Miracle and Ancient Curse are not really spells, but in terms of potency, they are a step above Epic Spells. Therefore they are not affected by antmagic, dead magic or wild magic zones.

Miracle can duplicate any divine spell from level 1-7. It is also the only thing which will cure an Ancient Curse. It will not have any of the drawbacks which normally follows some divine spells (such as Raise dead and Resurrection). If Miracle is used offensively, it will bypass any MR. If it is used to heal/cure, you can have as many targets as your caster level, and the base effect is 1000 % (a Cure Light wounds will heal 80 hp), while the range is 10 times the normal range. Items/abilities which boost the potency of spells are added on top of this. Miracle can also be used to create any magic item in the DMG (with the exception of artifacts/relics and cursed items), but this will permanently drain you of 1 hp pr. 500XP point of the created item. It can also be used as a Permanency spell (lvl 8 wizard spell), draining you of 5 hp pr. application (but no CON loss).

Ancient Curse negates any Magic Resistance or Immunities. The only time non-demigods are allowed a save against Ancient curse is if your character level or HD is higher than the one casting it. In such an event, the “save” is an opposed CHA check (Demigods and higher automatically gets an opposed CHA check, with a +4 bonus in favor of the recipient). Casting Ancient Curse lowers all your ability scores by 1 for 24 hours A successfully cast Ancient curse permanently drains you of 1 hp pr. lvl/HD of your victim (your hp is returned if the Curse is lifted by Miracle, which is also your way of knowing if the curse is still in effect).


An Ancient Curse is extremely potent and can cause one of the following random permanent effects:

Cut your hit rating in half.
Cut your AC in half.
Cut all your dmg in half.
Cut your saves in half.
Remove all your MR.
Remove all your DR.
Lower any one random ability score down to 3.
Give all your attack rolls a 50% miss chance.
Lower 1 CON every round until you die.
Remove your movement rating. You can no longer move your body.
Cause Blindness/Deafness/Confusion (as per spell)/Feeblemind.
All your children die within 1 round.
All your siblings die within 1 round.
Your parents and grandparents die within 1 round.
Your highest level henceman dies within 1 round.
Any d20 roll of 20 is now an automatic 1.
Remove all your spellcasting abilities (with the exception of Miracle).
Remove all your Spell-Like abilities.
Roll twice more on this table.
Roll once more on this table and once on the next table.

Remove all your Supernatural abilities.
You are unable to use any kind of weapon in which you have the most WPs.
You are unable to read/write any text or communicate with any being intelligibly (this includes sign & body language).
Every time you deal damage, yourself and all friendlies within 100 feet take the same amount of damage.
Every time you cast a spell (with the exception of Miracle), you lose a level.
Every time you attack someone , you lose a level.
Every time you speak (with the exception of spellcasting), you lose one random ability score.
Your body turns horribly ugly within 1 turn and everyone you meet, will hate you and alienate you, while a stench will follow you, causing nausea to everyone within 10 feet.
Air is now poisonous to you, and you will die within 1 turn unless you manage to submerge yourself in salt water, which is now the only substance you can now live in.
Every time you roll any die (rolling 10d6 counts as rolling 10 dice), you lose 1 hp permanently.
You can never fast heal, regenerate or by any other means heal any damage done to you.
No matter how hard you try, you can never affect anyone in a way which causes hp dmg to them.
You become allergic to living beings. You lose 1% of your original hp every round a living being is within 100m of you.
Every time there is less than a 50% chance something you attempt will succeed, you will fail.
You must kill and drink the blood of someone of your own race every night or lose 1 random ability score every night you fail to do so (the person killed cannot be brought back to life again).
You forget your whole adventuring career and become a level 1 practitioner of your original class (all abilites/hp/everything is lost).
You are moved into a parallell universe where you were never born (Which is the same campaign as everyone is playing, it’s just that you remember everything you all did together while they have no idea who you are and probably never will – unless you manage to devise a solution somehow with the help of your DM. You still have all your powers and abilities, but you are stuck in a world where your presence is an impossibility.).
You are Slowed, and cannot benefit from effects similar to Haste and Blinding Speed.
You are turned into a Black Metal statue.
Your body becomes lifeless while your soul is trapped in the Dreamlands by a Dream Hydra (who will dare launching a rescue operation?).

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