Although our parents didn’t want us to be there, we insisted in staying. They tried to give us some sleeping potions, and we knew something was terribly wrong. Of course we refused. Instead we tried to be part of the action, by offering our services. They refused, saying open confrontation was too dangerous.

Their plan was to somehow trigger some green crystal, killing the dwarfs. A volunteer, an old man of the people, got the honorable task of detonating the crystal, thereby killing himself and the dwarfs.
The morning after we had breakfast as usual, and after a while we all started working. We tried to locate our parents by continuously moving into the cave, as we were picking their precious metal. After a kilometer or so, we discovered a starball, a huge stone, 100 meters in diameter, which once came hurling from the sky and crashed right here. We also discovered our parents and 4 others, armed with swords and shield, looking quite dangerous. I guess the luck somehow ran out for them, as we were spotted by 5 gestapos and the 10 dwarves. Although the initial plan wasn’t a success, the explosion somehow was. The crystal worked fine, and killed our parents along with the dwarfs and the old of the people. This really was a shock for us, seeing our parents burst into flames as an explosion. They gave their lives for a decent cause, and my memory of them will forever be cherished and lay deep within my heart. The explosion started an avalanche, and cut us 6 from the outside world.

The other 4 just gave up, as they understood we were stuck inside without food or water. We knew that we probably would die of hunger or thirst before a potential rescue team was able to dig a tunnel to our rescue. We started to investigate the starball. First we found cracks inside it, and we followed them until we came to the center of the starball. Here we had a very strange experience. We saw a red fog, and entered. We were somehow floating inside the warm fog, and it was a strange sensation as we no longer felt hunger or thirst. Something was alive in there, and we felt a pulsing heartbeat. Damage taken also disappeared. It was a sensational feeling, and we spent some time trying to communicate with the divine creature. As a result, we got older and fire resistance.

Informing our companions about the incredible inner parts of the starball, they gladly joined us. One of them fall and broke his neck. I managed to hold him while climbing and pushed him into the red fog. And he came back alive! All joined us as we got refreshed having a daily red bath.
On day 6 after the explosion, we heard noises and shouting from outside. Obviously the rescue team had arrived. We stayed quiet and stayed put.

Day 8 arrived, and we decided to leave the starball. One decided to stay inside the fog. So we left. The plan was to sneak out and leave unseen, but unfortunately this wasn’t as easy as planned. We were spotted by some of the workers. They told us that the terror regime had arrested a lot of innocent inhabitants, 100 persons at least, and is planning a mass execution in Arkmouth.

We tried to find our equipment, but it had been removed. We gathered some food and prepared for departure. Hopefully we’ll be able to sneak out without notice, steal a boat and go home.

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