanent    1d3
39    Teleport Without Error        Instant        None
40    Vision                Instant        None
41    Mind Blank            Permanent    1d3
42    Oil of Symbol            As spell        None
43    Astral Spell            As spell        None
44    Shape Change            As spell        None
45    Time Stop            As spell        None
46    Wish                As spell        As spell
47    Pass Without Trace        Permanent    1d3
48    Sanctuary            Permanent    1d3
49    Speak with Animals        Permanent    1d3
50    Negative Plane Protection    Permanent    1d3
51    Free Action            Permanent    1d3
52    Plane Shift            As spell        None
53    Heal                As spell        None
54    Regenerate            As spell        None
55    Restoration            As spell        As spell
56    Resurrection            As spell        As spell
57    Wind Walk            As spell        None
58    *Fishman [Ex]            Permanent    1d6
59    Negate first killing effect [Ex]    Until triggered    1d6
60    +20 hp [Ex]            Permanent    1d6
61    **Birdman [Ex]            Permanent    1d6
62    +5 hit [Ex]            Permanent    1d6
63    +5 all dmg [Ex]            Permanent    1d6
64    +5 natural AC [Ex]        Permanent    1d6
65    +20% MR [Ex]            Permanent    1d6
66    +20% Spell Penetration [Ex]    Permanent    1d6
67    +5 DR/All [Ex]            Permanent    1d6
68    +5 SR/All [Ex]            Permanent    1d6
69    +5 all saves [Ex]        Permanent    1d6
70    +5 Fast Healing [Ex]        Permanent    1d6
71    Bypass +5 DR [Ex]        Permanent    1d6
72    +5 DC on saves [Ex]        Permanent    1d6
73    +1 Crit Range [Ex]        Permanent    1d6
74    +5 Initiative [Ex]            Permanent    1d6
75    +50% Base Movement [Ex]    Permanent    1d6
76    Current HPX10 [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
77    +100% MR [Ex]            1d4+1 rounds    2d3
78    +100 natural AC [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
79    +100 DR/All [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
80    +100 SR/All [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
81    +50 all saves [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
82    +25 all ability checks [Ex]    1d4+1 rounds    2d3
83    +100 Fast Healing [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
84    +50 Regeneration [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
85    Immune to Critical hits [Ex]    1d4+1 rounds    2d3
86    Immune to non-epic spells [Ex]    1d4+1 rounds    2d3
87    Immune to non-epic weapons [Ex]1d4+1 rounds    2d3
88    All damageX10 [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
89    +100% spell penetration    [Ex]    1d4+1 rounds    2d3
90    +100 hit     [Ex]            1d4+1 rounds    2d3
91    Bypass +100 DR [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
92    +50 DC on saves [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
93    +25 DC on ability checks [Ex]    1d4+1 rounds    2d3
94    +10 crit range [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
95    +20 Initiative [Ex]        1d4+1 rounds    2d3
96    +1d6 random ability [Ex]        Permanent    1d3
97    ***Improved Fishman [Ex]    Permanent    None
98    ****Lingering Life [Ex]        Permanent    None
99    ?Wild Green Potion [Ex]        Permanent    None
100    ??Flaming Red Potion [Ex]    Until triggered    None
101    ???Oil of Armor [Ex]        Permanent    None
102    ????Scent [Ex]            Permanent    None
103    #Oil of Toughness [Ex]        Permanent    None
104    ##Oil of Prowess [Ex]        Permanent    None
105    ###Improved Spider Climb [Ex]    Permanent    None
106    ####Evasive Oil [Ex]        Permanent    None

*Grow gills and skin between fingers and swim at double land movement.
**Sprout wings and fly at double land movement.
***Grow gills when immersed in water and survive dives down to lvlX1000m
****Able to survive and keep on fighting/staying concious until – lvl hp. You automatically stabilize, and only die at -lvl+1 hp. You cannot be healed by spells or spell-like abilities until you return to 0 hp or more.
?Your magic works normally in Wild Magic zones (including the Wild World)
??A flame in a bottle. Drink the flame and the first time you die, you burst into flames and ashes until you reappear from the ashes the next round, fully restored.
???+1 natural armor to skin or +5 AC [Su] to armor or shield. This bonus is cumulative with any other previous bonuses.
????Scent ability. Able to track anything ground based with 50% certainty. No circumstances will affect this percentage positively or negatively.
#+5 DR/All to skin or +20 DR/All [Su] to armor or shield.
##+1 hit/dmg to skin or +5 hit/dmg [Su] to weapon. This bonus is cumulative with any other previous bonuses.
###Able to climb any surface during any conditions at base land movement.
####Add Evasion to skin or Improved Evasion [Su] to armor or shield.

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