Aikido originates from Den Gylne Keisers Rike, and is an unarmed combat style kept alive by secretive, closed family schools. The objective of Aikido is not to defeat your opponent, but rather to make sure everyone stays out of harm’s way. This is accomplished by turning your body movements fluid as water, thus making you a much more elusive target, while using the power and momentum of your opponent to your advantage.

Weapon Proficiency

You cannot dedicate any slots to Aikido until you have found an Aikido Master who is willing to teach you the most rudimentary techniques. Once you have been accepted as a student, you can continue your progression on your own. But in order to unlock the (much more effective and lethal) secrets of Aikido, you have to become an Aikido Fighter (fighter class).

Every proficiency slot in Aikido gives you +1 hit and +1 attack.
Aikido hit rating is not based upon STR, but DEX.
Aikido is a defensive art, and can only be used when you are attacked and unarmed. In addition, it requires that you do not wear any kind of armor.
If someone attacks you and scores a hit, you can use Aikido to try to counter the attack (DC = opponent’s thaco +12). If you succeed, you avoid the blow and can move either yourself or your opponent 5 feet in any direction. On a natural 20, you also end your opponent’s turn.
Aikido can be used against any opponent up to one size category larger than you.

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