Fighter Class

Sparks originate from Tarakia, an area where more evil lurks in the shadows than anywhere else, where the general population either live in gas light illuminated cities or hide in fear in their countryside villages at night. Tarakia – where magic is an evil abomination and technology is king, birthplace of the zealous Technocrats and the marvellous Sparks. A Spark is born with an innate ability to control and create technology far more advanced than any other engineers, to the point where their creations are given autonomous life. So in touch with their techological nature are Sparks, that they are slowly erasing the borders between man and machine.

Ability requirements:
Int 18
Cha 17
Str 9

any chaotic

Required proficiencies:

Alchemy Base, Chemistry, Engineering

Bonus Proficiencies:

Reading/Writing, Alchemy Advanced, Cryptography


All NWPs only cost 1 slot

Free new NWP:

Spark Engineering

Lvl Abilities
1 Body Manipulation, Control Constructs, Grenade, Create Clockwork Clanks
2 Animate Object Tiny once a day
3 Extra NWP
4 Extra Feat
5 Animate Object Small once a day
6 Create Explosives
7 Extra NWP
8 Animate Object Medium once a day
9 Insanity
10 Extra Feat
11 Animate Object Large once a day
12 Extra NWP
13 Extra Feat
14 Animate Object Huge once a day
15 Extra NWP
16 Extra Feat
17 Animate Object Gargantuan once a day
18 Extra NWP
19 Extra Feat
20 Animate Object colossal once a day

Body Manipulation

Every level, new ways of manipulating your own body open up for a Spark. Once unlocked, you are free to stack any kind of manipulations you want, as long as you only have one manipulation pr. lvl (with the exception of those marked with *, which are a bonus to the normal manipulations),

Spark Body Manipulations (Ex):

1 +3 Fast Healing
2 +1 Thaco
3 +1 natural AC
4 *Ability +1
5 +1 dmg
6 DR +1/All
7 Energy Resistance +5/All
8 *Ability +1
9 Saves +1
10 +10% MR
11 +1 initiative
12 *Ability +1
13 +3 movement
14 +X1 crit damage
15 +1 movement action
16 *Ability +1
17 +1 crit range
18 +1 attack
19 +1 standard action
20 *Ability +1

Control Constructs (Ex)

You can control constructs in much the same way as a priest can control undead. There is no upper limit of how powerful constructs you can control, but in order to gain control of a construct you need a successful Wisdom check (DC = 20+construct HD-twice your lvl). Trying to control a construct is a full round action and if you fail, you can try again next round. Once control is established, it will not be broken until you choose to let go, you fall asleep or become unconcious or under someone else’s control, fall below 0 hp or if you try to gain control of a second construct. You can only control one construct at any time.

You are assumed to be tinkering and constructing a variety of items and gadget whenever you have some spare time (maybe even during the midst of combat). in game terms, this means that you will be able to use one grenade daily. The damage this grenade does equals to lvld6, the range is 10m-20m-30m and the blast radius is 10 feet. save vs Breath weapon for half dmg. When you launch the grenade, you choose what kind of dmg it will deal: acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic. This is non-magical energy damage.

Create Clockwork Clanks (Ex)
One of the truly amazing things that Sparks can do, is to create mechanical life from nothing but gears, cylinders, wires, springs and all sorts of parts. The clockworks which a Spark creates, have the same characteristics as the Construct subtype, with the exception that there is nothing magical in their nature. Also, a Spark is able to create and maintain the following presence of Clanks at all times:

Total HD of clanks: Spark LevelX2
Largest single HD clank: same as Spark lvl

Types of Clanks:

HD Size Abilities # Dmg

1 Tiny 50% OL 1 1
2-3 Tiny 50% MS/HS 1 1d2
4-5 Small 50% FRT 1 1d3
6-8 Small 90% CW 2 1d4
9-12 Medium 50% DN 2 1d6
13-14 Medium Fly, move 6 2 1d8
15-16 Large Swim, move 3 2 2d8
17-18 Large Cleave 3 3d8
19-20 Huge Great Cleave 4 4d8

Clanks can understand and carry out simple commands.

Animate Object (Ex)

Same statistics as Animated Objects in 3.5 Ed

Create Explosives

A Spark is assumed to have enough materials at hand to be able to use one explosive daily. This explosive can be timed to go off no later than lvl rounds after it has been placed. It cannot be thrown, but has to be placed and prepared. This takes a full round action. The blast radius is 20 feet (save vs Breath Weapon for half dmg), and the damage is lvld10. You choose what kind of damage it should deal when you place it: acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic. This is non-magical energy damage.


A Spark who lives to be lvl 9, will go insane. This insanity is inevitable and cannot be cured by any means at all (no, not even by the most powerful of magic). Without the insanity, the Spark would not be able to go on advancing. In game terms, this means that a Spark’s alignemt will never shift from chaotic, and he will be immune to all mind affecting spells (but not illusions), all NWPs which might affects his behaviour (such as Diplomacy, Fast-Talking, etc), any encounter reaction modifiers which might influence his reactions (including charisma). The terrible downside of this is his irratic behaviour in combat: Unless a Spark has been attacked by the enemy yet, he will behave unpredictably during any combat situation (unless it will put his own life in peril):
Roll a d20 every round:
1 Surrender to your enemies and refuse to fight for the duration of the combat.
2-3 Stand confused the whole round and roll again next round
4-15 Act normally and roll again next round
16-17 Attack the nearest enemy if one is within one movement action. If not, do nothing. Roll again next round.
18-19 Wander away (unless prevented somehow) at normal speed (2 movement actions) and roll again next round
20 Kill all your enemies regardlessly. Do not stop until all are dead.

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