Mokferuso took a second glance at the Codex of the Demigods. It was tempting, calling his name, but the risk was high, -at least if one got to greedy. But confident of his own capacity, -and his ability to reroll an unfavorable dice, he opened the Codex. He was first hit by an intense pain; it was like the Codex tried to overcome his defenses and annihilate him.  Mokferuso tried to focus on survival, and a spit second later he won. The first three days he read, he had no luck, but the next 6 days he managed to get trick some knowledge from the Codex (shark taming proficiency, +1 STR, DR +10/all, +5 physical dmg, +1 CON, and a second NWP).

Meanwhile, Arazaka Hara had some thoughts about the lake people. Without a Miracle spell, someone had to help the tribe or the ancient plague would wipe them all out. But was it a correct action to perform, -seen from a natural point of view? The answer had to be “yes”; we brought the plague to this valley of Eden, and they have no remedy, -yet. Since Mokferuso didn’t pay anyone but the Codex any attention, he asked Anthrax if he would join him back to the sky palace. Anthrax Goldheart agreed, and they used the teleport as transportation. The dead draconic lich was dead as ever. We found the key to the entrance and entered. The dryads were surprised to see us so soon, but Arazaka calmly explained why they were there and what his mission was. The explanation made sense, and the team of two found the lake people and explained that Arazaka would oversee them as the plague broke out. They agreed to eat his Hero’s feast, -as long as it tasted good. Anthrax oversaw the feasts, and when he saw the progress Arazaka made, he left for the library.

Anthrax started to read in the relatively small book named “The Stargate”. It explained how to use the Stargate as well as emphasizing on the fact that you could travel between different kinds of universes, -not within a universe. On the cover we found some coordinates to origin of the Stargate. On demand, and with a little help, Romana wrote the coordinates to the “Wild World” and “City of Union”.  The book also explained a fail/safe mechanism; If you don’t know the right coordinates; instead of you being teleported to the right spot, something … let’s say ugly, will be teleported to you! Hah, -fancy that!
Atlanteia had a small briefing about making antidotes. She couldn’t tell precisely how to make the antidote; -if we in fact managed to get the gland from the demigod whale, but if she saw it, she might be able. Anyway, -it’s probably the best shot we’ll get. I hope she brought her travel laboratory with her.

After reading, we travelled to the lake with the demigod whale. “I recon we’ve seen this before”, Knarg uttered. And yes, we had passed it two times. The reason we all knew we had been here before, was quite obvious; there was a humongous military ship in this lake, and with excitement and enthusiasm we all flew there as quickly as possible, -invisible, of course. The ship was metallic, and it was quite obvious that it had been here for a while, due to alga and vegetation. Some flying dinosaurs had inhabited the upper deck. We noticed some kind of flying dish on top of the vessel, and we landed. The ship looked like an enclosed floating fortress. We found a door and pushed some buttons close by.

“Tssssshhhhh”. A load noise filled the air, and the door opened. We entered and closed the door behind us. Mokferuso bravely pushed some buttons further in, and another door opened. This room was big, some 18 times 18 meters, filled with foul air, computers, dead bodies wearing black uniforms; ripped in small pieces, elevator, desktops, and 3 other rooms; 2 machine rooms and one situation room. We found one button with some light, saying “emergency generator”. Mokferuso and Anthrax picked something in their dragon senses, -a creature of some sort hid somewhere below them. We pushed the button, and electricity suddenly filled the ship, lit the lights, started up the computers, and whatever lured somewhere in the ship, has left the radar for now.
“Whatever it is, -it’s strong!” Ottamata had for once opened his mouth and pointed in the direction of the elevator, where we could see how the beast had made its way through solid iron. We all went over to have a look. It didn’t look promising, but we found another button which we pushed (of course!). The elevator arrived, and we all entered and went to the first floor.

We entered through a hole in the door, a circular room with chairs and computers, screens covering whole walls; a command centre of some sort. A door went into some private quarters, and we found 3 bodies, -powerful armors covered them, but they didn’t do the victims any good. Heavy guns. We discovered the commander among them, dead as a dead dodo.  We found a journal…
The ship was part of some wild experiment. Agents were sent out throughout the universe to discover interesting places, and they returned from the wild world with smiles on their faces. The planet was filled with energy, and the tiny people were the source. They gathered two million of them, and somehow extracted the energy. But an experiment went wrong at floor 8, and a creature broke loose. He was somehow enhanced mechanically (?). Anyway, it’s not a wild guess to assume that this creature somehow tried to even the score. We found some manuals in a technological library; Astrogate (25), Computer use (29), Demolitions (29), Disable device (17), Pilot (27) and Repair (3). All DC’s 30.

To be continued…

Mokferuso, Arazaka and Ottamata
The Hero Party


The naval vessel found in Wild World.

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