We had saved the wild world, like we do with all worlds we visit. Everything was ready for our return to our homeworld, but as usual, Mokferouso had to read some book for several days before we could leave. With Romana deteriorating by the minute, i felt it is a bit selfish to set ones own reading need in front of something like that. But Mokko is what he is. We traveled to the hypergate and Romana punched the correct coordinates and got us back to the city of union, or CoU as Mokferouso likes to call it nowadays.

As expected we were met by the city guards when we came through the portal, and they strictly but politely escorted us to the union council. I tried to reason with the council and even with our mighty gifts, they would not listen to reason. I wonder how someone so rigid and square ever got the right to live, even less to lead someone. Its total madness as I see it. But at least they let us enter the Plane of trials to helt Romana finis her insane quest, before we got our 6 month ban from the city. We found Romanas employer without any problems, we handed him a mighty cube with unlimited possibilitys, and we got a berry in return, fair trade. He started fiddling with the cube and one could see a grin growing for each move he made on the cube, untill suddenly the grin turned to a pout. Surely he had fucked it up, a portal opened and som hiddeous creatures came through and draged him with them back through the gate. I only got a short glimse, but the other side of the gata didn`t look too pleasant. Believe me, ive seen hell, even endured it, but this looked like a worse kind of hell. So good luck to you mate and thanks for the berries.


And thats that, poff, we were at the Lilly of the west. Arthemis` decayed pub. Our arrival emptied the facilities in a mather of secunds. But the “barkeeper” managed to say that Innia wanted a word. So, with the cast of a mundane mass teleport, we all suddenly found our selves outside of Innias castle. The guards paniced and ran for their lives. Stupid, if i wanted them dead, running wouldn`t have helped them one bit. We entered the castle and Innias throne room.  All of the important people in the resistance was there. The congregation looked shocked when we entered. Like we were some kind of ghosts. They said word of our deeds have been whispered in the darkness. But no one was sure if it was fact or fiction. Well I can tell you all its not fact, we are indeed as awesome as the storys would have it, and maybe even more so. The resistance told us about their army and what we are up against. I have been fighting against some of these people before, and i can`t help but wonder. Where did thei massive armies go? When i was up against them they were many times the amount of soldiers. Strange, i think some of them are holding back at us.

But the real problem, besides the obvious Sauron, is Shelob and her 100000 eggs. If these eggs hatch, the dragons will annihilate any resistance. But i have a joker up my sleve. A scroll that i haven`t told anyone about. This scroll will asure the destuction of Shelob and all her offspring. So once again the burden of turning the tides falls on the friendly neighbourhood necromancer. If i succeed, it will raise the moral for our troops, and devastate Sauron and his feeble troops. Sauron might be wary of me, so he might have something planed for me. This might be the last adventure for Anthrax the little boy from Isobar, one last task.

So Shelob, would you honor me with this last dance…….







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