Our job was done, the ancient plague was neutralized, and it was time for us, the mighty heroes from the material plane, to leave Wild World. Mokferuso thought this was an excellent idea, but had some work left to do. He hadn’t finished his study within The Codex of Demigod, so he spent 3 days and acquired 3 abilities; WIS +1, physical damage +5 and +10 fast healing (also working in wild world). The party voted whether or not to release the draconic dragons still alive, and unfortunately for the beasts, they still have to rest in their chains. The loot found in the library was collected, and most of the objects were somehow interesting enough to be put to use elsewhere. The heroes went to the portal by the mysterious, flying ship, which was left here for later use. Romana placed the coordinates in the mighty Portal, thereby providing access to City of Union. We all entered.


Immediately after entering City of Union (CoU), we were arrested by a Union Sentinel, and promptly taken to the Union Council, where all members were present. Of course they wanted to know why we had broken one of the laws of the city, thereby being banished from the city for six months. We addressed Chief councillor Revenia, and Anthrax produced stories which touched their hearts and gave us a bit more sympathy. In addition we presented a mighty gift, the book describing the forbidden portal and how to safely visit other universes. They were impressed! Mokferuso thought it would be a good idea to also tell the council about Sauron, the evil necromancer who had captured the demon Chaosalem inside him, gaining all his powers, and present the forbidden deed as a way to conquer him. We got their sympathy and finally everyone gained access to the Plane of Trials (POT), where our award was awaiting.


A Union Sentinel brought the heroes to another entrance, and we safely entered POT not far away from the Lars Monsen look-alike, who sat at the camp fire, warming his hands. He was quite pleased when he saw Romana, and asked for the cube. Mokferuso handed it over to him, and in return everyone got a berry to eat. All ate it, and got the following bonuses; CHA +5, Nat. AC increased by 1 per second level, initiative +5, + 5 on attributes placed wherever you want. It was, in the beginning, a win-win situation. Everyone were happy. The heroes for increasing their powers, Romana for getting her gear and Sirrush as well as increasing her powers, and Lars Monsen for his hellraiser cube. He started pushing and twisting the cube, and we all knew that he had to do it twenty times in order to achieve the possibility to twist reality. Fortunately for the universe, and in the same time unfortunately for him, he somewhere lost track of his operation and instead of controlling the cube, the cube somehow controlled him. Pinhead advanced from his hideous universe, throwing some sort of angles at Lars Monsen, capturing and slowly dragging Lars Monsen from POT to his sado-masochistic Hell, where his near future looked a bit like this; being tortured for the next 10 000 years. Lars Monsen screamed like no-one had ever done before, and the screaming eventually stopped when the portal closed behind them. We picked up the cube and left POT, and were immediately expelled from CoU for six months. How rude and uncivilized!


We entered Lili of the West, Arthermis’ water hole. His friend, someone so unimportant that his name isn’t worth saying, told us to return to Princess Innia’s castle for some sort of a meeting. Mokferuso sighted; there’s always someone who wants his attention. Some mighty mass teleport without error brought the heroes to the castle. The ice giants, normally guarding the entrance, flew from us upon sight. Strange behaviour… We entered, and the crowd stopped talking. The silence were total. Obviously, we had all changed, -except Arazaka Hara, of course, who is always at prime age. Princess Innia addressed us, and told us that stories of our deeds had been whispered in the corners of this world. We smiled, and explained our advancement to becoming demigods and demigod ascendants. Which they didn’t understand of course. Anyway, all members of the White Resistance were present. Their army was ready to attack upon demand, and the dwarven portal had been made ready for the final push. The 100 000 dragondemons were one day from hatching, and a woman and a man (sounds familiar Anthrax?), had been breeding a demonic orc race to mount the dragondemons. Some other information was also given; size of Sauron’s army, our army, Shelob and Sauron’s fortress. We’re hopelessly outnumbered, we need to act, and we need to do it fast. By the way; where is Balthazar and his pack of no-go(o)ds? (Ta-ching!). I will need his sword for beheading Sauron!


Dr. Strange said something interesting. On the top of the mountain in Himmelbyen, where Silvereye has his HQ, is Angelius’ heart. Brought to the dragon mountains, and a ritual is probably needed, he will awake and be able to stop Sauron. On the other hand, he might still be hungry and devouring the planet is a probable event…


Our second option is using time, letting Romana build her strength as a Godslayer before finishing Sauron within one year. Unfortunately, this might cause the annihilation of most living beings.


A third option is to use Baltazar’s sword, finishing Sauron with a natural 20. This is possible, but maybe together with the cube, -after Anthrax or someone as brave as Mokferuso, has solved it. This, of course, will bring the user down in HP, thereby weaken him permanently. Not a pleasant scenario, but it might work.


But first we need to finish 100 000 unhatched demondragons. Does someone have a plan? Anyone…?? HELLO???




Mokferuso, Arazaka Hara and Ottamata

Agents in the service of Good



Pics: Innia’s Ice Castle and the (new inhabitant of Hell) Lars Monsen-figure.

lars monsen

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