Remember the beginning of last winter; when you looked out of the window and saw the first snow in the air, and a cheerful joy embraced your heart? Well, this wasn’t exactly what last morning looked like. Black ships with black soldiers entered Wakepool, all nearby cities as well as the capital of our beloved country. They calmly took control over the population, and although it seemed a calmly takeover, they actually brought tyranny and violence. Special ones with gifts had to report their abilities, and were promptly drowned somewhere offshore.

My brother and I discussed this a while, and decided to investigate a bit. My carpenter firm is doing quite well, and we’ve used the profit to gain an understanding of the surrounding chaos. We discovered some interesting issues.
a) Our parents, Francis and Jessica Debois, are actually heroes of the community, and are probably on a mission right now. They are the only known resistance group in the vicinity.
b) The soldiers are somewhat similar to people from Arctica, but have been subject to a very powerful demon king. They are now pale with black eyes, have enchanted physical attributes, dark vision, and they wear leather armor and two swords. Their numbers are unknown, but about 70 is located in Wakepool. No known weaknesses. The leader of the pack is located in Archmouts, and is some sort of a demon.
c) The new order is interested in some metal located under the glacier in south. The metal is light, hard and strong, and shall be used for some kind of imminent war. They also has some kind of population plan, probably by removing spell casters and gifted people.

We decided to do some field search, and volunteered for digging some of their precious metal. We entered a ship, and sailed south for two weeks. About 500 others had also volunteered for mining, and 11 strange creatures, some kind of dwarfs probably. They were private contractors, small, black, not very likeable, and was to build a forge to extract the metal. I decided to challenge one of them in arm wrestle. When he didn’t win in the first round, he transformed into a big and gruesome version of himself. We wrestled for a while, and he got taunted to a point where he pulled some concealed blades and actually killed the other guy. Now they were only 10.

Suddenly we saw our parents! Their first words were “But you shouldn’t be here now!” A strange comment when you see your offspring for the first time in months…

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