The biggest event during the whole session was the fact that Anthrax actually has begun understand the difficult relations nature is build upon, where the large woods play a major role. He suddenly understood the importance of having a healthy breathing mechanism, -also in a place as this. A big “Hurray” for Anthrax! We hope he also will understand the role animals have in nature.

Anyway; Arthemis found himself surrounded by an individual from the Tiny People. A curious little fellow, busy inspecting Arthemis’ backpack, -a gift from Arazaka after Arthemis’ backpack somehow, mysteriously started to burn, and turned it into a nest of some sort, was quickly named Nibbler.  Nibbler was doing his own stuff, making his home in the mentioned backpack, and we hardly noticed him. Arthemis had an experience; The poor fellow didn’t see, hear or feel a thing, but Nibbler actually took out a part of his brain and ate it.  Than he decided to take a nap. He slept a lot. Mokferuso and Arazaka Hara picked 8 different species from the different herbs found throughout the area, carefully placing them in different jars, and the night after we left the Tiny People and followed a yellow star, now found in a totally different place than yesterday evening. Anyway, Nibbler refused to leave us and stayed in the backpack, leaving his people behind.

The walking during night went fine, and so did the next day and night. The day after, Nibbler started to move around, and flew above Arthemis’ head. He drew something odd from his small brain and offered it to Arthemis, who without second thought picked it up an ate it. A quite spectacular view! After that Nibbler returned to his backpack and disappeared for a while. Arthemis got some abilities from Nibbler, they have possibly connected somehow.

We noticed a fortification of some sort on our right side, and decided to inspect it further. We arrived early that morning, and when the sun’s fingers stroke the stairs outside the building, it was reflected in gold. Gold ornaments. The building was actually a huge temple; circular, with a diameter of approximately 70 meters. A temple of good, but fungus, moss and plants covered it and the ground outside. The roof was held up by stone pillars, huge oil drums and mirrors in addition to ornaments decorated the room. 6 gold statues of the cat (jaguar?) people surrounded a lid with 4 locks. The roof was covered by an enormious (sic.) gold dragon was drawn made of gold (sic.).

In his inner eye, Arthemis saw back in time, and discovered that the 6 statues actually were 6 high level priests who said rites and was covered in gold. We guessed that the gold dragon in the roof was created in this way, as a protector of the temple. They gave 4 keys to different persons before dying. The four keys would probably fit into the 4 locks, but the problem was to locate the 4 keys. Romana refused to start looking for them (-a rude gesture when you think of how much we have sacrificed to get her safe and sound to the dragon lair and back; 6 months of exile, ). Arthemis decided to look for them himself. He and Nibbler disappeared and reappeared some minutes later with the keys. Nice work, Arthemis! Nibbler was slightly paler, thought.

We inserted the keys and turned them simultaneously. It opened. A 3 meter wide well came in sight, and water was observed beneath. We entered, found a door, opened it, went in, closed it and opened a second door. A fragile golden egg appeared, with inscriptions and ornaments. We carefully lifted it up and transported it upstairs for a closer inspection from Arazaka. The egg was an ancient development. The cat people made it for a champion among its people. The champion could break the egg, and he would experience some major improvements; feats, epic feats, wps, stat pluses etc. If the person dies, the egg will restore and again absorb the abilities. As always, we thought of the good of the group. Knarg have slightly had anything the past months, so he broke the egg, which turned into a very small egg, and got the benefits of it and in addition he got the ranger equipment. Go Knarg!

The next night a T-Rex attacked us. Without much effort, Arthemis cut it into small pieces and left it to rot. Mime got an eye, though.

A meadow nearly became someone’s bane, as we fell through it and landed on a large spider’s web. A 30 meter long spider appeared, and I guess everyone felt a bit pity for the poor monster which soon was going to be transformed into meat and bones. Rommel made a stunning roar and Arthemis made his swords do the talking. Seconds later, the team was on their way into it’s lair…

Mokferuso, Arazaka Hara and Ottamata


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