Mokferuso sat down at one of the computers, and his fingers magically touched the letters, thereby bringing text on the screen. After a while he realized one thing; the ship was without power, except from the emergency generator now activated. At level 6, however, he found a fault notification, so the new crew on this ship decided to do some research down at level 6. They all entered the elevator and pressed 6.

At level 6 they could choose from 3 exits. They found ships, -lots of them, used for exploration above and beneath water. Elevator ramps for moving these huge vehicles were strategically placed in the center of the room. And they found bodies, but these had died by Black Death, not being ripped into small pieces by claws. They entered one of them, and the ship was in remarkably good shape. The ship’s computer told us the story about how the personnel excavated the planet for plants and wild life, and how tiny people was harvested and transported back here. They also found armors, especially made to travel at large depths, making the wearer able to survive in the abyss for a month. A weaponry was also discovered, with blaster rifles and pistols as well as grenades. A plan how to get the whale was slowly forming in Mokferuso’s mind. They also found manuals for different feats; armor I-IV, cautious, gear head, multishot blasters, spacer, starship dodge, starship operations, zero gravity combat; a great place for self-confident adventurers to broaden their view.

Suddenly Mokferuso and Anthrax froze, like something excited had happened. Later they could tell the others that the unknown passenger had showed up on their radar, but disappeared, like like … yeah, like he plane shifted? Anthrax correctly assumed he/she/it was now was in shadow plane, lurking somewhere, but needed to be in the real plane to change floors.

The party god an idea; why not use Time Pool to get information about the soon-to-be opponent, at the time when the commander and his life guards were killed? Anthrax shapechanged into a draconic sapphire dragon, and the minute after, the mirror revealed information from the past; a black creature, able to plane shift, with sharp claws made his way through the cabin door, some sort of cat with 8 feet, about 1 meter long attacked with blinding speed and killed its opponents with its sharp claws. It gave considerably damage, and disappeared in a shadow. Good guess, Anthrax!

They decided to enter level 8, where they knew the lab was supposed to be. The lab, however, was in a terrible condition. Total chaos! Dead people, books, test tubes, personal belongings and a pile of extracted tiny people met us. But the lab was huge, as well as the living quarter next to it. Lot of interesting stuff, but a rectangular slab of something resembling black metal with a statue inside caught our attention. Mokferuso checked the journal; the last carbon process had been initiated by one of the researchers, and the end result would be that the skin would be shifted with black metal, -if you survive 10 constitution checks DC 21-30. Prior to the last transformation, a semi-intelligent, trusty, catlike creature with 8 feet had been through the same process. The journal did not say, but we guessed it had some devastating consequences to the crew. The green button would complete the process, so we pushed it. The scientist didn’t manage his checks, died and evaporated. This transformation would give the recipient some marvelous properties, but as usual, also some drawbacks (GM will make an article).

20 potions were found. Another journal told a story of 2 million dead tiny people, and their energies being transformed into these potions; potential giving the person drinking these some powers within something called “The force”; force points, feats etc. Constitution checks starting at 20 with at +2 for each potion.
When the party discussed these findings, Anthrax suddenly saw a shadow moving within this room. He calmly notified the others, but they did not pay attention to the threat. Instead Knarg and Romana decided to try the transformation process, thereby gaining new abilities, hopefully providing them better chances to survive future treats. And they both survived! Hurray! Anthrax wasn’t so pleased being watched, so he shifted his presence to shadow plane. The monster immediately attacked him, so he used his blaster rifle and shot the beast 4 times. And everyone who have seen Anthrax do damage, know he deals a lot. But the creature kept on running towards him, and attacked with teeth and claws. Anthrax shifted back to the real plane, and Mokferuso threw Gungne at the catlike creature, but it didn’t die. Instead it attached itself to Anthrax with its teeth, trying to use its claws. Stoneskin has never been more welcomed than that day! The next round Anthrax finished the beast, but suddenly it started to split, and instead of one dead monster we now had two live monsters. Now the heroes had to think. The solution was the “Damnation” spell. Anthrax threw the spell at one of the beasts, and “poof”, -it was gone! Mokferuso hit the other with the same spell, and “poof”, it was gone too. Cheers and hurrays’ echoed in the halls, as everyone knew this was a victory. Mokferuso and Anthrax shook hands, congratulating each other with the sudden, and most welcomed, defeat.

Ottamata started to make the commander quarter into his private shrine. He has planned to go through the same test as Knarg and Romana, but will not take the chance to perish.
At level 16 we found some small one crew ships. They were quite potent, and may be used for whale hunting…

Mokferuso, Arazaka and Ottamata
Vest Hero Party

The transporter found on level 6.


White smaller version of the monster encountered.

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