After resting, Mokferuso and Artemis flew further into the woods. An interesting observation was that Artemis didn’t glow in this place. Our “locate plant” spell signaling the presence of Spøkelsesblomst nearby, but their dragon senses also told the heroes that 3 of the creatures living here also were present. As peace loving heroes, they naturally left to avoid confrontation.


On the other side of the forest, 8 of these transparent creatures had found them, and although the brave ones again tried to avoid confrontation, these were quite clever, climbed the trees and jumped at Mokferuso, grabbing him as well as attacking him with their claws. One actually climbed him! They have AC less than 128, but you probably need silver weapons or magic to hurt them. They have 50% mischance as well. Mokferuso now was held by 3 of them and rode by one, so he started to throw fireballs at them. Although they got 750 hp in damage, they still held their grasp. He also needed to get rid of the ones holding him, and luckily he won the strength check with aid from his fortunate coin and flew up in the air. One still rode him, so Artemis attacked him with spells and one moment after he hit the ground and started regenerating.


The heroes tried bravely to get rid of them, but their speed was higher than Artemis’. Mokferuso tried an invisibility spell, but somehow they smelled them and continued to follow. They saw a bridge across a large river and tried to trick the foul creatures, but they weren’t all idiots and harder remedies were needed. A “zone of sweet air” spell was thrown, and now they lost track.


The hero party continued through a deserted landscape, and had to rest. A “create campsite” spell was thrown, and they rested peacefully for the next 8 hours. The next day they flew toward a mountain top where someone had tried to build a house. We knocked and a Death Knight welcomed them by telling them to go to hell. Mokferuso politely answered that they had already been there and had no intentions in going back. His shield was clearly magical, and apart from different positive effects it also had a curse; if you showed mercy on a defeated foe, you would be transformed into a death knight. The death knight attacked us, and but Mokferuso won the initiative, transformed into a dragon and attacked. If it was clay beneath the claws or oil on the death knight’s body, we will never know, but somehow the death knight managed to escape the first two blows and went inside. Artemis, eager to perform sword play, followed him and cut him in pieces. Mokferuso picked up the shield and Artemis buried the poor nymph/death knight.  They flew back to our previous camp site and rested. The next day they flew over the forest and entered the dryad community, and when picking up the spear, Mokferuso knew how to merge the two weapons together and so he did. The result was a two handed axe which was able to damage the Guardian, making its wounds from the axe impossible to regenerate. Nice to have after Mr. Fantastic was gone.


Atlanteia showed the once interested in herbalism how to prepare the flower, turning it into a potential potion. She got a flower and Anthrax got a potion, which he thankfully emptied.


After talking to the wise matriarch, she informed the heroes that Phoebe actually was her sister, and she didn’t want us to kill her. We had to be clever, finding a way to stay at least 30 yards away from her and getting her necklace. Magic had to be used, but what? “Mass invisibility” was an obvious choice, but unfortunately a cloud entered above the hero party and Arazaka had to be called in; changing the weather was his specialty. His spell somehow changed the gravity in the area, and he suddenly dumped into the ceiling.


Mokferuso and Artemis flew toward the small mountain, where a small lake and river were present. They also saw a small house with natural sized animal statues placed deliberately around. A young female dryad walked around in her garden, and the heroes quite rapidly understood that this was their target. Mokferuso threw domination spells at her, but they seemed to repel her, and suddenly she was levitated. Artemis grabbed her with a Bigby spell, and suddenly she was surrounded by complete darkness. We waited a while and Artemis eventually managed to control her by a “Soul dominion” spell. He told her to unbutton her blouse and her …. No, that wasn’t the case; remove her necklace and bring it a bit closer. She did, dropped her artifact and stumbled backwards until the necklace was outside her darkness. A telekinesis spell brought the artifact to us, and Mokferuso got rid of the darkness. Phoebe’s mistake was to fall in love, and she was transformed into a Medusa. Poor soul. Artemis now ponders how to save the unfortunate ones.


Back at the camp the heroes met their fellow friends, and Mokferuso told Atlanteia what their intentions was regarding her staff. She agreed to make the bow, and Mokferuso put the necklace and the staff together; a longbow appeared. The weapon was designed to kill Mr. Fantastic, as the only one able to actually harm him.


Since we saved Atlanteia, we were granted one of her potions. Artemis wanted the one being able to shapechange into a silver dragon. Mokferuso agreed, but Artemis wanted an expert opinion from his (master?) friend Anthrax.


One question was raised, and all agreed to let Anthrax solve the puzzle; How to save the lake people now infected by the ancient plague…


Mokferuso, Arazaka and Ottamata

Heroes from Vest




PICS: Death knight and Medusa … easy targets!




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